Can Daniel Craig wear a tux?

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Now that Daniel Craig is finally hanging up his 007 tuxedo after five films, the debate has been reopened about who should take over the role: a veteran actor like Idris Elba, whose name was once strongly rumored to take over the role, or a younger actor like Regé-Jean Page, the star of “Bridgerton”?

Some have also suggested a complete reinvention of the character by putting a woman in charge of the story of the British spy with a license to kill, which would mean joining the growing trend of female reboots such as “Ocean’s Eight” or “Ghostbusters”, which have received a mixed reception at the box office.

Can daniel craig wear a tux? 2022

Opting for a double-breasted jacket in pink, Daniel Craig showed us how wearing bright colors is not necessarily synonymous with sacrificing a good look, and as a sample, the velvet jackets with which we replicate the trend of the actor in low cost key.

If you want to go for color, but add discretion at the same time, then a tuxedo jacket with lapel detail and black trim is ideal for you, since you only need to add black pants and a bow tie to achieve a style that stands out. You can find it reduced from 116,99 to 70,15 euros.

If you are looking for a color that stands out and draws attention, the burgundy tone in combination with velvet is the answer, just take a look at this proposal from ASOS with a slim fit to wear an outfit worthy of red carpet. You can find it available for 74,99 euros.

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Can daniel craig wear a tux? en línea

“If I had known more, I don’t think I could have done it. The less information I had back then, the better,” Craig said via Zoom from New York. “The rest of it, the weight, how huge it really is, I didn’t know. I didn’t really understand it.”

But Craig’s departure may test the franchise more than any previous changing of the guard since Sean Connery left the 007 role. During his five films, Craig has shaped the overall series as much as the character, attracting top-notch filmmakers and raising the bar across the board.

“I asked them directly. I said, ‘listen, the safety I need to play this role – one of the safest people in the history of cinema, if not the safest human being in the history of cinema – I need to be able to participate,'” Craig said. “I need to be able to know what’s going on, to have an opinion, to feel like I have a voice. I was told ‘yes, we want you to be involved’.”

Meanwhile, some things in the once rigid power structure in the Bond world have changed partially and from within. In “No Time to Die,” Lea Seydoux returns as Madeleine Swann, the first time one of Bond’s romantic interests – a so-called “Bond girl” – has continued her role in a second film. In the film Swann and Bond’s relationship is not disposable, it is central.

Can daniel craig wear a tux? 2021

Both radiant, have been presented to the premiere of the new film that if it lives up to the looks of its protagonists, will not leave anyone indifferent. Daniel Craig, sixth actor who plays the iconic James Bond, has caused a sensation with his look, a tuxedo with black pants and pink velvet jacket from the English firm Anderson & Sheppard.  Thus, we see him elegant as always, but simply captivating. A clear example that sometimes the risky is the right thing to do, and the red carpet of the Royal Albert Hall in London has dazzled thanks to Craig.

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Some luxury attendeesAfter the premiere was postponed several times due to the pandemic, the expectation was maximum and now it seems that yes, 007 will return to the big screen in 2022. The actors were accompanied by the rest of the cast: Ana de Armas, Lashana Lynch and Lea Seydoux. But among the guests, those who have undoubtedly attracted more attention have been the royalty: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Charles and Camilla.