How do you create a budget code?

Guatemala 2021 Budget Line Items

The 2022 Deficit Derivatives Financing Account (DDAF) included in the Proforma will be $4,323.84 million, which is $1,122 million more than the value in the August codified budget.

Among the macroeconomic assumptions that support the Proforma 2022 are the average price per barrel of oil exports (US$59.20), real GDP growth (2.85%), average inflation (1.28%), volume of oil production (179.88 million barrels) and nominal GDP (US$109,618.57 million), according to the official note.

Total revenues of the Proforma total $24,114.62 million and expenditures are $27,898.12 million, resulting in an overall deficit of $3,783.50 million, equivalent to 3.45% of the GDP.

“The Proforma’s expenditures modify the classification of some items of wages and salaries, purchase of goods and services and current transfers, which were usually recorded as non-permanent expenditure and are now recorded as permanent expenditure, with the purpose of presenting transparent budgetary information according to their economic nature,” he notes.

What is the budget code?

Budget classifiers are a tool that allows information to be ordered according to a homogeneous criterion or characteristic.

What is the budget proforma?

The Proforma 2022 -he added- will be an instrument that will allow progress in the fulfillment of the Government’s Economic Plan “to achieve sustained and environmentally responsible economic growth, which generates quality employment, fiscal stabilization with equity, honest management with efficiency and transparency of the …

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What are the budget classifiers?

Budget classifiers are a tool of the integrated financial information system that allows us to order information according to a homogeneous criterion or characteristic. 3. Purposes of the classifiers To facilitate the formulation of budgets.

Budget classifier 2020 guatemala

Among the objectives sought with the implementation of budget classifiers, the main one is to standardize the technical criteria for the formulation of budgets and from this point to be able to use the data to generate statistics and perform various types of analysis.

The classifiers make it possible to order and classify in a standardized manner the information on income and expenditures, in order to know the origin of the income, the purpose of the expenditure, the service it is intended for, the goods and services it is spent on, and to identify or group by the entities that are assigned resources to execute.

What is a budget classifier of revenues and expenditures?

They are normative instruments that allow the grouping or structuring of income and expenses according to certain criteria, which allows the presentation of all possible aspects of government transactions, generating information that meets the requirements of government officials, analysis and analysis …

When is the budget proforma prepared?

The Budgetary Proforma will become the Initial Approved Budget and will become effective as of January 1 of the following year, without prejudice of its publication in the Official Gazette.

What is the General State Budget 2022 Ecuador?

With 96 votes in favor, the Assembly decided to ratify its eight observations on the 2022 Budget Proforma, which amounts to USD 33,899 million, and on the 2022-2025 Four-Year Programming.

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Budget classifier 2021

One of the most important characteristics when undertaking the construction of the budget is to understand the need for communication at a general level; however, it is essential to identify the hierarchical representation of the different organizational levels and areas.

“To start with the budget, it is essential to appoint a budget leader, who is in charge of executing the meetings and committees necessary to harmonize expectations. “Tweet ThisIn this stage -which precedes the elaboration- evaluation and information gathering management tools are included, due to the fact that knowledge of the company’s progress and the state of the operation during the immediately preceding period is required. This is in order to determine and analyze the strategies or growth options to interpret the general and specific objectives, which have been fundamentally defined by management or by the highest governing body.

What is Ecuador’s overall budget?

The codified, at the end of December of the same year, was USD 32,080, i.e. USD 3,418 million less, according to the budget execution records of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The budget proforma presented by the new government for 2021 is USD 32,949 million.

What is the budget process?

The budget process consists of four stages: budget formulation (or programming), budget approval (or authorization), budget execution and monitoring, and budget control and evaluation.

How long is the budget cycle?

The public budget is a financial estimate of the revenues and expenditures of the Public Sector institutions for a one-year period, in order to meet the government’s commitments for each sector and portfolio of work (Ministries).


To approve Directive No. 0007-2020-EF/50.01 “Directive for Budget Execution”, as well as its Annexes, Models and Forms, which are part of this Directorial Resolution.

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Article 2.- Approve the Schedule of Deadlines for the Budget Execution Phase for Fiscal Year 2021 corresponding to the budgets of the National Government, Regional Governments and Local Governments, which is part of this Directorial Resolution.

The General Directorate of Public Budget evaluates the requests for modifications to the Economic Income and Expenditure and Institutional Classifiers proposed by public entities in order to establish the corresponding codification and inclusion within the respective Classifier.

Article 5.- To publish this Directorial Resolution, the “Directive for Budget Execution” and the Schedule of Deadlines for the Budget Execution Phase for Fiscal Year 2021 corresponding to the budgets of the National Government, Regional Governments and Local Governments, referred to in Articles 1 and 2 of this Directorial Resolution, in the Official Gazette El Peruano.