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Window blinds allow you to control the light that enters through your windows, as well as the visibility of both the interior and exterior. Not only do they add privacy and elegance to windows, but they also help block out the sun, which translates into greater energy efficiency in the home.

There are many different colors and styles to match every space. Here you can see the price differences between the types of blinds and select the model that best suits your needs.

Keep in mind that each blind manufacturer has their own names for their models of blinds. For quality reasons, at Meya Design we do not handle PVC vertical blinds (fabric only) and Venetian blinds.

A duplex or triplex blind is often used on very wide windows because all roller blind fabrics and Sheer Elegance have a maximum width of 2 to 3 meters. If the window is wider than this range, the blind has to be divided into several slats. However, this modification does not affect the price, since the price for roller blinds is calculated per square meter and not per piece. A duplex or triplex blind has a price range between $3000 MXN and $12,000 MXN.

How much does it cost to install a roller shutter?

In Mexico, the installation of a simple blind costs between $300 MXN and $450 MXN per piece. For automated blinds that are connected to the house wiring, installation can cost between $500 MXN and $700 MXN per piece.

How to change the cord of a blind?

Step by step to change the shutter belt:

We remove the knot that fixes the old strap to the upper catcher. Then, we introduce the new belt and after knotting it, we wind it around the drum, turning it a few times. Then, we insert the new belt through the slot in the cover.

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How long does it take to change a blind?

The change is done in just half an hour by one of our operators without touching any other element of the shutter. If we currently have a thick pvc or wooden shutter we will need to narrow the hole of the shutter.

Install exterior roller shutter drawer

The first step in installing roller shutters is to measure the length of the window where you want to place them. Then, select the one that has the dimensions to properly cover the entire surface and not leave any openings.

When you open the box, take the instructions and check that it includes all the necessary tools to install a blind. Also, you need to get a drill, a screwdriver and a pencil to mark the locations of the bracket holes.

Hold the blind bracket where you want to place the blinds and mark the holes. When you want to install a blind inside your home, you can drill the holes an inch or so from the edge of the wall.

For this, you will want to make sure that the bracket does not interfere with the internal mechanisms of the blind. And if it came with a template for the bracket holes, it’s best to use it to mark them.

Hold the window blind brackets in place, line up the holes and install the screws. In case you don’t have a drill, the screws can be installed with a screwdriver, but it takes longer and can be very difficult when the window frame is hardwood or metal.

How to raise a blind without a cord?

How to raise and lower the blind without cord: Have the bottom rail in the middle (like the drawing) To raise, lift the bottom rail up. To lower, gently pull the bottom rail down. Your blind will remain in the position where you have left the bottom rail.

How much does it cost to install curtains?

On average the cost of installing a curtain rod varies between $40,000 and $70,000. The factors that influence the price are the type of curtain, the place where the installation will be done and the additional services you order, such as adding a special decoration to the curtain rod.

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What type of blinds are best?

Aluminum Blinds

The most durable and thinner louvers in the market. Due to their manufacturing material, they can be very resistant to water and continuous light exposure. Also, they can be the favorite of those who love retro style and allow an easy light graduation.

Shutters are expensive

As a self-promoter, I am going to order the windows for my single-family house. I find that I am asked to pay 30% as a down payment, and a series of payments before the final payment, upon receipt and installation of the windows.

I understand that in these times, more than one supplier has been left to “two candles”, with the product manufactured and without payment, but it also happens the other way around, that the supplier is paid and then goes bankrupt or enters into insolvency proceedings, and the one who is left without his money (and without the product) is the customer.

The pre-frames are already installed and 100% paid for. The shutters go together with the windows (they are monobloc). The glass is also included. The complete installation is done by the window company, as well as the corresponding flashing and sealing.

Regarding payment, it will be almost impossible for them to accept the order without paying anything in advance, as we have chosen a non-standard PVC profile (neither ember, walnut or white, which are the usual ones), so the material has to be ordered from Germany specifically for this project.

Which is better, aluminum or PVC blinds?

Without any doubt, aluminum is a much more durable and resistant material than PVC, therefore, aluminum blinds will last many more years in good condition than PVC ones (even with the same care and maintenance), not to mention that the loss of color is much more noticeable and evident in the PVC ones (even with the same care and maintenance).

How many meters of tape does a 2 meter blind have?

The length of tape or cord needed for your blinds is 3 times the height of your window with the blind box included. If your blind has a weight distributor, then the length needed is 4 times the height with the blind box included.

How to disassemble a blind?

Disassembling the shaft of a PVC shutter step by step

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First loosen the metal tie rods holding the shutter from the shaft. Unscrew the side metal plate of the pulley with a screwdriver. Remove the retaining screw at the other end. Press it to one side and pull the shaft out of the roller shutter box.

Price installation of automatic blinds

Home automation solutions are the order of the day. Everything that confers a better quality of life and well-being in the home. And it is only the beginning. A rising trend already established in some specific elements, such as blinds. If you are looking for motorized blinds in Barcelona, you are in the right place.

First of all, it is a matter of convenience and improve our comfort in everyday life, in those spaces where we usually move. That is the biggest advantage, as it is directly related to the other features. As it is more comfortable and functional to use, it also saves us time when closing and opening the blinds.

On the other hand, the space is better adapted to one’s own needs. We can easily manage the times when there is more or less light, in order to have a more effective control and management in the general framework of our network of blinds.

Looking for a service to install electric blinds or to update and motorize the blinds you have right now? Cerrajeros de Guardia is a company that offers specialized services of this type.

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