How do you dress like James Bond casual?

The best James Bond looks

Daniel Craig was Pierce Brosnan’s successor in James Bond and although at first this did not please the fans of the saga with the premiere of Casino Royale they fell at his feet. Pierce Brosnan was not very happy with this decision of the production company, however both feel a great mutual admiration.

They are two very different actors who have played the same role. However, in real life they have very different styles and personalities. On several occasions we have seen them with different urban, elegant and true gentleman looks, but always very similar to their personalities.

Pierce Brosnan, characterized by a pure British style, is the epitome of elegance. We are used to see him in a black tuxedo and white shirt. His best accessories on the red carpet are a bow tie and impeccable black Monkstrap. Classic and sober are the words that define his style, but with a lot of personality because he has the ability to combine different styles while maintaining elegance.


James Bond is a fictional character created by the English journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. James Bond is the protagonist of the series of novels, films, comics and video games of the same name, in which he stars in his own missions as James Bond. His profession gives him the designation of undercover agent with a “license to kill”, affiliated with the British secret intelligence service, now known as MI6.

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Since Fleming’s death in 1964, there have been other authorized writers of Bond material, including John Gardner, who wrote fourteen novels and two novelizations; and Raymond Benson, who wrote six novels, three novelizations and three short stories. There have also been other authors who wrote one book each: Kingsley Amis, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver and William Boyd and Anthony Horowitz. In addition to a series of novels on the basis of his youth, the young James, written by Charlie Higson.

As spin-offs of the literary works, there was a television adaptation of the first novel, James Bond, in which Bond played an American hillbilly, as well as a comic strip published in the Daily Express newspaper.

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“Bond, James Bond.” Is there a more famous movie line? With the highly anticipated release of “Spectre” in our theaters on November 6, every man wants to know how the world’s most famous secret agent drinks, drives and dresses.

Daniel Craig’s physique does help in that he can wear slim-fitting, more fashionable clothes. But there is a group of luxury brands behind the official Bond films. And they are as elusive as the spy himself – he remains quite secretive about his closet involvement.

Sunspel entered the Bond equation in Craig’s first feature film, “Casino Royale,” providing polo shirts and basic T-shirts for the spy when he was off duty. In “Spectre” the British firm continues to supply Bond this time too, proving, that the occult stuff counts too.

Church’s and John Lobb have trod the path of espionage with James Bond. For “Spectre” the secret service has enlisted the skills of British shoemaker Crockett & Jones, using the models: Alex, a Derby model. Camberley, a Double Monk boot. Radnor, a commando boot with Bond’s elitist stamp.

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Daniel Craig is one of the actors who is currently attracting the most attention thanks to the release of his new movie, the American version of The Men Who Didn’t Love Women. Thanks to his appearances in films such as Casino Royale and James Bond, Daniel Craig has become one of the most elegant and attractive actors on the current scene and his style is subjected to the magnifying glass.

In his day to day life, the actor usually prefers more casual looks composed of jeans, basic T-shirts in gray, black or white, and leather jackets. It is clear that Craig values comfort when it comes to dressing.