How much does it cost to build an inground heated pool?

How much does it cost to build a 4×3 swimming pool

Are they really as expensive as they seem or make us believe? or could an average family enjoy a swimming pool? Obviously, the cost of utilities will increase, as more electricity and more water than normal will be used. On top of that, there are permits and municipal taxes to pay.

If what you want is a fast and above all comfortable way to build a swimming pool, it is possible to buy one by catalog. Prices for a catalog pool start at approximately 999 euros. However, if what you want is an in-ground pool, it is possible to buy a prefabricated one starting at 1999€.    In any case, we must take care of the excavation process, transport and installation.

The other way that we can find is to contract the whole process to a specialized construction company. This type of company will install and leave us completely finished for a price of about 9000 euros approximately. At the same time, we must take into account that we must pay for the accessories and conditioning of the area near the pool to avoid accidents.

How much does it cost to build an inground pool?

The most common price for the construction of an inground swimming pool is between 10.000 € and more than 16.000 €, although it is possible to find prices from 6.000 € or 7.000 € to more than 20.000 € depending on the specific characteristics of the installations and the accessories to be included in each case.

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How much does it cost to build a 6×3 pool?

Its construction requires between one and two months and is the most expensive option on the market. In the case of a sand pool of 6×3 meters and some standard elements, the price can move between 18,000 and 20,000 euros, while in the case of a work was about 14,000 euros.

How much money do I need to build a swimming pool?

But on average the basic budget for a civil work pool of 72 square meters, is approximately $65 million, this includes cleaning equipment, filtering and lighting; likewise a pool of these same dimensions with better finishes can reach a price of approximately $95 million”.

Heated swimming pool

In-ground or semi in-ground pools are a type of removable pool that is built in the ground through excavation. Normally, the budget for in-ground pools includes the pool shell (usually made of polyester), transportation, excavation of the ground, installation of accessories and cleaning system, and filling of the pool. An inground polyester pool of 5 x 2.50 m can cost around 10,000 euros.

Salt chlorinated pools are saltwater pools in which salt replaces the chemicals used for cleaning and disinfection. The effects of chlorine on the skin and eyes are avoided, and this type of pool is more environmentally friendly. There are also more and more models of salt chlorinators on the market. The construction of a 6 x 3 m saltwater pool with teak liner can cost around 12,000 euros.

With prefabricated pools, the shape and fittings are already prepared at the factory and only a hole needs to be dug to install them. Once installed in the hole, the liner is placed and the electrical and water connections are made. This is a more economical option than working pools (they cost about 30% less), but they cannot be customized.

How much does it cost to build a small pool?

Its price will depend mainly on its dimensions and the quality of the materials, although its average price is between 8,000 and 10,000 euros, including installation.

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Which is cheaper, an in-ground or prefabricated pool?

Approximate cost of a prefabricated pool

Precisely, the installation of prefabricated pools and the price are two of the most interesting advantages. Without going any further, and depending on the model, this type of pools can be 10 – 20 % cheaper than the swimming pools of work.

How much does it cost to build a 4×3 pool?

An average of 45,000 pesos equipped with conventional filtration equipment, lighting and Venetian-type coating in different colors.

Swimming pool cost per square meter

The first of all is to know what types of swimming pools there are: those of work, which are mainly made of concrete; the prefabricated ones, where the ones of polyester fiber stand out; and the removable ones, which can be made of wood, resin, PVC or even inflatable. If we talk about trends, sand, mineral and glass pools are among the most outstanding options. But how do they differ? We review each option:

This type of pool is the most traditional and its structure is mainly made of concrete, which can be gunite concrete and gresite liner or reinforced concrete and liner (the PVC bag that retains water). There is also the option of choosing a microcement coating.

It is the best-selling option in northern Europe and stands out for its easy maintenance and its different coatings, such as ceramic, sheet or mosaic. There is also the option of choosing the finish among several colors. Manufactured in one piece, they are made of a mixture of resistant fiberglass and polyester resin.

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

The construction of a swimming pool takes 8 to 12 weeks on average. Most pools are built in 8 to 12 weeks. And that process is done in stages, making construction planning easier.

How much does it cost to build a 10×5 pool?

For example, an 8 x 4 m pool can be around 11,000 / 12,000 euros, a 5 x 3 m pool can be around 7,000 / 8,000 euros, a 7 x 3 m pool can be around 9,000 / 10,000 euros, a 10 x 5 m pool can be around 13,000 / 14,000 euros.

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How much does a pool cost per square meter?

The approximate cost of this type of pool is $2,800.00 MXN to $4,000.00 MXN per m2.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in peru

If you want to get a more accurate figure, it is best to request a quote to build a pool with the features you are interested in. Although below you can see an example of a budget to build a swimming pool.

Swimming pool construction companies are usually very busy in the spring, as they are hired by those clients who want to prepare their houses for the summer. These same companies are completely overwhelmed in the summer, when people are desperately looking for a pool.

As for the orientation of the pool, it should be located in an area where there is full sun exposure. If you build the pool in the shade, the water temperature will always be lower and it can be cold even in summer.

On the other hand, it is advisable that the pool is facing south and that it is located away from trees to prevent it from getting dirty with falling leaves. It is also advisable to build it close to water and electricity connections.