Types of shutters and prices

But the emergence of aluminum louvered shutters has completely changed the preferences of buyers. These shutters have the perfect combination of style and functionality that characterizes them, but with much more strength and durability.

Aluminum works much better than wood and when it comes to incorporating colors, it is more versatile. Aluminum shutters can be better adapted to different shades and shapes, without losing their elegance.

Just as wooden shutters can be adapted to any type of facade or structure. These are even a little more efficient in controlling the passage of air and light, in addition to providing greater security and protection to homes.

Not to mention that the maintenance of aluminum shutters is much simpler than that of wooden shutters. For areas where there is high humidity or coastal regions where sand and salt can be a problem, these shutters are very efficient.

How much does it cost to install a blind?

In Mexico, the installation of a simple blind costs between $300 MXN and $450 MXN per piece. For automated blinds that are connected to the house wiring, installation can cost between $500 MXN and $700 MXN per piece.

How many years does a blind last?

With proper maintenance, PVC blinds can last for several years without any noticeable wear and tear, and can be used for 30 – 50 years. But aluminum has been crowned as the best alternative to decorate and protect the home.

What type of blinds are best?

Aluminum Blinds

The most durable and thinner louvers in the market. Due to their manufacturing material, they can be very resistant to water and continuous light exposure. Also, they can be the favorite of those who love retro style and allow an easy light graduation.

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Installation of window blinds at home

Window blinds allow you to control the light that enters through your windows, as well as the visibility of both the interior and exterior. Not only do they add privacy and elegance to windows, but they also help block out the sun, which translates into greater energy efficiency in the home.

There are many different colors and styles to match every space. Here you can see the price differences between the types of blinds and select the model that best suits your needs.

Keep in mind that each blind manufacturer has their own names for their models of blinds. For quality reasons, at Meya Design we do not handle PVC vertical blinds (fabric only) and Venetian blinds.

A duplex or triplex blind is often used on very wide windows because all roller blind and Sheer Elegance fabrics have a maximum width of 2 to 3 meters. If the window is wider than this range, the blind has to be divided into several canvases. However, this modification does not affect the price, since the price for roller blinds is calculated per square meter and not per piece. A duplex or triplex blind has a price range between $3000 MXN and $12,000 MXN.

Which is better: curtain or blind?

Long curtains are more suitable for spacious rooms, while blinds are the best choice for compact spaces and other moisture-laden areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. Note that if there is furniture such as a bed or sofa under the window, it is advisable to opt for blinds.

How long do roller shutters last?

In the case of motorized roller blinds (with remote control or push button) the warranty will be extended to 5 years.

Which is better, aluminum or PVC blinds?

Without any doubt, aluminum is a much more durable and resistant material than PVC, therefore, aluminum blinds will last many more years in good condition than PVC ones (even with the same care and maintenance), not to mention that the loss of color is much more noticeable and evident in the PVC ones (even with the same care and maintenance).

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Blinds advantages and disadvantages

In the market we have many types of solar protections to use in the windows; fabric curtains, awnings, blinds…etc. But as we will see throughout the article, the blinds that we use in the carpentries of our houses, possibly is one of the best solutions that we can adopt.

As an anecdotal fact and a little history of this type of lattice, they have their origin in the eighteenth century, in Persia, where a piece of cloth was used to cover doors and windows blocking the passage of light and dust. Its name derives from the French word persienne, which means, from Persia.

The main purpose of this type of screens that can be anchored or installed on a window (curtains, awnings, pergolas, sunshades, blinds …etc.) are to control the entry of light or privacy from the outside, but the advantages of blinds in a home go further.

To understand this section and to practice it with coherence, we must break down the parts of a blind into four relevant elements; the box, the guides, the type of slats and the type of drive.

Which is better: horizontal or vertical blinds?

Vertical curtains have wider slats than horizontal curtains, so they can block more sunlight. … However, when it comes to privacy, horizontal curtains are the better choice, as vertical curtains can allow people to see through them.

How to choose the color of the blinds?

If you want a fresh, clean and simple space, a good option would be to opt for all-white blinds. For a more modern or transitional style, try integrating gray ones.

Why use blinds?

The louver modulates air flows when the window is open avoiding annoying gusts and facilitating the use of natural ventilation for our well-being. In Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Buildings, it reduces the risk of overheating.

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Types of blinds for bedrooms

Without a doubt, electric window blinds bring many benefits, besides offering security and aesthetic appeal, they are great insulators, that is, they can keep spaces warm in winter and cool in summer, reduce noise, filter the sun’s rays and are a great option for maintaining privacy. That is to say, they can keep spaces warm in winter and cool in summer, reduce noise, filter the sun’s rays and are a great option to maintain privacy.Unlike manually roll-up blinds, whose operation requires some strength and time from users, electric blinds are very easy to raise or close since you only have to press a button. They are also perfect for people with reduced mobility.

Electric window blinds are one of the best ways to deter intruders from trying to enter a home or business. While in the down position they can be locked. They also have retaining pins that attach to the guide rails from the top. These pins are located throughout the curtain and, while in the closed position, cannot be tampered with.

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