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This chapter describes the structure and evolution of the secondary market for government securities in Mexico. This part presents a detailed description of the day-to-day transactions that take place in the secondary market for these securities, such as spot, repo and securities lending transactions. A description of the role that price vendors and brokers have played in the development of the government securities market in Mexico is also presented.

A developed government bond market must be supported by an efficient and liquid secondary market. In this regard, the Federal Government has promoted important reforms to adapt the microstructure of the debt market and allow the development of a secondary market in Mexico.

Among the most important structural reforms was the reform of the pension system in 1997, which made it possible to build a very solid base of local institutional investors. On the other hand, the creation of the figure of Market Maker[6] laid the foundations for the development of a liquid interbank market for government securities. The figure of price provider[7] was introduced in the Mexican markets in 1998 with the mandate to determine a fair valuation price on a daily basis for all issues in the market, including government securities, which contributed greatly to the transparency of this market.

How to MAXIMIZE trading profits on BINANCE with

Since the international crisis erupted, credit growth has slowed considerably or even turned negative in most economies, with the exception of China, where it has accelerated strongly since the end of 2008. In this article we investigate the dynamics of credit activity in Chinese banks and its implications for the real economy.

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The leveling off of credit expansion has so far had little adverse effect on the real economy. In fact, GDP grew 8.9% in the third quarter, and is expected to hover around these levels in the coming quarters. This palpable disconnect between credit and the economy could be explained by several reasons.

First, monetary stimulus measures often take time to have an effect on the real economy. In the case of China, its strong economic growth in the third quarter could reflect the rapid increase in credit during the first half of the year.

How to read candlesticks properly

For example, if we come across the EUR/USD quote 1.2930/32, it indicates that market participants are willing to pay 1.2930 to buy EUR/USD and are willing to sell EUR/USD for 1.2932. There is a two-point spread.

Every market has a spread, whether it is the foreign exchange market, stocks, futures or your neighborhood store, the market maker will always charge or collect a higher price than the price originally paid.

The above result is expressed in quoted currency, so in this case one pip is worth 1 USD. For every one pip movement in the EUR/USD pair in our favor the profit of the trade will go up by 1 USD. For every one pip movement on the EUR/USD pair against us, the profit will decrease by 1 USD.

If our account is denominated in USD we don’t have to do anything else, but if our account is denominated in another currency we will have to move it to this currency. For example, if our account is in EUR and the spot price of EUR/USD at the moment is 1.3577, 10 USD will be equal to 7.37 EUR (10/1.3577).

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All these factors have led to a surge in private capital inflows (mostly short-term foreign denominated lending) to emerging and developing economies because of the perceived low risks with high return.

Section C, is more prescriptive and refers to the tasks that SAIs could fulfill in order to promote appropriate practices for debt and risk management, disclosure of information and supervision of the banking services sector.

These services include trade financing activities (i.e., accepting drafts and issuing letters of credit; and discounting and negotiating promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange and other debt instruments), accepting

These services include trade financing activities (i.e., accepting drafts and issuing letters of credit; and discounting and negotiating promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange and other debt instruments),

These shortcomings resulted in excessive foreign currency borrowing (based on overvalued Asian currencies) and left many domestic financial institutions with an overexposure to foreign currencies.

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