Embryo Donation

Gamete bank: Laboratory that stores sperm or oocyte samples from donors, and samples from patients. They are responsible for selecting donors and preparing, storing and distributing the samples.

Complete IVF cycle or attempt in highly complex techniques: Refers to the procedure by which ovarian hormonal stimulation is performed with the consequent follicular aspiration and subsequent performance of up to 3 embryo transfer cycles.

Embryo freezing: Procedures used to conserve and store embryos at low temperatures, generally in liquid nitrogen; that is, at a temperature of 196oC below zero. Vitrification is currently used for this purpose (see vitrification).

Sperm freezing: Procedures used to preserve and store spermatozoa at low temperatures, generally in liquid nitrogen, i.e. at a temperature of 196oC below zero.

Cryopreservation: The freezing or vitrification and storage of gametes, zygotes, embryos or gonadal tissue. Procedure used to preserve and store embryos, ova or spermatozoa by freezing.

It is possible to donate an embryo

One of the possibilities within the Informed Consent is to donate your embryos to another patient/s for reproductive purposes. These embryos become part of the Center’s own embryo bank. The donation of embryos will be made by the Center to the recipient patient/couple, who will be reminded of the free, secret and anonymous nature of embryo donation and its nature as a voluntary, altruistic and disinterested act. Likewise, in your case, you will not be able to know to whom they have been donated. If an artificial insemination is performed instead of an in vitro fertilization, are there also embryos left over? by Rebeca Reus (embryologist).

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Embryo Adoption Mexico

When an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment is performed, some patients may generate more embryos (fertilized eggs) than they need to achieve gestation, which cannot be known a priori because it depends on several factors.

The additional embryos have to be cryopreserved (frozen) so that they can be transferred later. These patients have the option of discarding their embryos (at the end of their reproductive life), donating them for research or donating them to another woman to achieve pregnancy.

Embryo donation for reproductive purposes is an assisted reproduction treatment that more and more patients are turning to, as it is an act of generosity and giving them a chance to live.

For a couple with problems conceiving and after several failed attempts with other assisted reproduction techniques such as artificial insemination (AI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF), the possibility of adopting embryos is a great option, due to its numerous advantages.

Embryo adoption price 2020

An oocyte reception cycle is an In Vitro Fertilization with the difference that eggs donated by another woman are used. The medical treatment to the recipient woman is to prepare the endometrium prior to the embryo transfer, synchronizing her cycle with that of the donor.

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2 – Medical and psychological examinationOpening of medical history (personal and family history) and gynecological examination to assess your follicular reserve. In addition to a psychological evaluation and blood extraction to verify that you meet all the necessary characteristics to be a donor completely free of charge.

5 – Follicular punctureOocyte extraction process in the operating room under sedation lasting approximately 20 minutes. It is a simple procedure with minimal complications, so you can go home 2-3 hours after the process following the recommendations of our gynecologists.

-Gamete donation for the purposes authorized by this Law is a free, formal and confidential contract between the donor and the authorized center that will be formalized in writing. Before giving her consent, the donor must be informed of the purposes and consequences of the act.

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