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Financial habits are formed in youth, so it’s never too early for teens to start learning the importance of budgeting and saving. Here are five practical lessons for learning how to manage money responsibly.

Another option is to help your teen set up an automatic savings app. There are several reliable savings apps available for free or very low cost. By linking your account, your teen can set a savings goal and set up automatic deposit amounts so the app will transfer money from his or her checking account to his or her savings account, for example. Or the app could round up transactions to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the difference to a savings account.

How to save money at age 13?

Do some odd jobs.

If you already have weekly or daily chores, ask your parents for more chores than usual. Explain that you’d like to start saving money. These chores could be monthly instead of weekly, such as mowing the lawn, sweeping leaves, or washing cars.

How to manage the month’s salary?

Try to distribute your income according to the experts’ recommendations, so that you don’t have financial difficulties. Make a list of your expenses and analyze the current distribution of your money, so you can improve it this year.

What do teenagers consume the most?

The main areas where teens have spent their money in the last month are sweets/drinks (74%), food when out with friends (79%), savings (65%), movies (63%) and clothes (55%). Teens have about €42 a week for their spending.

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How to make a personal budget

It is imperative that during adolescence you acquire new skills and knowledge to thrive in adulthood. Money management is one such skill, as the whole world revolves around it. Here are 6 tips for young people to better manage their money:

Goal setting is relevant in almost every aspect of life, and money is no exception. Think about how much money you get on a regular basis and how you want to use it in the future.

Keep track of how much you spend and how often you spend it. Figure out if it’s worth saving a little more or not. Do your best to set a goal to save at least half of your allowance or income.

While this is true, with a credit card we can also learn to build credit, spend less than we earn and keep track of our money, month to month. If you keep up with your credit card payments, in full, every month, you won’t have to pay interest or get into debt.

What do teenagers buy the most?

Far away from the nutritional pyramid, the foods chosen by young people have soft drinks at the top of the preferences (87% of mentions), followed by cookies (85%), sweets and candies (76%), alfajores (75%), beer (67%), cigarettes (50%), snacks (47%), wine (33%) and beverages …

Where should savings be made?

The first savings will probably be in your account; then in a deposit or in the pension fund. You will have some money again and you will try stocks or buy dollars. And, once you reach your goal, you will invest in a business. So, without a doubt, the best strategy is to diversify.

How to be a good money manager according to the Bible?

We need to make available to God the gifts and abilities He has given us. When we don’t, we are stagnating in our growth. Being good stewards of our gifts has to do with blessing others as a habit that we constantly cultivate.

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Personal budget example

September 2010 – With the start of college it is usual that young people begin to feel more independent in various activities, such as starting to move around on their own, buying food daily and participating more actively in university events, going to the movies, parties, etc.

This stage can be a good time to instill in your children some financial knowledge that can help them have a better financial life during this stage and throughout their lives in general.

B) The monthly budget to be deposited: it is advisable that it be detailed and that all the teenager’s needs be analyzed with sufficient time, so that he/she does not get discouraged in case he/she lacks money in the first month of administration.

C) The date on which the corresponding money will be deposited or delivered: It is important to comply with the exact date we designate for the delivery of the budget as this action will give seriousness to the agreement.

D) The follow-up that will be given by the parents: the adolescent must be aware that there will be a follow-up to the plan, with the objective of evaluating the situation in time, in case the student exceeds in expenses or falls short of the previously agreed budget.

What is the profile that a good administrator should have?

Competencies of a Business Administrator

Any person dedicated to Administration will have to develop leadership skills, creativity, good communication skills and be predisposed to work in a team. In addition to having a good preparation in mathematics, social sciences and languages.

How much money is an allowance?

Mesada refers to the amount that a person receives as payment for his or her work, it is like a salary. In our house, if the children do their chores they receive allowance, if they don’t do them, they don’t receive it.

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How much should be spent?

50% for your most basic expenses, 20% for savings and 30% for your personal expenses. This is known as the 50/20/30 rule, which is beginning to be applied in different countries, such as the United States, and is a common habit when it comes to distributing one’s income.

Personal Expenditure Plan

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