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Note: some of the courses offered above will only have elective units instead of core units available, and you will also be required to arrange for a student visa before starting the course, but don’t worry, your education expert is ready to help you.

If you are looking for more information about the courses offered by the University of Western Sydney, and to start an application, just register, choose an education expert and you will receive counseling, help with your application and even student visa assistance. You will get guidance along your journey and answers to your questions every step of the way.

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Contacting as many people as possible is a highly effective way to find a job. It is estimated that 50% or more of all jobs are found through networking[2].

Job seekers should start paying more attention to what employers and recruiters find when they do pre-interview information gathering on applicants, according to this 2010 Microsoft study, “Online Reputation in a Connected World.”[5]

Once an employer has received resumes, they will make a list of potential employees to interview. During the interview process, interviewers generally look for people they think may be the best fit for the job and work environment. The interview may occur in several rounds until the interviewer is satisfied and offers the job to the applicant.

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During the week before classes begin, financial aid funds are deposited into students’ accounts and all college charges are automatically paid. (Note that Pell Grant, Washington College Grant, Institutional Grant, College Bound, and Cougar Commitment will not deposit funds if the student is enrolled less than full time).

On the first day of classes, any amount of aid money remaining after all charges are paid will be transferred to the student’s bank account.    If direct deposit has not been enabled, a check will be mailed to the student that week.

September 3: Used Census Date Students who are enrolled as less than full-time will have their financial aid adjusted. Email will be sent when the process has been completed.

January 21: Using the Census Date students who are enrolled as less than full-time will have their financial aid adjusted. Email will be sent when the process has been completed.


As an international student, applying to study in the U.S. involves planning and a lot of work. You’ll have a lot of questions, so you’ll need some help to reach your goal. We’ve made it easy for you to succeed by compiling a free database of in-depth articles and stories about international students, the U.S. education system and more.

Camilo Castelblanco Riveros, who is from Colombia, graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology with a minor in chemistry. He accepted an offer to join Boys Town National Research….

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One of the most important things to consider if you plan to study in another country is to enroll in a student health insurance plan that will provide coverage in your destination country. USI Travel Insurance Services offers Study USA Healthcare for students who plan to study in…

St. Joseph’s College (SJC) was ranked as a top college by US News & World Report and Forbes . “We are proud to once again be recognized as one of the nation’s best colleges,” said Donald R. Boom….

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