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Trapezoidal steels, due to their high moment of inertia, are an excellent resource for construction, reducing the number of intermediate supports. Solution for roofs of houses, buildings and sheds. High performance.

Trapezoidal steels, due to their high moment of inertia, are an excellent resource for construction, reducing the number of intermediate supports. Solution for roofs of houses, buildings and sheds.

Isover Tech insulation solutions sustainably meet the demands of process safety and personal protection but also help to lower costs by reducing heat loss and CO₂ emissions. High performance, cost-effective and easy to install, insulation solutions for quick maintenance.

In this type of roofing the air gap caused by the two-inch nailer is transformed by the pure aluminum into a radiant low emissivity chamber with high insulating power both in summer and winter. To the insulating power of this chamber, the polyethylene foam provides an additional mass insulation that optimizes its insulating performance and avoids condensation in winter.

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There are two types of hip roofs, and both have four slopes. The basic hip roof has a level ridge, but the ridge does not extend to the exterior walls. Instead, hip rafters slope diagonally downward to each corner.

Gambrel roofs are usually associated with barns but are not uncommon on homes. They have two slopes, each slope changing pitch. The point at which the roof changes pitch should flash metal.

sediment. This debris holds moisture against the roof and flashing often corrodes faster than on the rest of the roof. Thus the intersection areas are difficult to see and are a weak point.

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Dormers are projections built into the side of a roof. Here you can see photos of dormers with gable, hip and shed roofs. Inspection concerns are valley, gable and flank flashing.

is not a defect. Rafters sometimes have to move a little to accommodate components of other home systems. This illustration shows that a joist was moved to accommodate a combustion exhaust duct.

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Isover Telstar glass wool is light, soft to the touch, easy to cut and flexible, adapting to the irregularities and complications of construction. It has a high insulating capacity (superior thermal resistance), it is incombustible, in case of fire it does not emit dark fumes, it is not attacked by acids or bases, it is not edible by insects or rodents, it withstands high temperatures. It can be installed on ceilings, roofs, walls and does not require any special preparation prior to installation.

In Termofoil, the pure aluminum of its constitution provides a very high level radiation barrier since it reflects 97% of the heat radiation. At the same time, the encapsulated air bubbles minimize the thermal conductivity of the product. These properties make it an excellent thermal insulator.

In summer, heat radiation finds in a house or shed walls and roofs that absorb it, producing an increase in temperature by conduction towards the interior, distributing this heat to all its environments, producing a low performance of the cooling or heating systems and a high cost in energy.

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Verona Sheets Installation Instructions Material and Structure Preparation 1- The roof structure must be prepared with horizontal support spacing every 72.60 cm or less. It is

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BRICOLAJE – CONSTRUCCIÓN – DECORACIÓN – JARDINERÍA Aisllar una attic no habitable www.leroymerlin.es Leroy Merlin, S.A., 2002 1 Criteria for choosing the insulation Before starting, and in order to choose

METALLIC ROOFING WITH THERMAL INSULATION TECHNICAL MANUAL Contents 1. General 1 1.1 Description 1 1.2 Dimensions, Colors and Weight 1 1 1.3 Materials 2 2.

THE WISE INSTALLATION MANUAL (TILES) MATERIAL The material is a woven vinyl product with a vinyl reinforced fiberglass backing. Since the material is a woven product, its structure and structure is

Technical Information 3M Fire Barrier for Plastic Pipe. (Product Description: The 3M PPD device for plastic piping is an integral system for the protection of plastic pipelines.

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