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You want to renovate your house and you have many ideas about what you want to achieve, but you still have many questions: How much does a house renovation cost? Where to find a reliable renovation company? How to get the best price for a good job? Who to ask for a total budget?

Our advice is that, before requesting a quote, you should get a rough idea of what the integral reform you have in mind costs. Once you know what you need to invest, ask for an exact quote.

The best way to know how much an integral reform costs is to make a calculation of reform per square meter, which is the way in which a rough estimate of the cost of the reforms of an apartment or a house is usually made.

The difficulty of this calculation is to determine the type of reform you want to do, because the prices of each type of reform varies greatly depending on the complexity, quality of materials, the state of the house, among other factors.

What does a comprehensive reform include?

An integral reform is a complete restructuring of the total space of the house, in which we must include finishes, interior and exterior carpentry, air conditioning installations, water, electricity.

How much can a complete renovation of a 120-meter apartment cost?

For example: the complete renovation of a house of approximately 120 square meters can cost between 36,000 and 84,000 euros, considering factors such as materials, technicians, taxes, etc.

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How much does it cost to renovate a 100 square meter house?

The average cost of renovating a 100 m2 house in Spain is approximately 44,700 € approx. (VAT included) (+ licenses). Therefore, a price per square meter of between 440 and 560 euros/m2 is established.

Price house renovation

ASK FOR A FREE QUOTE BY WHATSAPP HERE What is the price per m2 of a house renovation? A complete house renovation can vary from 400 €/m2 to 650 €/m2, being 400 €/m2 a simple renovation.  FILL IN OUR FORM AND ASK FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE FOR YOUR REFORM -> How much does a house renovation in Madrid cost? A house renovation in Madrid can cost between 6500 euros to 18000 euros. How much does a house renovation in Barcelona cost? A house renovation in Barcelona can cost between 18000 euros to 28000 euros for a 70 m2 apartment.

How long does it take to carry out a complete renovation?

In general, the complete renovation of an apartment of about 100 square meters can take between three and four months. However, if the renovation is only going to be done in some rooms of the house, such as the bathroom, for example, the period can be reduced to three or four weeks.

How much does the integral reform of an 80m2 apartment cost?

To make a more global assessment, the price of an integral reform of an apartment with average qualities can range between 400 and 550 €/m2. Therefore, in an 80m2 apartment we could calculate that the price of the renovation can be between 32,000 and 44,000€ with average quality materials.

How much does a square meter of renovation cost?

The square meter of renovation costs between 400€ and 600€ per m².

500€ is the average price for an average quality reform and usually includes: Plumbing.

Price square meter integral reform

Doing a house renovation is a long process and sometimes complicated by several aspects: the diversity of prices and budgets, the choice of the most appropriate company for this reform… Undoubtedly there are many factors that influence and know how much it costs is the aspect that most often worries people who are going to start a reform.

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The most common is to compare several budgets. But our advice is that you do not look only at the final price. Once you have detailed budgets for your integral reform, it is best to analyze them point by point, to see how much each thing costs.

It is also very important that all the companies that give you budget do it on the same work and under the same conditions. This way you will achieve that the comparison between the different prices is fair and as close to reality as possible, for all parties.

Nowadays the companies that look for clients of reforms and works are used to negotiate the prices and they usually guarantee a high quality in the works carried out. The main reason is that these details are essential to get recommendations to family and friends.

How much does it cost to renovate a 90 square meter house?

Andimac estimates that, on average, a complete renovation of a 90 square meter home costs around 26,000 euros, of which around 60% corresponds to construction materials and the remaining 40% to labor costs.

How much does it cost to renovate an old house of 150 meters?

You must consider that the house may be old and need more investment to make it safe. Adding all the concepts, according to VIPReformas, a company specializing in this area, a complete reform of a townhouse of about 150 square meters can cost around 42,300 euros.

How much does it cost to renovate a duplex?

If it is a question of renovating a 120 m² duplex, the price range of the work would be between 60,000 € and 72,000 €, depending on the quality of the materials.

Average price of integral reform

So being, the average price of integral reform an apartment of 30 m2 is 12500 €, while the reform of a house of 120 m2 will range between a minimum of 18000 € and a maximum of 79800 €.

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If you are thinking of making a complete or partial reform and you need to know the price of your project, you can ask for free custom quotes to our companies and professionals. Here you can start your request for free quotes.

On the other hand, sometimes unforeseen events may arise that may involve budget adjustments during the execution of the work. Below we list the key aspects that should be known to make a house renovation.

To calculate the price of the integral reform, think that a simple intervention can have an average value of 150 € per square meter. But a deeper reform, with economic materials, is around 260 € per square meter. If you bet on average quality materials (good, but not too expensive), the value of the integral reform can reach 450 € per square meter.

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