Soft tire brands

You can’t delay: when it’s time to change tires, you have to do it. A car can only rely on its tires and, if they are in poor condition, it will lose grip and responsiveness, and safety will be compromised, especially in emergency maneuvers: hard braking, swerving to avoid an obstacle…

The driving style, the type of asphalt on which the tire is driven (more or less abrasive) and whether the car sleeps on the street or in a garage are other elements that will also determine the tire’s life.

All well-known and recognized manufacturers have one or more second, somewhat less expensive brands. They have slightly lower quality standards, but meet all the guarantees. And they are the first choice to save on the purchase without taking risks, because they ensure safety and reliability.

Some of these second brands are highly rated in comparative studies. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) recently examined 25 brands of tires of the most commonly used sizes in sedans and compacts, 205/55 R16 V and 225/50 R17 Y, respectively. Continental’s Semperit and Goodyear’s Falken obtained excellent scores, standing out for their excellent results in terms of grip and braking distance. These are the second-ranked brands of the leading manufacturers:

What are the best tires

Choosing the best tires for your car is not a minor issue, since a bad decision on the model, brand or type of tire can affect gas mileage, the car’s maneuverability and even the tire wear itself.

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In spite of this, the non-profit association, Customer Reports, conducted a study to find out which is the best model offered for sale by the main brands in Mexico. This study was carried out on more than 170 models in soil and climate tests.

Another study, elaborated by J.D. Power, considers that the best tire brand is Michellin in the luxury, passenger and SUV segments, while Pirelli is the best tire brand for sports cars.

Unfortunately, we do not have such a study in Mexico. However, the similarity of models and brands on sale in our country gives us a good sample of the quality of tire brands by type of car.

The study was again carried out in the neighboring country on more than 34 tire brands. The analysis evaluated braking distance under normal conditions as well as tests on icy roads.

On your car better small rim than big rim

Nexen! My father in law put the same ones, of the same size and model on his celerio and they are soft, I liked them.from the marshall, a friend bought them for her morning and the sidewalls are bubblegum, very softSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

The nexen as I mentioned earlier their weakness is winter, lots of rain or snow. The Marshall is not bad, it’s better for water, but it’s medium soft and as pipe says it’s weak on sides.Sent from my E2033 using Tapatalk

Thanks for your replies!what do you mean by soft on the sides? The difference between the Nexen and the Marshal (for a bargain) is 60,000 hahahaSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

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Thanks for your replies! I’m also being offered some hankook ones, but they are 80,000 difference. The truth is that I generally ride around Santiago, on streets that aren’t too bad. Or I take the urban highways. The Marshall’s from what I’ve read have good reviews, despite the price Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

It is possible to fit wider tires

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