Does Bentley lose value?

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To make this analysis we are going to take as an example an average model within the supercar segment, the Lamborghini Huracán. The new toy from the house of Sant’Agata Bolognese, with its 610-horsepower V10 engine, costs 230,000 euros.

You go to Lamborghini Madrid and order your new car, which you take with you because they have a unit configured just the way you like it. Proudly you drive the first few hundred kilometers with your new toy while you see with a surprised face how the average consumption shown on the electronic display is more than 20 l/100 km despite the fact that they announced an average consumption of 12.5 l/100 km.

Then you start to realize that to have this car you not only have to have money to buy it, but also a lot of money to maintain it. As soon as you use it, and especially if you do it in urban stretches where consumption soars above 30 l/100 km, you will have to fill the fuel tank every few days. You may have to spend a hundred euros on gasoline every two days. This is part of the price you have to pay for maintaining a supercar.


A vehicle is the most important purchase in a person’s life, as it usually happens even before buying a house for most people, so it is important to buy not only with emotions, but also with the head.

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It is also known by all that, for the new generations from the millennials onwards, what used to represent the vehicle as a means of freedom and connection with society, is now the smartphone.    In fact, every day young people insist more on having a smartphone than on learning to drive, but, the reality is that we often see cases of young people who use 3 or more Taxi/Uber services a day to make their college and work day, spending in some cases every month, more than they would pay to finance a vehicle even new.

An important variable is preventive maintenance, you can even ask the dealer along with the quote for the new vehicle, an estimate of maintenance costs for each model and detail the recommended parts to change more than just the oil and filter change that we traditionally think.    In the case of new vehicles, there is the advantage that during the warranty period, corrective maintenance for defects is paid by the manufacturer.

Aboard a self-driving car

After a smartphone and a computer, any vehicle can be, perhaps, the riskiest investment in terms of its price. Because the loss of economic value, although it depends on many factors, is usually noticeable from before you even get it for the first time. How much is a car worth when it leaves the dealership, really? Why does any new car suffer a tremendous depreciation?

As soon as a vehicle has a first owner, it loses value. But to correctly answer the question at hand, how much a car is worth when it leaves the dealership, we must also take into account another factor: registration.

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So, which cars depreciate the least?  In principle, those that are most fashionable at the time and, a priori, seem less vulnerable to the passage of time. Thus, given that the current trend is a generalized taste for SUVs, it seems logical to think that this type of vehicle will have a lower or slower loss of value.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate 2018 | Test / Test / Analysis.

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