How do I sell my film to a distributor?

Permits to open a cinema

“Each film is the responsibility of the distributor. There is usually a discussion between the general management, the sales team and the regional offices in Latin America to make a decision. It’s a big team that decides how many screens a film is released on. There is a market analysis in terms of competition from other films, dates, in short, there are a series of factors to take into account.

“We have to take advantage if there is a long weekend, if it is a fortnight, if there is a soccer game, if a similar film is being released; there are many factors. These discussions are always very interesting, because there are times when we are not sure how a film can work and all that implies a risk. There are indeed parameters, there are certain formulas we can follow, but there is no absolute truth. There are no universal, immovable rules, written in stone,” said Juan Carlos Lazo, general manager of 20th Century Fox.

Another example is Nosotros los Nobles, from distributor Warner Bros. The Mexican film was released at the time with 156 copies (before 2014 there was talk of copies, but due to digitalization it was changed) and due to its success the decision was made to increase it to 423 copies (which later translated into 839 screens). The film grossed just over 340 million pesos.

What does a distributor do in cinema?

The distributor or distribution company is basically in charge of the selection of films or series to be distributed, which entails certain risks and important decisions to be made. Every audiovisual production follows a path of elaboration, negotiation and distribution.

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How is the production of tickets for a movie theater distributed?

According to the latest report presented by FECE (the Federation of Spanish Film Business Entities), 10% of the price of a movie ticket corresponds to VAT, 3% is used to pay royalties to collecting societies and the remaining 87% is divided 50/50 between the exhibitor and the distributor + the distributor….

How do cinemas buy films?

From prints to screens

Now theaters receive a DCP (Digital Cinema Package), that is, a digital file containing the film. “Before, a copy was worth about ten thousand pesos and now with all the DCP, VPF and digital services, we are paying about 18 thousand pesos for each screen.

Where theaters get their movies from

The Independent Filmmaker Project or IFP (an organization dedicated to the support of independent filmmakers) published an article with practical advice on how to distribute a film without major government or commercial resources. The following is an abridged version of this text written by Mark Litwak, an entertainment lawyer, representative of Hollywood producers and author of six books on the film industry.

“Filmmakers put so much effort into production that they often don’t worry about distribution until the film is finished. Some filmmakers believe that if they make a good film, distribution will take care of itself. However, getting distribution is sometimes more difficult than raising funds and producing the film.”

1. NO PREVIEW: It’s best not to show your film to distributors until it’s finished. Executives may beg to see a first cut and may assure you, “Don’t worry, we’re professionals, we can imagine what the film will look like with sound and titles.” Don’t believe them. Most people are incapable of extrapolating. They will see your unfinished film and perceive it as unprofessional. First impressions are lasting.

How long does it take for a movie to be on TV?

Thus, the traditional model is that a film is released exclusively in theaters in a period of time that is more or less around four months. After that time, the distribution window begins, the turn for the other channels.

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What does an audiovisual distribution company do?

To distribute short films, feature films, documentaries, commercials, video works and video clips to film festivals around the world.

What is distribution in a film?

Film distribution is the process by which a film is made available to the public. … Film productions can be shown to audiences through theaters, television or home viewing (DVD, video on demand, digital download, etc.).

How to sell a documentary

The answer is: everywhere! IP rights shape every stage of the filmmaker’s journey, from writing the script to screening the film on screen (see From Script to Screen: The Importance of Rights Documentation in the Distribution of Films ). IP rights help producers get the financing they need to make the project a reality and enable directors, screenwriters and actors, and many artists and technicians working behind the scenes, to earn a living. They also drive technological innovations, which push the boundaries of creativity and make the seemingly impossible possible.

Of all IP rights, the most important in filmmaking is copyright. Among other things, it protects creators or rights holders by preventing third parties from using their works without their permission.

In addition, the licensing and assignment of rights related to each of these aspects must be properly negotiated and cataloged so that the producer, the person who transforms the creative ideas into a commercial concept, can claim ownership of the film, obtain the necessary financing to make the film and license the distribution rights to attract the maximum audience.

What percentage of the box office does the cinema keep?

Theatrical attendance at the close of 2020 was about 55 million people leaving box office revenues of P3,153 million, a drop of 83% compared to 2019 revenues, when attendance was 341 million people leaving earnings of P18,659 million.

How does a movie theater win?

The movie theaters really earn is in the sale of food products. In big movies the distributors get the big slice, and there they split part for themselves and part for the production of the movie. A movie is always generating dividends, every time something is shown it collects in one way or another.

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How much money does a film production company make?

According to the tables published in the BOE and updated in 2017, the salary of an audiovisual producer is currently between the €3,953.85 gross per month earned by a production director, and the €953.55 corresponding to the production assistant.

How to sell a movie to amazon

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