Can you check when your car insurance is due?

Fiva insurance

Motor vehicles must be insured at all times, even if they are not in use, as we have already commented on several occasions. Despite this, there are still drivers who circulate without insurance and risk a fine of between €601 and €3,000, especially considering that it is becoming easier for the DGT to know which vehicles are circulating without insurance.

The grace period is the period given by insurers to their customers to renew their insurance, starting from the day it expires. This period consists of 30 or 31 days in which the insurer maintains the coverage regardless of the type of insurance, even if the premium receipt has not been collected, while waiting for the insurance renewal to take place. If, for example, you have an accident during the grace period, the insurer will take care of the claim, as long as you pay the premium within one month after the expiration of the policy.

As stated in Article 15 of the Insurance Contract Law, ‘the coverage will be suspended one month after the expiration date. Despite the fact that the coverage is suspended after that month of grace, the insurance contract will not expire until six months have passed since the non-payment of the premium. In fact, if the premium is paid before that time elapses, the insurance will be back in force within 24 hours.

How do I know when my SOAT has expired?

On the digital SOAT voucher:

On the upper left side on the digital SOAT voucher. You must be attentive, since this document presents three data related to the validity of the SOAT: Date of issuance. Validity (until what day you will be covered by the policy).

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How many days can I go without car insurance?

What does it consist of? During the 30 or 31 days following the expiration date of the policy, the driver may renew the policy without being forced to drive without insurance.

How do I know if a vehicle is insured?

The most immediate way to know if my vehicle insurance is active is to check the physical policy. The period of validity normally appears on the first page, after the car’s information. The dates of premium payment are also indicated there.


Car insurance renewal is done automatically to ensure your road safety at all times, unless you indicate otherwise before the expiration date of the policy. But there are also other factors that can delay the renewal of a car insurance, such as falling behind with payments.

The law states: “The parties may oppose the extension of the contract by giving written notice to the other party at least one month before the end of the current insurance period when the party opposing the extension is the policyholder, and two months when it is the insurer”. This means that if you do not wish to continue with the contract at the expiration date of the insurance, you must give one month’s notice.

In case the insurance is automatically renewed, there is a grace period of one month to process the renewal, and for you to make the corresponding payment. The insurer has six months to request payment of the policy, from the expiration date, discounting the month of grace. During this period the coverage is lost; however, upon making the payment it is possible to recover the contract. If this is not processed, the insurance will be automatically cancelled.

How do I know if my insurance policy is valid Mapfre?

You should call MAPFRE’s Contact Center at 800 362 7373, where we will gladly assist you.

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How do I know which insurance company I belong to?

You must enter the SICS Insurance Consultation System, for which you must have your Unique Code, issued by the Civil Registry. Then, enter your RUN and unique code, and click on “Authenticate”. Select the Services option and send your query through the form displayed on the screen.

What happens if a vehicle is not insured?

The penalty for not having vehicle insurance in Mexico City is from 20 to 40 UMA, according to Article 46 of the Traffic Regulations. That is, between $1,737 and $3,475 pesos. … While in the State of Mexico it reaches $1,460 pesos.

Insurance company by license plate

How to know if an insurance policy is in force, is an extremely important issue and in the first instance you should consider that the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), once inside this website you can check the status of your auto insurance policy, however, there are also many other simple methods.

After these you will find exactly next to the validity those payment terms, in addition to the expiration date on the deposit, as long as the coverage has been purchased at a certain payment term.

What can happen to you for driving without insurance?

The fine for being uninsured is from 601 to 3,005 euros, graduated according to whether the vehicle was circulating or not. Its category, the service it provides and the seriousness of the damage caused (the duration of the lack of insurance and the repetition of the same offense) will also be taken into account.

How many cars circulate without insurance?

According to the Administration’s report on the Technical Inspection of Vehicles AECA-ITV, there are currently more than two and a half million vehicles circulating on Spanish roads without an ITV or insurance; most of them, 68%, are passenger cars.

How can I get a printout of my Mapfre insurance policy?

How can I print my Mapfre insurance policy? You can also call 800 062 7373 and ask a Mapfre executive to help you download your policy.

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How to know when my SOAT expires

How to know if my SOAT is active, where can I check my SOAT? These are some of the major concerns of users at the time of renewing their mandatory insurance. But don’t worry. If you are buying your SOAT with one of the authorized insurers or companies, there is nothing to fear. But if you want to be 100% insured, there is the option of verifying the SOAT.

One of the advantages of technology in the case of compulsory insurance is that the RUNT query is available online and for all users. In this system all issued policies are loaded in less than 24 hours and at any time you can check if you have the SOAT in force.

Remember that now the SOAT is digital and you will receive it in your email inbox a few minutes after you have made the purchase. It is not necessary to print the proof of compulsory insurance, since you can show it to the authorities from your cell phone. But if you feel safer, you can have a printed copy in your vehicle and present your current SOAT when required.