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Babymoon used to refer to the first vacation that the parents had with the baby and its purpose was to begin to create a connection between the three of them. But little by little the idea has been modified to become the trip that parents-to-be take before the birth to celebrate the arrival of the new member of the family.

What is clear is that as long as it does not pose a danger to the baby or the mother, any activity can be done to enjoy the moment and relax. If we want to have a perfect planning, the ideal is to follow some recommendations:

Taking into account these indications, there is no doubt that if you are at this stage of your life and you feel like it, you should not think twice and start planning it. In addition, right now it is very easy, there are plenty of hotels and travel agencies that are responsible for offering getaways tailored to all tastes and budgets.

Babymoon ideas

A Babymoon is similar to a honeymoon in that it is a celebratory vacation. But instead of spending time alone with the couple after getting married, they enjoy quality time together before the birth. This trend has grown in popularity. Because let’s be honest, once a baby arrives, there are often few opportunities to enjoy a getaway.

You can plan a week-long vacation or a weekend getaway. Or if you don’t feel like traveling far, plan a staycation at home. The idea is to enjoy a romantic and relaxing time with your partner, or a refreshing and rewarding time alone, no matter where you are.

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It is also a good idea to plan your babymoon before the third trimester, when you are likely to feel more tired and uncomfortable. In addition, there is always the risk of early labor or travel restrictions, which can ruin any third trimester vacation plans.


It is always important to consult with your doctor before traveling and doing any activity, he will give you the best recommendations regarding the type of activities you can do, the food you can have and general precautions during the trip.

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Babymoon pillow

Pregnancy is a very special time, not only in a woman’s life, but also in a couple’s relationship. You experience many emotions and surprises together as you wait nine months for the arrival of your baby, which will naturally change the whole dynamic at home.

The term “babymoon” is nothing more than a play on words of the famous “honeymoon”, the honeymoon taken by newlyweds after their wedding celebration. Therefore, a babymoon is a honeymoon taken by the couple before the baby arrives.

Although this is usually done in the first pregnancy, which is when the change in the couple is most felt by the arrival of a baby, it can also be done in subsequent pregnancies. The idea is that you both have a chance to spend time together, before all the big changes that are coming.

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But above all, we recommend it because traveling is always something that leaves memories and new experiences, so what better than to remember this important stage of both with a trip as a couple, where you can be totally relaxed.

By Rachel Robison

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