How much do college students spend on food per week?

In a university, a group of 50 students from

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MEXICO CITY – From its gastronomy to its educational offerings, each city in Mexico offers something different for young university students, which is reflected in the regional differences in the cost of living. As many young people are about to enter university life, te Dada Room created an infographic that shows how much it costs to be a university student in 15 of the country’s main cities.

Many young people are concerned about finding an affordable and comfortable place to live, which depends on each location. In terms of housing, Mexico City is the most expensive with an average cost of $4,800 per room for rent, while Mérida, Xalapa, Morelia and Hermosillo have more affordable housing prices, all with an average of $1,800 per room for rent.

How much does a college student spend on food per month?

For all these reasons we have investigated in several portals in different cities and currently, for some time now, students in Spain tend to spend, on average, around 200 euros per month on food, 100 euros on leisure, about 25 euros per month on clothes and 20 – 30 euros on transportation.

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How much does a student spend on food?

A “menu” for lunch, both in the university casinos and in the “picadas” of the neighborhood, usually costs at least $1,500. That is, $30,000 a month, without considering other food purchases.

How much money does a college student spend?

Although it is estimated that the average student spends between 900 and 1,100 € per month approximately, prices (especially housing) vary considerably depending on the destination you choose to live (and whether you opt for a shared apartment, student residence, college …).


To this he adds “a ‘guajolota’ for 12 pesos or three baskets (tacos) for 15 pesos… if you want something else, you look for it, but there is only enough for two stew tacos for 16 pesos, a donkey for 14 pesos or three ‘hochos’ for 15 pesos; the ‘quecas’ and the ‘gordas’ cost you eight pesos. Once you’re in, you get a half-cake for nine pesos.

Alfredo spends an average of 36 to 49 pesos a day. I spend 250 pesos a week,” he says, “and at home I get 180.    At home I get 180 pesos. I have the Benito Juárez scholarship, of the 1,600 pesos they give me every two months, I take 560 pesos to make up for it. Free I keep 1,000 pesos for the cell phone, the movies, an outing, which is never lacking, the party,” he mentions.

If it’s just for bus fares, yes, I pay 26 pesos a day for trucks. I even have nine pesos left over,” says Lupita, who lives on Avenida Reforma, in Lomas de San Lorenzo, Iztapalapa, and studies at the Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades, Plantel Sur.

Regardless of the university you attend or the career you study, you will have noticed that being a university student is not easy, especially to deal not only with exams and complicated assignments, but also with a limited economy.

How much does a university student spend in Colombia?

Food, rent and entertainment:

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Transportation costs can be between $300,000 and $400,000 Colombian pesos. A more “luxurious” student life ranges from $3,500,000 to $7,800,000, or $910 to $2,029 dollars.

How much does it cost to study and live in Spain?

The cost of living for a student in Madrid is between 800 € and 1.200 € (depending on the type of accommodation you have chosen). Accommodation in a university residence varies depending on the option you choose.

How much does a student spend on transportation?

The average weekly transportation expenditure of the university students who responded to the survey is 354.60 pesos. A quarter of the students spend up to 105 pesos a week, while another quarter spend 500 pesos or more.

Percentages – ICFES type question

The average weekly expenditure on transportation of the university students who responded to the survey is 354.60 pesos. A quarter of the students spend up to 105 pesos per week, while another quarter spends 500 pesos or more.

In conclusion, those who decide to study and live in Mexico City will need an average of 6,680 pesos per month, not counting other common expenses such as books, school supplies, clothing, food outside the home or Internet, electricity and water services.

Another of the most expensive careers that can be studied in Mexico is a law degree. Universities such as the Panamericana or the ITAM, or the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, have figures ranging from 630,000 to 700,000 pesos.

The weekly expense for eating at home will be 410 pesos, in an economic kitchen 800 pesos and in a restaurant 2,335 pesos. Remember that in these establishments you are paying for the convenience of the service and for not having to wash the dishes when you finish eating.

How much does a student spend in Granada?

The answers to these questions are no longer an unknown: UGR students spend an average of 5,700 euros per year in the city; 28% of their budget is spent on accommodation, mainly in a university residence or college, with an expenditure of 572 euros per month; 23% on food, which they consume (about …

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How much do you spend on food for a month in Chile?

3) Cost of Daily Meals in Chile

Adding up these approximate figures, we can conclude that a person can spend a minimum of $10,000 Chilean pesos per day on meals. This is equivalent to $300,000 Chilean pesos per month (about 440 dollars).

How much does a student need to live in Granada?

How much is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Granada? This Spanish city is very economical to live in. Counting food and some leisure expenses, and assuming you rent a private room in a shared apartment, you will have to have approximately 500€ per month.

Counting techniques – ICFES type question

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