Paragliding in Dubai

PinShare4TwitterWhatsApp4 ShareTo know the wonders of Dubai has its price: the value of the air ticket. This could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 per person.  Read on to find out how much a trip to Dubai costs in Mexican pesos, how much money you will need to stay a few days and how to travel to this Emirate city from Mexico.

From this luxury hotel you will quickly reach the famous Wonderland Amusement Park and the Wafi City Mall. This Hilton is also close to Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and Dubai Creek.

It is difficult to pinpoint the amount of money you should bring to Dubai because all costs vary, especially the airfare. Also because it will depend on what you want to see and how you want to do it while in this Qatari city.

Let’s start by taking a look at the airfare. Let’s say you get it for 25 thousand pesos. An average accommodation is about 7 thousand pesos, plus food, 3500 pesos more. To these expenses we add transportation, some visits and souvenirs, for 800, 8 thousand and 1600 pesos, respectively.

Skydive dubai tripadvisor

Skydiving is windy, adrenaline-pumping and intense. By the time the parachute opens, your brain was still starting to get used to the sensation of freefall. It’s all over before you’re ready to be done and it’s hard to remember exactly what just happened.

You have to wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. Then you board the plane and ascend for 20 minutes until you reach 3,000 meters, the height of the jump. You jump together with an instructor, with no other responsibility than to enjoy the jump, being in free fall for 35 seconds.

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Among the best places to practice diving are the coasts of the Pájaros and Venados islands, for their calm and crystalline waters, Isla de la Piedra, El Faro and Las Piedras Blancas.

According to NCHS data, the probability of expiring while practicing bungee jumping is 1 in half a million.

Tandem dubai

Understanding a little about the process and the basics you need to know before making your first jump will help you choose the right package and estimate the costs associated with the tandem jump.

During the tandem, you will wear a harness that will be attached to the front of the instructor’s parachute. Together, you will jump from 4000 meters altitude and at around 1500 meters the instructor will open the parachute and you can enjoy the flight with the parachute open for 5-7 minutes until landing!

At the beginning you may have doubts about which skydive package to choose, we will tell you the main options to consider when booking and the impact they have on the price of the jump.

Although low altitude jumps are cheaper, you have less freefall time. In the 3000 meters jump you have between 20-25 seconds of flight while at 4000 meters the time doubles and you will be able to fly between 50-60 seconds. And it shows: when you come down, you will have wished you had had more time to enjoy the freefall.

Parachute jumping

We got up early to take advantage of the included breakfast in the room. The hotel checkout with this room type was at 14:00h, so we left our bags in the room and after breakfast we went to SkyDiveDubai.

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Time to jump! Our jumpers give us the indication that it is time to die . We get into a van and they take us to the area where the helicopter is located. The helicopter was full of people with the people we were going to jump, the jumpers and the cameramen. Not a pin could fit in there.

I couldn’t stop laughing, I loved the experience, I had Dubai under my feet, never better said. The famous palm tree that I had seen so much in the photos was under me and all those skyscrapers.  The sound of the air echoed in my ears with great intensity, my mouth was dry, but what impacted me the most is that I did not notice the feeling of danger, of falling into the void. It is an incredible sensation, who could be a bird. After a few seconds the parachute opened (thank goodness) and everything was much more relaxed. Although it is true that for a moment I thought they were going to break the straps that held me by the legs haha. The descent is calmer and each time you have the skyscrapers closer.

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