How to remodel the facade of my house with little money

Changing the facade of a house, is to decorate the exteriors, therefore have ideas to improve the exterior of the house. The facade of your home creates the first impression that your guests or, in case you have the house for sale, your potential buyers will have. This is why it is very important that it is in excellent condition. Simple tips to improve or change the facade of a house to make a better impression.

Change the front door of the house. The door is the first thing people will look at and even touch. Bold, bright colors in gloss are quite popular these days. If you opt for a more conservative look, black is always a safe bet. So is white, although it will get dirtier. For a more contemporary look, use washed, muted and matte colors.

Take care of the exterior lighting. Place a spot light on each side of the main entrance door for symmetry; on a porch entrance, place a lantern. If the property is reached through a garden, also light it slightly. Hide lights in trees or canopy them in the garden path. Solar garden lights can be purchased at do-it-yourself stores that are ideal for illuminating a pathway.

What should the facade of a house look like?

From the aesthetic point of view, the façade should be the expression of the architectural language projected from the interior. And from a functional point of view, the façade must be located in a specific orientation with respect to sunlight.

What is a traditional facade?

Traditional facades are characterized by an interior sheet of plaster or plasterboard, an insulating layer with a small unventilated air space, an exterior brick envelope and a finish that uses conventional building materials such as stone, brick, wood or cement cladding.

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How to make a small house look bigger?

Take advantage of natural light

Good lighting is key when trying to make a small space look bigger when decorating small homes. To avoid creating cramped spaces, avoid blocking natural light from entering your home with curtains and blinds made of thick or dark-colored materials.

House facades

The facade is the first thing we see of any house, therefore, a good choice of materials and good maintenance are essential to convey a good impression of the house.

In this section it is convenient to know how to differentiate between the materials used for the structure of the house and those that do not necessarily affect the structure. To choose the first ones, it is convenient to take into account the climate and environment, since its resistance will depend on it.

As for those that do not influence the structure but do influence the aesthetics, the opportunities are many. You can even introduce new materials, such as a black iron balcony, to give a new look to your home.

We belong to the Central Purchasing Warehouse Building Materials Group DCC 3000 through which we can offer you everything you need for your work or reform at the best price.

How to paint the house to make it look bigger?

If you want to give light and spaciousness to your room you have to use light tones to paint the walls. Light colors such as white, yellows, grays and light blue make the room look bigger. On the contrary, dark colors make the room look smaller.

What is the facade of a building called?

A facade (from the Latin facies and the Italian facciata, “exterior face”) is, by extension, any exterior facing of a building; by omission, when speaking of facade, reference is made to the front or main facade, and more data is given otherwise (rear facade, north facade, etc.).

What is the name of the facade of my house?

The façade is the exterior face of a building. The concept can refer to all the exterior faces of the building, but the term is generally used to refer to the main façade or front façade.

Trends in house facades 2021

Do you want to work on your facade? You may want to change the carpentry for better ones or you have thought about opening a window facing your patio or widen the door of your terrace.    In cases of integral works of an entire Community of Owners you may have considered renovating the facade improving the energy efficiency or just rehabilitate it.

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The openings of hollows in facade always allow greater entry of light to the rooms of the house, giving greater luminosity and sensation of amplitude. When it comes to enlarge windows and doors oriented to patios or terraces the change that occurs is spectacular because the room or living room is visually enlarged and you can enjoy much more of your patio or terrace.

These works require a technical project signed by an architect. The architect will make a study in the project to improve energy efficiency or rehabilitate the facade in case there are pathologies.

To be able to open holes in your facade you will have to request license in the Town hall of your municipality, since you change the composition of facade either exterior or patio. In the case that your house is a villa or single-family house you do not need permission or agreement between neighbors. However, if the house is in a block or block of apartments, the town hall will ask for permission or agreement between neighbors of the Community of Owners to open holes in facades. Depending on the case, they request only agreement, express permission for your case or even a joint facade project if it is an urban protected facade. The cases of urban protected facade deserve a post for them that I will write soon.

Who can remodel my home?

An architect, in general, has the ability to design buildings, has knowledge of engineering and so on. But when it comes to remodeling a house, one of his main roles to play is to listen to your ideas, expectations and needs.

What is the front of a house?

The front of the house is the connection of our home with the outside, that is to say that which is projected outwards, is how others see our house, and therein lies the importance of the fronts of houses, as they are our business card, and undoubtedly the better the house fronts are designed, the more important it is to have a good design….

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What is the rear facade called?

A pediment is an architectural element found particularly in classical, neoclassical and baroque architecture, and its derivatives, consisting of a gable, usually triangular in shape, are placed over the horizontal structure of the entablature, generally supported by columns.

Facades of house fronts

Stairs for access to the house through a landscaped area will have no options to be rejected. However, as far as possible alternative access options should be available, such as a grass or stone ramp to facilitate the journey and the entry of materials, removals or wheelchairs.If you want to discover more ideas linked to the topic discussed, we recommend reading:20 Ideas for fabulous facadesFacade and plans of a wonderful house.

One of the interesting aspects of the spaces is the relationship between inside and outside, where the boundaries are blurred to integrate both areas in which it seems that from the inside the outside emerges. While the architect is distributing the interiors, the exterior is being shaped. This way will give an articulated and coherent project, as opposed to a flat project whose exterior will try to be incorporated later, thus generating the need to revive the exterior with coatings or other elements to give it life and coherence in some way.

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