Can I bring my bag on rides at Universal?

You can bring food to Universal

Several weeks ago I posted the question on instagram and many people told me what they took to the parks. I like it when these comings and goings are created and in this case it was useful to know a little more about what people usually keep in their backpacks when visiting the parks.

Apart from the camera that I always have in my hands, except when I am in a game where I can not use it, we always try to carry only 1 backpack for 2 people. It’s not the same to have a backpack for 2 hours and rest than to have it all day long.

What food to bring to Universal Studios?

You are allowed to bring food into Universal Orlando and Universal Studios parks as long as it is a small snack that does not need to be heated. Just make sure it is in plastic containers, not glass. Water must be bottled.

What happens if it rains at Universal Studios Park?

What happens at Universal Parks if it rains? The short answer will disappoint you: nothing happens. Rain is part of the weather in Orlando, it is very unlikely that you will go through a stay without having moments with thunderstorms of greater or lesser intensity.

How to enter Universal Studios Orlando?

Use the Universal Orlando Resort app to choose a Virtual Line Line return time at select Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure attractions. Select a return time for the attraction when you enter the park to ride that same day.

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You have to book the universal parks

From that moment on, my passion for Disneyland and Walt Disney World grew so much that my friends started calling me for advice before traveling to Disney. And I couldn’t call myself a good “Disney Fan” if today I didn’t put an end to the myth of how much it really costs to travel to Disney.

My first tip to start this trip saving is to decide your travel date. Look ahead of time for the best deals on flights to Los Angeles (to visit Disneyland) or Orlando (where Walt Disney World is). Few people know this, but the “off-season” for Disney parks is usually the month of February. So, if you want to avoid lines at the attractions, I recommend traveling during this season.

Although there are many lodging options when traveling to Disney, the best hotels are those located inside or very close to the park. Although it may seem that you will spend an amount that will exceed your budget, you will actually save on other things, since by sleeping in a room just a few steps away from Disney, you will not spend on transportation.

What to bring to Disney?

You can bring food, snacks, sandwiches, fruit, juices, sodas, etc. It is not about having a picnic inside the park, but you can bring something to cover a meal or snacks that will help them not to go hungry between meals (especially the little ones).

What day is the least crowded at Universal Studios?

The best days to visit Universal Studio

Keep in mind that the park closes earlier (18h) on the days of less crowds, so you have fewer hours to enjoy it.

When are there fewer people at Universal?

It is very common for showers to start around 3 PM or 4 PM.

What are the universal parks?

Whenever visiting the parks we always end up spending money on unnecessary purchases because we have not foreseen and packed the essential items in our backpacks. Here is a list of the things we consider essential to carry in your backpacks when visiting Disney World:

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It is important to take care of our skin from UV rays. We recommend you to use sunscreen according to your phototype. Consult your dermatologist for advice on what protection factor to use.

Keep in mind that, as their name indicates, they are “disposable”. Therefore, when using them, they should be disposed of in a nearby trash can. Do not keep them in your pocket or at the bottom of your backpack when using them, because they can carry germs.

In the parks we usually use our cell phones to take pictures, record or use the “My Disney Experience” application, so we tend to run out of battery quickly. That is why we recommend you to carry a portable charger and cell phone cable to supply it with power.

How much is the entrance fee to Universal Studios in Orlando?

Depending on the Universal Studios park you visit, the cost will change. Universal Studios Hollywood: 109 to 124 USD. Universal Studios Orlando: from 115 USD the amusement parks and from 80 USD the water park Volcano Bay. Universal Studios Singapore: 56 Singapore dollars (approximately 40 USD).

How much does it cost to enter Universal Studios Harry Potter?

In high season, the cost reaches 129 dollars (2,450 MXN), but on low season days it drops to 109 dollars (2,070 MXN). On weekends, prices generally register at 114 dollars (2,162 MXN) and 119 dollars (2,258 MXN).

What type of clothing to bring to Disney?

What is the best attire to wear when visiting the Parks? A: We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing, good shoes and check the local weather report before leaving for the Parks at Walt Disney World Resort. You should wear appropriate attire, including shoes and shirt, at all times.

Where to buy cheap tickets to universal studios

The park, although not very big (compared to others), does require you to arrive early to get to see everything. In this case we arrived very early and we were there even before the gates opened.

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1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  This was the attraction where we had the longest line and one of the new ones for me. This Harry Potter-themed area is the newest (it opened in summer 2016) and most popular in the park, plus, since it’s on the first level, it’s the first thing most people visit. In our experience, it was less crowded in the afternoon in this area. Returning to the theme of the attraction, it is a virtual reality game that is located inside the castle and in which every single detail of the movie is very well taken care of, it is definitely worth it.

Studio Tour. This little truck is the origin of this park existing in the first place. It was with what it started, and due to its popularity, it later became the amusement park that we know today. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and takes you through numerous film sets, as well as virtual reality and simulation attractions. It is a must-see for all the interesting facts and information they share with you during the tour. Within this tour, what I liked the most was the 3D experience of King Kong.