These sites concentrate several agencies, airlines and hotels online where you can review several offers in one place. In addition, you can compare prices and the site can give you recommendations according to your tastes or preferences if you consult it frequently.Some metasearch options are, Skyscanner, Expedia Group and Momondo that include flight and hotel packages.Create price alerts.

Loyalty programs with different airlines and banks allow you to use those points accumulated in each purchase to improve some options of your vacations, usually benefits such as interest-free months payments, upgrades in airline seats, travel insurance or personalization.The most important news in Finance, Economy, Business and Politics in Mexico.

How to get a cheap vacation?

The key to an economical vacation has always been to schedule them in advance, for example, in most flights this allows to reduce costs or to visualize in a wider range the best fares according to the season.

When are vacations cheaper?

According to the British search engine, the cheapest period to travel from Spain is, in general, the second week of September, between the 7th and 13th of the month. The estimated savings compared to the most expensive week, from July 27 to August 2, is 35%.

Where to find travel promotions?

Some metasearch options are, Skyscanner, Expedia Group and Momondo that include flight and hotel packages.

How to find cheap hotels in booking

If you don’t have a fixed destination, the vacation destination of your choice can be a solution to reduce expenses and make cheap trips. A cheap destination is not only limited to the price of transportation to get there. You also have to take into account the cost of accommodation in that place (or the possibilities of doing an exchange, if you do home exchanges), the cost of living in general (food, travel, outings, etc.), as well as the currency exchange rate.

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In Eastern Europe, for example, some countries such as Romania, Poland, Hungary and the Baltic countries offer splendid landscapes, cities full of culture and seaside resorts at unbeatable prices. For lovers of the south, the cheapest southern destinations are Portugal and Greece. The cost of living there is affordable as long as you avoid the more touristy areas. If you are seduced by more remote destinations, the more adventurous can travel to Honduras or Sri Lanka. Argentina is ideal for lovers of open spaces and those who are attracted to the exotic can think about cheap trips to Thailand or India.

What is the cheapest travel website?

Skyscanner searches for the cheapest flights among numerous airlines, other search engines such as Booking, Edreams, Rumbo… and even travel agencies.

What is the lowest travel season of the year?

When is low season in Colombia

In Colombia the low season runs from January 14 to June 16, excluding Easter Week. And from August 15 to December 14, excluding the week of recess in October, almost all year round!

What are the cheapest days to travel in August?

The analysis shows that the cheapest week to visit a European capital is the week of September 7-13 and the most expensive week is August 24-30.

Last minute hotel deals

For example, if you travel to New Zealand in August you will find winter in the southern hemisphere, hence its low season. Temperatures won’t be exactly warm there, especially in the south island, but prices – within their average – notice it, both in flights, motorhome rental, stay or activities at destination. If you don’t want to go all the way to the antipodes, there are places like Berlin, Bilbao, Marrakech or the Pyrenees that cut their prices to attract travelers in what is considered their mid or low season.

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The day of the week on which you travel is also decisive. Airlines often discount flights on Sundays and Tuesdays for travel during the following week. To get the best prices, register directly on the websites of airlines, metasearch engines or travel agencies and filter the information that suits you (place of departure, dates, maximum price …) and so you can check when they launch offers that fit you.

Another suggestion: although a direct flight may be tempting, it can cost you an arm and a leg in the weeks leading up to the trip. Nonstop flights can cost up to double what you would pay if you had one or two stopovers.

When does the low season start?

September to November: This is the low season for tourism in Colombia.

What is the low season in Argentina?

1.2.3 Low season in Argentina

The low season is from June to August. Although if you are a fan of snow and skiing, these are your months. July coincides with the winter vacations.

What are the low season months?

1) High Season is from November to April – And then from June 22nd, July and August. 2) Low Season is April + May + until June 22nd + September to October.

Websites to find cheap hotels

I guess you too if you wouldn’t be here reading this, so I’m going to give you some tips that I have been able to collect during all my travels to make your next vacation the cheapest, then tell me in the comments how it went.

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You have to take advantage of bank promotions, I always recommend getting into the habit of paying for everything with a credit card to add points in these benefit programs. Spending is necessary, but it is preferable that when we spend we earn points, isn’t it?

Santander Río bank credit cards add points to their “SuperClub” program with every purchase, which you can then spend on airline tickets, tour packages or hotel nights at

The French bank cards add LATAM PASS kilometers, it is less flexible than the points programs but if you want to buy a plane ticket you can use those kilometers you added in your daily purchases.

Airbnb also has a system of discounts per weekend, week and month, if you are looking for accommodation try adding days, sometimes with these discounts it is convenient to rent more days even if you leave earlier, however this is applied by each host, it is optional and not all apartments have discounts.

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