How to make a home theater for kids

TVs may continue to grow and the technologies they implement are increasingly ambitious, but for those of us who love the seventh art, the experience of watching movies in the cinema is something special: the initial trailers, the popcorn, the lights off and that sound that surrounds us to immerse us in the film. Setting up a home theater is such a demanding mission that it is often determined not only by the room available but also by our budget.

There is no argument: the closest experience to a movie theater is offered by a projector. Its great advantage over TVs is that for home use, the price per inch ratio is usually much more favorable than that of TVs, unless we go to the very high end. And that is the main reason, although

Coming back to sensations, projectors win this battle again, simply because of a question of light: while TVs emit light towards our eyes, projectors reflect it onto a screen just as it happens in cinemas.

How is a movie theater made?

A screening room, cinema, cinema, or simply cinema is a space equipped for the exhibition of films, usually consisting of a projection screen and a seating area.

How much does a theater pay for a movie?

Cinemas now receive a DCP (Digital Cinema Package), i.e. a digital file containing the film. “Before, a copy was worth about ten thousand pesos and now with all the DCPs, VPFs and digital services, we are paying about 18 thousand pesos for each screen.

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How much is a Cine Colombia franchise worth?

Munir Falah, director of Cine Colombia, explains that installing a single movie theater costs approximately one million dollars, or a little more than 2.9 billion pesos.

How much does it cost to put up a movie theater

The project is especially suitable for people who have training or previous experience in the sector, and who is a great lover of the so-called seventh art. It is also advisable to be a dynamic person with an extroverted character to establish a good relationship with the clientele.

The main activity of the business is to offer a movie projection service, but this must be done in such a way that the spectator feels at ease in the theater and wants to repeat in the future.

Thus, a contact will be established with the movie distributors so that they will serve us the films that we are going to show in the theater. Negotiations with this type of companies are usually difficult, since a percentage of the money collected at the box office must be agreed with them. With this, it is also important to define the exhibition medium. Any other means or format of exhibition must be previously authorized by the distributor, since it is another form of exploitation.

How much does it cost to make a home cinema?

Both Digital Luxe and CtrlB Co agree in giving a base price range between €30,000 and €50,000 for a home theater that has all the elements to enjoy a high-end experience.

How much does it cost to set up a movie theater in Spain?

The initial investment is around 50,000 euros, most of which is taken by the projector and sound, and it takes between three and five years of activity to amortize it.

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How many seats are there in a movie theater?

because “normal” theaters range from just over 300 to just under 100 depending on the theater you go to.

How to acquire a movie franchise

Getty ImagesOne of the most used spaces at home is undoubtedly the one where we have the TV. However, with the new normal, many people have opted to set up a home theater, to entertain family or friends in a safe way, but where to start? Adapting a space as a cinema either indoors or outdoors is easier than it seems, just follow a few steps and have a good organization to make this a success.Below, we share how to set up a home theater in an easy way with these steps.To create the home theater experience, it is important to choose the ideal space.

Getty Images1. SpaceThe first step in setting up a home theater is to choose the space for it, either indoors or outdoors. This should be large enough to accommodate couches or seating and the main screen, so that everyone can see the projection perfectly.2. ProjectionAlthough a large TV may seem like a great option, it’s best to choose a flat space for projection. Whether it is a wall or a white sheet, both work for projecting the image. In the case of the sheet, simply stretch it with the help of threads so that the image is not distorted.3. ProjectorOnce you have the space to project, the most important thing is to choose the projector. To create the feeling of being in the cinema, the image must be large, clear and sharp, so a good projector will make the difference.Elements such as the projector, lighting and sound, are key to set up a home theater.

What kind of sound do cinemas use?

Dolby Atmos the sound technology that has changed the world of cinema.

What type of projector is used in the cinema?

The most common cinema installation used 35/70 mm dual-gauge projectors. The 70 mm film is also used in both flat and domed IMAX projection systems.

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How many lumens does a good projector have to have?

A good starting point for a home projector is 1,000 lumens.

How much it costs to make a home theater

The choice of seating for your home theater can greatly increase the feeling of being in a commercial movie theater, but in the comfort of your home.  Because having a home cinema or a cinema room is a trend, it is possible to find seats and armchairs just like the ones we can find in any cinema complex: reclining, with cup holders, with tables included, etc. The purpose is to offer the most comfortable setting.

The cinema room must be tidy and clean, without distractions, so it is advisable to keep all the wires and speaker cables hidden, as well as a piece of furniture on which to place them; the best thing to do is to have one made to measure, that fits all your needs, including holes for the exit of the cables.

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