How to repair and paint a concrete pool

Its installation requires no tools and is easy to empty thanks to its quick valve. It also has several pipes for the purifier, although this is not included in the package. The manufacturer in this case does not give you the option to choose between other sizes, but you will not need it if a large family pool is what you want for the outside of your house.

Like the others, it includes a quick and easy drain plug, as well as a connection to plug in a hose and have it controlled. Its round style allows you to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies of the pool and can fit up to seven people without a problem. Although, it requires a larger space than in other cases, because you can not take advantage of the corners.

It has a fairly large capacity, as well as one of the most convenient heights for adults. Unlike the traditional versions, this one is gray in color with a more rigid and sturdy material to prevent it from breaking easily. It also includes several steel bars for added stability. And, just in case, it has self-adhesive repair patches.

How to repair a cracked material pool?

Seal cracks with Plavicon Piletas Sealer. Make sure to place the product inside the crack and not only superficially. To do this, open the crack with the edge of the spatula, remove particles and dust.

How to repair cracks in cement pile?

Using construction machinery such as concrete mixers or cement mixers, a concrete-based mix can be created to repair cracked or damaged areas. Another effective option is a cement-rich dry mix for cracking.

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How long can a pool be left without water?

In the event that you need to repair it or to carry out a deeper cleaning of the pool, it is normal that you decide to leave your pool without water. However, a pool that is outdoors cannot be empty for more than a month, as you know it would start to deteriorate.

How to repair inflatable pools

Flip-flops, flip-flops, sandals, slippers…  The flip-flop is a type of light footwear, which can be worn both indoors and outdoors and is normally used to go to the beach or the swimming pool. They are light and comfortable, allow the foot to perspire on hot days… but they almost always end up breaking in the same place: the plastic strip next to the big toe, due to wear and tear from prolonged use.

As simple as it is effective, and suitable anywhere. It consists of burning the rubber and, with the lighter itself, flattening it so that it is wider than the hole, thus preventing it from slipping through and becoming unusable.

This trick requires more dexterity than the previous ones. It consists of substituting the fastening of the rubber bands for some flanges that hold and that can house a stopper so that it does not slip through the hole.

The most effective and durable of the arrangements involves replacing the rubber (all of it) with a cloth or string that, with knots at the ends, prevents it from slipping through the holes. This option also prevents the rubber from rubbing and makes it possible to customize the flip-flops.

How to cure a material pool?

Material pools should be left to cure for at least two months filled with water before painting. This is due to the fact that all cementitious materials have soluble salts in their interior, which in the drying process can be transferred to the surface by residual humidity and form the well-known saltpeter.

How to plug leaks in a swimming pool?

You can buy the waterproof varnish for swimming pools, with which you will create an elastic and waterproof layer, which will seal the entire pool, and will not allow water to penetrate into the cracks.

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How long does it take for a fiber pool to settle?

The installation work is generally fast, most of the time the installation of a fiberglass pool (excavation and installation) does not take more than 1 or 2 days.

Repair and redesign of a deteriorated swimming pool. A swimming pool

*To repair the damage we have applied a special quick-setting repair mortar, the one I use has an extraordinary grip and extreme hardness, it grips so much that if you use a ruler for wood masters it seems almost impossible to remove it the next day, when a normal mortar you give it a few touches with the trowel and it comes out by itself. It is an expensive product but in the long term it is highly economical due to its durability.

I have to say that in the market there are many brands of these products and I always choose the best brand that gives me extraordinary results. In price they are all similar, but they do not give the same guarantee nor are they equally comfortable to apply since the textures of the materials vary, (they have different formulas), I have checked.

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What is the best pool coping?

If we are looking for an element that apart from being attractive is easy to install and safe, porcelain tile is an excellent alternative. This material is safe enough, since within its wide range of varieties there is an anti-slip line that is ideal for spaces where there are dangers of water spills.

What is the pool crown?

What exactly is pool coping? In the architectural world, crown refers to the protective part at the top of a wall that gives it a finished look and protects the wall from the elements. It is used in the same way in pool design.

How to fill holes in the concrete floor?

With a mason’s trowel, apply the mortar over the cracks and imperfections of the floor and then smooth with a trowel. If the pothole is very deep, the mortar should be thicker. You have to fill completely the deterioration so that with the use, later, the cement does not sink or open up again.

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How to paint and repair cracks in your pool

Effectively Emptying the pool water with a hose What to do? It is a question that although it may seem easy to do, it must require certain skills to do it without causing problems to the surrounding neighbors.

As we stated at the beginning of this article, it would seem that emptying a removable pool with a hose could be very difficult to do; but it seems that this is not the case and we will explain why.

The experience indicates that in order to empty the water of the pool with a hose you only have to fill the hose with water and plug it with your thumb, since this will prevent the water from coming out of the hose.

Nowadays the situation is different since you can count on the help of a submersible pump that does this job quickly, and empties the pool in a few minutes, without the need of different heights with the emptying button.

The basic problem of emptying a pool using a hose is that it must necessarily be a little higher than the floor level for the communicating vessels system to work properly.

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