Are hostels worth it?

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The most important in this matter is cleanliness, comfort and accuracy. Very often, the rooms are equipped with safes for storing guests’ personal belongings. The rooms have six or eight beds. Furniture for the hostel is also not particularly luxurious. As a rule, these are strong single beds made of wood, reliable and practical.

In most cases, the main expenses are spent on the payment of rent or the purchase of real estate. The ideal is to buy a room closer to the city center or its historical attractions. Remember that your guests will stay with you for 1-2 days. During this time, it is very important that they have time to see as many interesting buildings or amazing places as possible, so they will prefer mainly those hostels that are close to your route.

Even from a position of an inexperienced person in entrepreneurship, the advantages of this type of hotel over the hotel are obvious: this is a lot of customers attracted thanks to cheap services, you can also use any spacious house or apartment in general to implement the idea in Russia (recently it has become especially popular to embody hostels in old buildings).

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In second place we found a new entry in a really hot country: Valencia. The hostel is the Red Nest Hostel, the website reflects its lively and colorful soul, fun is certainly not lacking here. There are two hostels, the Red Nest Hostel located at Calle de la Paz 36 and the Purple Nest Hostel, Plaza Tetuán 5. The rooms are colorful and the cost starts from € 18 per night for a twelve bed room, up to € 23 per night per person in a four bed room. There are also very affordable double and single rooms, but in my opinion it is a waste to go to such a nice hostel if you want to sleep alone.

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In fifth place in this ranking of the best hostels in Europe we found a city we did not expect, Poland and the hostel is the Mleczarnia. Great hostel, clean and elegant, to explore the city, with character its rooms and interiors, not to be missed if you travel to this part of Europe. The price is also very affordable: the currency is the zloty, one euro corresponds to 3.3004 zloty, and although Poland has joined Europe, the Polish Finance Minister has announced that Poland will not adopt the euro until 2011. That said, do your Invoice rooms and arm yourself with patience: a 6-bed room costs 55 zloty each, 45 zloty if you are a student, while an 8-bed room costs 50 zloty, 45 if you are a student and a room for 12 people 45 zloty per person per night, but 40 if you prove to be a student.

Mirante do Arvrao, Albergue en Rio de Janeiro

Everything was above the expectations. Though I stayed in the dormitory everything was clean and tidy. Staff was also very pleasant and let me keep my baggage for a couple of hours after check out. There was a kitchen with free hot drinks and a beautiful terrace

Un albergue no es solamente un sitio donde dormir barato, sino una forma de viajar y conocer a gente con intereses parecidos. Las zonas comunes, como la cocina compartida o las salas de juegos, son perfectas para intercambiar anécdotas, trucos y recomendaciones con mochileros de todo el mundo. <br><br> Desde que abriera el primer albergue en 1912, este tipo de alojamiento ha cambiado muchísimo. Hoy hay albergues para todos los gustos, de los más sencillos a los más sofisticados. Tanto si buscas una cama en un dormitorio compartido, como si quieres tu propia habitación, verás que la mayoría de albergues son más baratos que los hoteles y mucho más entretenidos.

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Alberg Santa Maria del Mar, Hostel in Comarruga

I quite liked the hostel. All very new and very clean facilities. It looks more like a hotel than a hostel. Rocio, Rafa and David are very kind, thanks for taking me to the medical center in your car. It has a very nice garden with tables, chairs and loungers, the garden has sunny and shady areas. I recommend to all pilgrims staying in Melide to stop at this hostel, thanks for everything, we will see each other again. Greetings.

New hostel next to the town hall of Melide. It is run by a charming young couple. We had the best Serrano ham sandwich on the Camino for dinner (with freshly cut ham and even with tomato spread). We slept in the room on the first floor in which there are only 2 bunk beds. Totally recommendable

Recommended hostel, very well the atendimiento the cosina great good overall everything perfect we recommend it to all pilgrims is located on the same street as the public, guys ahead that are taking it very well to and perfect breakfast that sweets recommend much worth breakfast before leaving.

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