Does cleaning your car increase trade in value?

How can I sell my car fast?

Are you thinking of selling your used car? If so, you are interested in knowing what sale management consists of, a modality of used car sales that you may not know and that can bring you many benefits.

I am going to do so because it has been personal circumstances that have brought me closer to this way of selling used cars; and because telling you my experience will be the best way to let you know the benefits of this way of ‘getting rid’ of a second-hand vehicle.

It was a kind salesman from a dealership who advised me to go to Flexicar. “That’s where I got the best valuation for my used car,” he said. The company has branches in Alcobendas, Leganés, San Sebastián de los Reyes and San Fernando de Henares, all in the community of Madrid, and it wasn’t too bad for me to go to one of them to ask.

In this first visit, they informed me that to get an appraisal of the car they had to take it to the workshop to see the state of the mechanics in depth and they gave me a figure of what, assuming that everything was OK, they could give me for my BMW 3 Series. It wasn’t bad (it exceeded the offers I had received so far), but before I could give an answer they offered me another option: to sell my used car under the ‘Sale Management’ modality.

Where can I sell my old car?

Dealerships, the classic buying and selling houses, such as Canalcar or Autocasión, and online portals, either generalist, such as Wallapop, or specialized, such as and, among others, are the places that must be touched in order to get the most out of them.

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Where is the best place to sell my car?

Other sites specialized in selling used vehicles are Autocasió or Both also offer a good number of ads and allow us to publish for free. Perhaps two of the portals with the largest number of ads are and

What is the market value of a vehicle?

Market value or replacement value: is the value that a car would have if it were purchased at the time of the loss, with the same characteristics and age. It does not matter how many kilometers the car has nor the state of conservation.

How to promote a car

All these factors affect the perception of the car and, therefore, the price the buyer is willing to pay. Cleanliness is a simple aspect to solve and will make a great first impression. If you are going to haggle over the price, at least don’t haggle over dirt.

When talking about haggling, we must state an inescapable truth: they will haggle no matter what price you set. No matter how cheaply you advertise your used car, they will always want to save a few euros. This is not even the buyer’s fault, it is a habit of buying and selling used cars.

Both buyers and sellers are used to haggling, so some are not afraid to ask for a price reduction and others are not afraid to raise the price preemptively. By overpricing your car, you save your back against the haggling that is sure to come.

If, during the sale, the overprice becomes an obstacle, it is up to the seller to weigh the situation and assess the best course of action. In addition, do not rule out that the overprice allows you to earn a couple of euros that you did not expect.

What makes a car valuable?

What factors influence the value of a used car:

State of preservation of the car: Everything enters by sight and in the case of the used car market, the aesthetic part is the first and great filter that helps determine the selling price of a vehicle.

How much does a dealer pay for your car?

Of course, both the dealer and the salesman take their commission for the sale of the car. As far as we know, the dealers take between 15% and 25% of the transaction.

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How much do they give for the old car when buying a new one?

Buying a new car by handing in the old one 2022

The Plan Pive 2022 offers discounts of up to 5,500 euros to all users who decide to hand in an old car for the purchase of a new one, but there are restrictions as to the cars that can be purchased.

I can’t sell my car

The first thing to do is to check that your used car is in good condition, that it has passed the vehicle inspection and that it has been serviced. It is also advisable to pay any fines you may have.

The best thing you can do to know at what price to sell your car is to know the used car market. That is to say, you can ask mechanics, resellers, listen to the first price proposals on a lot or people who are selling a similar car.

The next step is to find potential buyers. There are three options to whom you can sell your car: an agency, a private individual or a car lot. Each has its pros and cons, which I will explain below.

In general, I can tell you that you’ll get the best deal if you sell your used car to a private party. But selling your car this way will mean more effort on your part, finding the right buyer and going through the paperwork to sell it, plus the higher risk of doing it all on your own.

How much does it cost to advertise on coches net?

Currently the price for listing a car is between 10€ to 20€ per car. This is only for your used cars to appear in the search results. Then there are different packs called “up” that will allow you to raise your ads to the first positions.

How does Flexicar work?

In Flexicar we buy your car and we take care of all the paperwork and paperwork so you do not have to worry about any management. Enter and rate your car in our online appraiser. We will give you an approximate price and we will call you to advise you on the sale.

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How to dispose of an old car?

One of the preferred alternatives for people who are going to get rid of their old car is to take it to a junkyard. In the event of a claim, the insurance may pay you around 80% of the vehicle’s value. The parts of your old car can be used as a spare part in the future in another car of the same model.

How much it costs to restore an old car

This price takes into account other factors such as the mileage of your vehicle and its state of preservation, as well as the demand that exists in the market for that model, as everything influences the speed of sale.

This price takes into account other factors such as the mileage of your vehicle and its state of preservation, as well as the market demand for this model, since everything influences the speed of sale.

In the field of compensation covered by insurance companies, the market value of vehicles is the money to be received from the insurer in the following cases: total loss, theft or fire.

The dealer’s proforma invoice details the ex-factory price (PFF), which would be the base price. The price of options, if any, should be added to this base price. On the sum of the PFF and the options, the dealer can apply a discount. To the resulting value is added the transportation cost, which is determined by the manufacturer. This total is the Taxable Base excluding VAT.