Law 38 2003

Royal Decree 324/1986, dated February 10, 1986, implemented an Accounting Information System in the General State Administration and restructured the payment order function. This Royal Decree defines the objectives and purposes to which the system must conform.

A novelty, perhaps the most important within the provisions of the Order of December 27, 1995, was the regulation of the management of third party data. Within the Accounting Information System, the main objective of the management of third party data was to enable the individualized follow-up of the creditor situation of the interested parties related to the Administration.

Other novelties to be highlighted would be that since then the execution of practically all the payments by transfer is carried out through the payable cashier of the General Directorate of the Treasury and Financial Policy.

Royal Decree 578/2001, of June 1, 2001, which regulates the general principles of the General State Administration’s Accounting Information System, repealed Royal Decree 324/1986 and established the orientation towards a centralized accounting model. In this same centralizing line, and once the technical means have been made available to enable this centralization in the payment of the General State Administration’s obligations, and always with the aim of improving their management, it was considered that the time had come to undertake this centralization. Thus, all the payments of the State’s obligations will be carried out through the paymaster’s office of the Directorate General of the Treasury and Financial Policy, thus culminating the process which as from January 1, 1996, had been initiated for payments by transfer, with which the special procedure disappears.

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Article 6º.- The State Agencies and Entities (OEE) set forth in Section 3 of Law No. 1535/1999 “ON THE FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE STATE”, detailed in Section 2 of this Law, shall be connected and incorporated online to the Integrated Financial Administration System (SIAF).

c) Uploading of accounting and budgetary reports in electronic spreadsheets for Corporations with a Majority State Shareholding, in accordance with the Chart of Accounts of the Accounting System (SICO) and the Budgetary Classifier.

d) On-line communication and information for the Municipal Governments to the Municipalities Information System (SIM) and annexed modules that are an integral part of the Integrated Financial Administration System (SIAF) and to the Municipal Management System by Results (SGMR) and annexed modules that are an integral part of the Integrated System for the Administration of State Resources (SIARE).

a) They shall allocate a maximum of 10% (ten percent) of the funds transferred for administrative expenses and the balance for mission expenses and/or investments inherent to the Action Plans declared in the Project submitted for the current Fiscal Year. State funds may not be used for activities other than the Action Plans declared in the Project submitted for the current Fiscal Year.

Subsidies Law

Sign in the section “authorized persons” or “signature” of all the sheets where your NIF is listed Last Name, First Name. That is to say, in those forms where the two/three/four authorized signatories are listed, the two/three/four must sign; in those forms/signature card where only one is listed, only that one.

Among the documents sent at your opening you should have received an envelope from Cajasur with the password. Go to, type in your user code in the “Online Banking” section, select with the mouse the digits of your password and then “Confirm” “ENTER”.

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YES, the persons responsible for them must request it from the administrative manager of the cashier’s office of their department, who can allocate expenses to different organizations. They can also personally pay invoices on behalf of the University and request their subsequent reimbursement/endorsement, providing proof of payment and other relevant documentation (in the case of cash payment, the supplier’s payment stamp).

General State Budget Law 2021

c) To develop systems that provide timely and reliable information on the financial behavior of the Province, in order to evaluate the management of those responsible for each of the competent areas;

ARTICLE 7.- The Minister of Economy shall be in charge of the coordination and supervision of the subsystems that make up the Financial Administration and shall interact with the other bodies of the subsystems.

The provisions of this Law shall be applicable as regards the rendering of accounts of private organizations to which subsidies or contributions have been granted and of institutions or funds whose administration, custody or conservation is in charge of the provincial government directly or through provincial entities, except for those which by special law have another established regime.

ARTICLE 12.- The budgets shall include all the resources and expenses foreseen for the fiscal year, which shall be shown separately and for their full amounts, without any compensation among them. They shall show the economic and financial results of the transactions programmed for that period, in their current and capital accounts, as well as the production of goods and services to be generated by the actions foreseen. They may also contain complementary regulations, of a transitory nature, establishing economic and financial policies or actions, whether specific or general, whose incidence constitutes budgetary matters for the fiscal year being approved.

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