How do you dress for a James Bond party?

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Have you received an invitation to a celebration where the dress code goes down to black tie? This means that the event has a special character and it is appropriate for you to dress in a tuxedo.

For that special evening, the tuxedo suit consists of several inseparable elements. In this case, it is best to avoid fashion experiments – modifying or omitting one element of the tuxedo can completely ruin your outfit.

If you close your eyes and try to imagine agent 007, you will probably see him in a black tie suit. One of James Bond’s iconic suits was a white tuxedo. A white jacket with a distinctive burgundy carnation on the outside pocket, black pants, a bow tie and of course… a Walther pistol:

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You’ve already booked your New Year’s Eve dinner and the invitation says ‘Black Tie’. That is: black tie dressing is a must. And that just means it’s time for you to take a look at a garment you don’t often count on: the tuxedo. If this is the first time in your life you’ve been in a situation like this, there are a few things you need to know so that when you walk in the door, you look like James Bond himself. Here’s the basic guide to mastering the art of a garment that requires a high dose of solemnity. When in doubt, err on the side of classic

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If you want to take a risk… We recommend that you go for a velvet jacket in any color and combine it with black pants. The sobriety in this case is one of the keys to success.

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When to wear a tuxedo or tailcoat

Daniel’s suits in the movie have a very specific cut. They have no belts, are fitted at the sides and are high waisted, the pants are narrow and have no darts. The jackets have only one set of buttons, two buttoned with a narrow lapel and narrow shoulders, perfect for a man like Craig, who has a remarkable musculature. They are very narrow at the waist and slightly flared at the bottom of the jacket for some movement. They make a perfect silhouette.

“Working with Daniel is great because he knows his body perfectly and knows when something looks good on him. There’s nothing better than an actor like that. I put a Y-3 jacket on him and it looked great on him, he knew it and I knew it, I put staypress pants on him and they were perfect. Often you can put clothes on and they look good, but every once in a while there’s something that’s fabulous and with an actor like him, you can take a chance,” Frogley explains.

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Elegance and masculinity is what James Bond transmits in his films, and much of it is due to the tuxedo he wears. Undoubtedly, along with the morning coat and the tailcoat, it is part of the triad that attracts all eyes and makes the wearer the center of attention. Knowing the protocol that requires this elegant clothing is essential to be ready and look completely elegant at any event. To begin with, if the invitation you receive mentions the phrase “black tie” or “black tie preferred” as dress code, it means that you should wear a tuxedo.

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Black round lapel tuxedo for rent. This classic and stylish alternative, reminiscent of the famous agent 007, is also among the options required for various afternoon and evening ceremonies. It consists of a black jacket with round lapel, black pants, black cummerbund, black bow tie, where the price also includes the suit suit fittings and the suit holder.

Navy blue peak lapel tuxedo for rent. This is a more modern option without leaving aside the elegance, where the blue tone is present, offering originality. It consists of a navy blue jacket with peak lapel, navy blue pants, navy blue cummerbund, navy blue bow tie, as well as the suit suit suit and suit cover.