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Categories:Personal Finance by Equipo Bancompara |on November 1, 2021My friend Fernando one day told me that asking for his beloved’s hand is against his principles because marriage is the tomb of love.

Once your family, friends, uncles, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors find out that you are getting married, questions start to arise. Whether to have a garden or a ballroom, whether to have a DJ or a band, whether to have a themed wedding or a beach wedding. The dress, the make-up, the photography, the video, the guests; EVERYTHING can become a nightmare if it is not organized.

With so many alternatives nowadays, experts recommend that lovebirds, as a first step, take a close look at their finances and determine the budget they will allocate to such an important event. The golden rule is to divide the budget between the wedding expenses and not the other way around. The professionals in controlling every penny, finding the best options in every detail, for about 12,000 pesos do wonders; and there are also the “all-rounders” that, although they charge you as if they were Jennifer Lopez in “The wedding Planner”, they can also throw you the party of the century and their fees can reach up to 40,000 pesos.

How much is spent on a wedding for 100 people?

Condusef estimates that the average cost for a simple wedding with 100 guests is approximately 110,000 pesos.

How much is the minimum you can spend on a wedding?

You could say that in Mexico, the average cost of a wedding would be between $60,000 to $250,000 pesos. And if you want an elegant and luxurious wedding, or if you will have 500 guests, or if you want a 12-hour marathon wedding, then the cost would be much higher.

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How much do you spend on a wedding for 200 people?

A wedding for 200 guests can cost you between 246,000 and 271,000 pesos, depending on how you organize it; the secret is to know what you and your partner want, and save on some details.

How much to spend for a wedding of 50 people

It is advisable to plan a wedding at least eight months in advance (it will help you amortize the expenses between several months) and evaluate the costs, reservations, times and places necessary for the ceremony and the party, as well as to contemplate other strong expenses afterwards, such as the honeymoon trip or any other extra expense.

Hire a photographer to do a pre- or post-shoot, as well as to be at the ceremony and reception. Generally these types of providers have different packages that can be adapted to your budget.

As you can see there are many things to take into account to make the wedding you want, the important thing is to do it with time and define your budget well; otherwise enjoy all the preparations and every detail that this brings. Best of luck and success in this new stage of your life.

How much is spent on food at a wedding?

Party and food.

This is the most expensive category of the wedding budget because it includes the venue, the banquet and the cake. The average cost of catering can be around 70,000 pesos and will depend a lot on the type and variety of food.

How much does a wedding for 100 people cost in Colombia?

Although luxury and eccentricity could yield much higher figures, organizing a wedding in Colombia for 100 guests and with high-end or premium services would require a budget of $250 million.

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How much is spent on a simple wedding in Peru?

Before the pandemic, an average of 100,000 people got married in Peru. The average cost of a wedding is US$5,000, generating an economic movement of US$500 million annually.

How much is spent on a civil wedding

This is the question that all young couples ask themselves to start their wedding preparations. It’s hard to know, you don’t get married every day, which makes it difficult for you to have a parameter of whether a particular service is expensive or if it is cheap.

But before we go any further, remember that having a limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t have everything you want for your wedding. You just have to be smart when it comes to spending your money. In this article you will find approximate amounts of what a service for 100 people can cost you and the amounts you could save if you follow the tips we give you.Sponsored

Start by making a list of all the services you want for your wedding, regardless of the price. Then ask for several quotes and make a comparison. Remember that to compare the service must be equal.

The first thing to do is to find the place where you will have your wedding. This determines the exact date when you will hold this magnificent event. Remember that the place of the ceremony and reception is the first thing in your preparations.

Who pays for the expenses of a wedding?

Who pays for a wedding? The tradition in each country and culture is different. In Mexico, the custom dictates that the groom’s family pays for the engagement ring, the religious ceremony, the wedding dress and the honeymoon. While the bride’s family pays for the reception (party).

How much is spent on a wedding in Paraguay?

The minimum you can get in an all-inclusive event house is 60 thousand guaraníes per person, if it is something very discreet, and the most complete can cost up to 600 thousand guaraníes per head. When we talk about all-inclusive, the house provides the venue, food, decoration, drinks, chairs, tables, waiters, cakes, ere eréa.

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How much is spent on a Costa Rican wedding?

Based on information provided by the organizers and the minimum prices offered by their suppliers, such a wedding for 100 people would cost around ¢3 million. The figure is based on the estimated and minimum costs of an austere wedding.

How much does a simple wedding in mexico cost?

The cost of hairdressing, make-up and esthetics is about 320 euros, including fittings. For his part, the cost of men’s grooming is about 90 euros. But, as in everything, the price can vary a lot. Keep in mind also that a home service can increase it even more than if you do the whole process in a hairdresser’s shop.

How much does a wedding photographer cost? Hiring a professional photographer costs, on average, about 1,500 euros. And how much does a wedding video cost? In this case, it costs around 950. Although everything will depend on the provider and the services they offer.

It will depend on the type of service you hire and whether it is only one or several, but on average the cost is about 400 euros. Remember that these are approximate prices and that, depending on your priorities, they may vary more or less.

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