Is it easy to install blinds yourself?

How to install a vertical blind

When it comes to regulating the entry of natural light in any room there is nothing better than installing a good blind. These devices not only help to prevent the passage of light or external heat, but also allow you to better protect your privacy. Want to know how much it costs to install a blind? We tell you all about it in this price guide.

Keep in mind that there is a wide variety of types of shutters and that some are easier to install than others. Depending on the difficulty of installation the price of mounting the shutters is usually one or the other.

As we have already mentioned, in addition to the size of the blinds, there are other factors that can increase the price of installation. In the following sections we are going to offer you more information about it.

Be that as it may, it is not only the material that matters, but also the labor. In this regard it should be borne in mind that to install a shutter is not always necessary to hire a professional blinds, but you can also assess the price of a handyman.

How much does it cost to install a roller shutter?

In Mexico, the installation of a simple blind costs between $300 MXN and $450 MXN per piece. For automated blinds that are connected to the house wiring, installation can cost between $500 MXN and $700 MXN per piece.

How to lower blinds without cord?

How to raise and lower the blind without cord: Have the bottom rail in the middle (like the drawing) To raise, lift the bottom rail up. To lower, gently pull the bottom rail down. Your blind will remain in the position where you have left the bottom rail.

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How do roller shutters work?

A roller blind is a thin fabric that passes over a tube. When the tube is unrolled, the material covers the window. In addition, the spring located inside the tube mechanism is what creates the tension in the covering. This tension increases when the curtains are pulled down.

How to install an American shutter

However, we work with all types of blinds. In our store you can find both your ideal style and the material that best suits your needs. Consult our blinds specialists if you have any doubts.

Venetian blinds are available both horizontally and vertically. This is a point to take into account, since we can choose one or the other depending on how the sunlight reaches our window.

Also called “chain”, this is the classic roller blind and one of the most charming. They are exceptionally simple and although they need to be cleaned often, they are very easy to repair by yourself.

Depending on their material of construction we will find more decorative or more traditional models. They are usually made of PVC and wood and in our catalog you can find them in a wide range of colors.

They are discreet, as they can be easily hidden. In addition, they are available in many colors. They are available in an infinite number of materials, such as synthetic fibers, screen fabrics, natural fibers and PVC, among others.

How to lower a Venetian blind?

To lower the Venetian blind:

Move the cord toward the center of the venetian blind firmly downward until it releases the latch lock. Let the cord slide between your fingers until the blind is at the desired level. Move the cord towards the vertical of the brake.

How does the shutter system work?

The shutter has a double opening and closing movement, which is generally manifested in a raising and lowering action. The most common system consists of rolling it up to collect it on an upper drum and unrolling it to unfold it.

How do wooden shutters work?

Wooden blinds have a number of horizontal slats that are connected by a system of pulleys. This blind design is also known as Venetian blinds. When fully raised, the slats meet at the top of the window showing the view to the outside.

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How to install horizontal blinds

In the market we have many types of solar protections to use in the windows; fabric curtains, awnings, blinds…etc. But as we will see throughout the article, the blinds that we use in the carpentries of our houses, possibly is one of the best solutions that we can adopt.

As an anecdotal fact and a little history of this type of lattice, they have their origin in the eighteenth century, in Persia, where a piece of cloth was used to cover doors and windows blocking the passage of light and dust. Its name derives from the French word persienne, meaning, from Persia.

The main purpose of this type of screens that can be anchored or installed on a window (curtains, awnings, pergolas, sunshades, blinds …etc.) are to control the entry of light or privacy from the outside, but the advantages of blinds in a home go further.

To understand this section and to practice it with coherence, we must break down the parts of a blind into four relevant elements; the box, the guides, the type of slats and the type of drive.

What is the name of the shutter drawer?

Inner box or construction box

This type of box is the most common in newly constructed homes. The box is placed on the shutter, embedded in the wall or, as in the previous case, it is placed on the window.

How do I know how much tape I need for a blind?

The length of tape or cord needed for your blinds is 3 times the height of your window with the blind box included. If your blind has a weight distributor, then the length needed is 4 times the height with the blind box included.

Where do you put the shutter stops?

It is placed at the end of a shutter and acts as a limit to prevent the shutter from sliding out of the guides when rolling it up or raising it. It is installed by placing it at the bottom of the blind, using two units on both sides and fastening them by means of the central screw.

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How to install sheer elegance blinds

Window blinds allow you to control the light that enters through your windows, as well as the visibility of both the interior and exterior. Not only do they add privacy and elegance to windows, but they also help block out the sun, which translates into greater energy efficiency in the home.

There are many different colors and styles to match every space. Here you can see the price differences between the types of blinds and select the model that best suits your needs.

Keep in mind that each blind manufacturer has their own names for their models of blinds. For quality reasons, at Meya Design we do not handle PVC vertical blinds (fabric only) and venetian blinds.

A duplex or triplex blind is often used on very wide windows because all roller blind and Sheer Elegance fabrics have a maximum width of 2 to 3 meters. If the window is wider than this range, the blind has to be divided into several canvases. However, this modification does not affect the price, since the price for roller blinds is calculated per square meter and not per piece. A duplex or triplex blind has a price range between $3000 MXN and $12,000 MXN.