How to write a sample quotation

“At the moment our operators are busy; please stay on hold, we will get back to you shortly”. This is one of the most common phrases that users hear every time they call customer service. Minutes wasted on the phone trying to solve, for example, an error in the bill, which is not their responsibility, are one of the reasons why, in the end and in desperation, they end up asking to speak to the cancellation department.

3.- Price out of market: Although it is true that, sometimes, it is impossible to lower the price further, in others it is because the company has not reviewed its policy or studied how it can reduce previous costs, which allow adjusting it. To remain competitive it is not always necessary to cut prices, since they have to continue to cover expenses and provide a profit margin, but it is necessary to adjust them to the quality or offer an extra that justifies it. iPhones cost from 700 euros and, despite this and the fact that there are much cheaper models on the market, they fly out of the stores; Apple has managed to surround its brand with exclusivity.

How much do they pay you to make an ad?

The cost of the different panoramic ads will depend on many factors. But the price range generally oscillates between 3 thousand to 10 thousand pesos per month. There are other factors that also play a role such as: location, visibility and duration of the advertising campaign.

What is an advertising image and what are its characteristics?

The advertising image is the resource used in advertising campaigns to create a piece of advertising capable of encouraging the consumer to make a purchase decision based on visual perceptions. Capturing the attention of potential buyers and customers is something that brands are constantly trying to do.

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How much does a 30-second spot cost?

According to Bloomberg, for this Super Bowl the 30-second ad space is valued at $5.6 million, something that, at least in principle, it seems that not everyone could afford, but when analyzing potential clients, anyone will make the effort.

How to budget for a client

For a company, marketing strategies are fundamental to face the challenges of the competitive environment. One of the strategies that best strengthens brands is the product strategy, since it addresses price, position and promotion. The objective is to put products or services in the right place, within the reach of the right consumers.

To successfully implement a product strategy, the most important aspect is to analyze consumers. Today we live in a fast-changing marketplace, and your company must constantly update itself in order not to be left behind. People are no longer just looking for the best product or service: they want companies to listen to them and understand them.

To broaden your knowledge of the subject, we want to share with you the main types of product strategies that exist. The advantage of this marketing strategy is that there are many options that depend on the market and the specific objectives of each company.

To make a good decision on the price of your product you have to consider what type of consumers it will target. To do this you can start by asking key questions to identify your buyer personas.  Here are some questions you can use as examples. Remember that each question will depend on the line of business of your company and what you want to achieve.

What should the images of advertisements look like?

It must be perfectly adapted to the language of the advertising media where it will be used. It must be easily recognizable and identifiable. It must be understandable. It is important that it has the most appropriate colors.

What are the characteristics of banner ads?

Characteristics of advertisements

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They usually contain pleasant, attractive and seductive images, which seek to associate positive emotions to the consumption of the product. It is also common to use fashionable songs or catchy phrases (slogans). The idea is to make the consumer remember the product as much as possible.

How to transmit a good corporate image?

For the corporate image to work, it must transmit and know how to reflect the personality of your company and have a design according to it, which provokes interest in the consumer. The name of the company will make the first impression on your future clients, that is why you must know how to choose it correctly.

Advertising image

The Arelux Group decided to carry out a CSR action for the brand with which they distribute artificial grass ( together with an NGO committed to the implementation of running water supply in Africa.

What they were looking for was to make themselves known, build loyalty among prescribers in the sector, expand users and generate brand presence in the media, where they managed to exceed 100 appearances.

You need to turn to your closest environment to act as spokespersons for your goodness. And that is what they did in Casi Arte Comunicación to present a sculpture-lamps, Steel Light Art, to the press. As the idea was to do something eye-catching to publicize the product, they installed lamps in the private home of an artist’s acquaintance. Impact was achieved at a minimal price.

Whatever you do, you will always be of interest to two types of press: specialized and economic. Your communication must be as fluid as possible. To achieve this, you must be very attentive to the news that may affect you.

How much does a 20-second spot cost?

The lowest rate for a 20-second spot is 4,919 pesos and is offered for Channel 9 during the first quarter of the year from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

How much does it cost to make an advertising spot in Peru?

Price range

-1 hour recording averages between $150 to $120, but a standard price is $130.

What are the functions of product images in classified ads?

It has been proven that a picture is worth a thousand words and advertisers know that. That is why they are increasingly using short, concise and, above all, very creative advertising campaigns. The importance of advertising, at the end of the day, is to make the consumer aware of a product and to do so, it has to attract their attention.

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How to make a budget for a company

In the following blog we will explain in detail each of the factors that are relevant to know the costs of a billboard and which is the most suitable for your business.

Properly planned, a billboard is a smart investment. Thanks to this type of advertising you can increase your sales, position your business in the market and make yourself known to new customers. However, if you do it incorrectly, you can also lose money.

Another important factor when it comes to knowing what is the size of the billboards is to find out the type of material on which the advertising will be placed. Some of the materials can be canvas, plastic or on metal.

In this blog we will explain each of the basics to rent a billboard, what are the steps you must perform, know what type of advertising best suits your goals and increase your sales. Panoramic billboards consist of massive outdoor advertising.

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