Can you walk on an automatic pool cover?

How to make a pool cover

The pool cover has an influence on water chemistry.  This article discusses the different types of covers and their impacts.  One of the most important issues is that as depending on the type of cover the rules of pool maintenance and closing change.

There are only two reasons to have a pool cover. There are those covers used in season and those used to close the pool during the winter. And from there arise different branches, which we will discuss in this article.

Rectangular pools (and free-form pools that have a regular shaped cover) sometimes have solid covers built in. These may not always be similar to solar covers, but they sometimes serve the same purpose. Typically, automatic covers are made of reinforced vinyl that unfolds along two rails so that the entire cover can be opened and closed with an automatic controller.  These types of covers are perfect in both season and winter because they also serve as security. While it is not recommended to walk on an automatic cover, it should have the ability to support the weight in case of an emergency.

Swimming pool with automatic cover

The rigid flat covers allow you to make better use of the space and to cover the pool when you don’t need it. They are aesthetically very elegant and are very practical if for example you do not want to use the pool during the winter and want to cover it to create a space for games or relaxation in the garden.

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As the name suggests, the walkable rigid flat covers are a type of pool cover that is flat, sturdy and easy to walk on. You can hide your pool in the season in which you do not use it and thus be able to give another use to that space.

This type of covers can be manufactured in natural or synthetic deck, with some elements in galvanized steel or aluminum for a high resistance. This type of decking is fully adapted to the natural environment to match well with the rest of the decoration of your garden.

They usually work with a rolling system to open and close the enclosure. The enclosure can be manufactured in different finishes, so that it fits better with the decoration of your pool and garden.

How to cover a pool for a party

In this article we will talk about the types of security installations in swimming pools, paying special attention to the different covers that the market offers and that integrally protect this place.

The alarm is a good solution to know if a person has entered or not in the pool area where it is installed. The problem is that the sound of the alarm is not a sufficient reason for something not to happen in the home, since there is no barrier or something similar to prevent the passage. In addition, from the time it sounds until it is reacted to, valuable time can pass for the safety of children or pets.

The installation of a screen is a good solution, as it can be of various types, such as glass, fixed bar, polyester or methacrylate. Polyester, for example, does not allow the fence to be climbed. Another advantage is the ease with which they can be dismantled.

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– Low covers: they take up less space than high covers, but perfectly cover the pool so that there are no safety problems. They are composed of several panels that can be moved when considered necessary.

Sliding pool cover

And if what you are referring to is the thermal cover for the pool, the most economical and commercial option is the bubble cover that guarantees that your pool will not lose calories at night, it will stay cleaner because the garbage stays on the cover, the water evaporates less and during the day it helps to heat the water.

If you want to If what you want is to cover your pool and immerse yourself in it without having to move anything, the European type are practical because they do not have walls, it is an arched roof mounted on the perimeter of the pool and are the most economical on the market, they are versatile and applicable to cold, temperate and very hot climates, in all cases it helps to protect from evaporation losses, In the case of extreme heat they are installed in the same type but sliding sliding in sections or are raised in sections with the idea of circulation of fresh air and not encapsulate the sweltering summer heat, once not in use close manually or automated is the option.

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