How long should a reception desk be?

Standards for office furniture

Choose the required length of the decorative panels, taking into account that the sheet enters into the capitals and panels at 5-6 mm. if in the order the upper capitals are not provided, it is necessary to place the sheet under the anlage between the decorative panels and the panels.

2. Collect necessary length of a decorative panel, taking into account that the leaf enters into locks of capitals and panels at 5-6 mm. if in the order the upper capitals are not provided, it is necessary to take into account a place under installation of panels between capitals and panels of the upper capitals.

On the contrary, above the bar, Sedna Darko Light 2x26W low luminance 2x26W have been used to facilitate the approach to the bar and to avoid the effect of glare and disturbance for the customers.

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What is a reception desk?

The reception furniture is divided into two main groups: the soft area composed of reception sofas, benches, poufs and armchairs, and the service area composed of the counter and customer service chairs. …

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What is the height of a bar counter?

The usual height of a bar is between 105 and 110 cm high.

What is home furnishings?

Furniture is the set of furniture; they are objects that serve to facilitate the usual uses and activities in homes, offices and other types of premises.

Standard furniture sizes pdf

There are several types of furniture, such as furniture with a horizontal surface separated from the ground, such as chairs and beds, tables, or furniture for storage or filing of books, magazines, clothes, etc. The urban furniture or urban equipment is the set of benches, canopies, litter garbage cans, etc. installed by the municipalities for the use of the neighborhood.

Along with the other arts, the Italian Renaissance of the 14th and 15th centuries marked a revival of classical art, inspired by the Greco-Roman tradition. A similar art and cultural revival occurred in northern Europe in the early 15th century.

What does a reception have to have?

Cordial and sincere treatment

When a person shows sincere interest, it shows. Professionals at the front desk must have a natural vocation for customer service and helping people. This innate charisma is the key to being able to offer a cordial and honest treatment.

What is the Reception Desk?

Reception desk : Office furniture

Light, simple and very functional that will provide any office or business with an operative and public-facing position.

How much should a bar fly?

The height will depend on the kitchen stools we choose. In the case of the width, if we take into account the measures of a plate and its glass, the minimum recommended measure is 45 cm, and the ideal 50 cm. If we have furniture under the bar, it should have an overhang of 25 to 30 cm.

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Office furniture measurements pdf

It is from the reception area that the visitor becomes familiar with any office. Therefore, to create a pleasant experience, it is important to create a businesslike and harmonious atmosphere. At the same time, furniture for the reception room plays an important role, which not only provides a working environment, but also emphasizes the style of the company.

When choosing the environment for the reception, we must remember that office furniture is needed to organize a comfortable business area and, therefore, its main features are a minimum of decoration and a maximum of functionality.

Furniture items are used by office staff and visitors. Therefore, it is necessary that a set of office furniture allows you to arrange a convenient place for the secretary to work and a pleasant waiting area for visitors.

Depending on the technological features, the furniture is made folding, non-folding, transformable, integrated, mobile. Transformable models can be called universal, because they can quickly change the shape and functionality. Built-in furniture is ordered and installed at the stage of repair of the reception. Mobile sets easily change the installation location, which is important if workers want to change the location of furniture.

What is the height of a breakfast bar?

As for the height, it should be up to 90 cm, as higher would complicate cooking or washing activities and would not be an ergonomic bar.

What’s on a bar counter?

Bars are usually composed of a service area or counter where customers are attended and served and a work area for waiters and waitresses. In some cases on the wall where the bar is located, there is an exhibition area where part of the products offered for sale are placed.

What is office furniture and equipment?

Office furniture and equipment are key elements to make your workspace perfectly functional. … Office equipment, on the other hand, is composed of all those devices or assets necessary to carry out the company’s operations.

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Une-en 1335-1:2001

The total measurements of the composition of this office counter are:Single module counters (table for one user)Length X Height x Depth toal:Counter 150: 150cm x 110cm x 103cm (work table 140cm long)Counter 170: 170cm x 110cm x 103cm (160cm long work table)Counter 190: 190cm x 110cm x 103cm (180cm long work table)DOUBLE 2 module counters (table for 2 users)Length X Height x Depth toal:Counter 250: 250cm x 110cm x 103cm (2 120cm long work tables)Counter 290: 290cm x 110cm x 103cm (2 work tables 140cm long)Counter 330: 330cm x 110cm x 103cm (2 work tables 160cm long)Counter 370: 370cm x 110cm x 103cm (2 work tables 180cm long)Central modules to extend the double counter If you need a counter with 3 or more modules you must request at the time of order the necessary central extensions, which are available in 4 lengths: tables of 120; 140; 160 and 180cmDiscounter table dimensionsWork table height: 74. 5cm