How much does it cost to operate a King Air?

King 250

In 2019, the unit cost of 250 was US $6.61 million. [28]King Air 260On December 2, 2020, Textron upgraded the King Air 200 series with the 260, with deliveries scheduled for early 2021. The model has an upgraded automatic throttle, Multi-Scan weather radar, a range of 1,720 nmi (3,190 km) and a cruise speed of 310 kN (570 km/h) with up to nine passengers. [29] The type was certified by the FAA in March 2021, [30] and the type certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency in September 2021. [31]

Fuel consumption king air 200

In terms of comfort, the new aircraft offers the same interior space as previous models, with some modifications that make the trip more comfortable for passengers. The configuration can have between 8 and 10 seats that offer good separation with the fuselage and can even move several centimeters in all directions, allowing the larger passenger to be more comfortable. Work tables, reading lights and cup holders are complemented by a soundproof cabin thanks to the use of a noise dampening system that automatically synchronizes the frequency of the propellers, also reducing vibrations, allowing conversations without the need to raise the voice too much. The finishes are of high quality and comfort and the aircraft also has four power outlets.

King air 200 price

The Beechcraft King Air 350i is synonymous with efficiency, sustainability and quality. It can carry more passengers over a longer distance and with less fuel consumption with the backing of a long family of turboprops that fly over the world solving problems of all kinds.

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The King Air 350i delivers guaranteed safety; its strong landing gear and fuselage make it the firmest and strongest aircraft in its class. It can take off from all types of airports and runways, and operate under the most extreme weather conditions.

It is configured to carry a maximum of 11 passengers, being powered by a 1,050shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PTGA-60A engine, which allows it to reach a maximum cruise speed of 313kt (580km/h) at a maximum distance of 1,792nm. In addition, it has a service ceiling of 35,000ft and can carry up to 5,192lbs of fuel.

With all its characteristics, it is not only an ideal aircraft for business, but also for special missions, surveillance and government entities. This, considering that under a full fuel configuration, it can cover the aforementioned 1,792 nautical miles with an autonomy of close to eight hours.

King air 350 price

Chartering a private jet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Despite its reputation as a symbol of extravagance, chartering a private jet is still a valuable time saver and therefore constitutes the most convenient mode of air transportation.

But how much does it really cost to rent a private jet in a place like Brazil? And can you instantly book your own trip using an Uber-style private aviation platform? Let’s take a closer look at the process of booking a private jet.

The most expensive charter aircraft in Brazil is the Boeing 737 Executive, which has 16 first class seats and 36 business seats. This aircraft is perfect for corporate travel and costs R$ 190,000 (~US$ 33,970) for a charter flight from Curitiba to Comandatuba.

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The following compilation includes the top 10 routes quoted in 2020 using the Flapper system. For the sake of accuracy, each quote considers only passenger aircraft. I advise you to check the prices of executive turboprop flights by visiting another page.