It is possible to put porcelain tile in swimming pool

When we are going to build a swimming pool we must take into account that there is not only the type of material for the pool in general, the edges and the crowning is also an important part of them. The edges not only add aesthetic value but are also important for safety and comfort. Some of the characteristics that we must take into account are its impermeability, anti-slip capacity and its resistance. Depending on the edge we will find other types of crowning. For this, there are different textures and shades, they have a great aesthetic appeal but care must be taken.

Reinforced sheet cladding. This type of material is booming, it is a material with a double layer that serves to “line” the pool. It can be welded in situ on the pool itself, so it is perfectly adapted to the shape of any pool. In addition, it can be welded on any support, be it brick, wood, concrete, etc. The reinforced sheet also has its drawbacks, you have to be careful with chemicals in the pool because we can discolor it.

What is best for lining a swimming pool?

Gresite liner. This is one of the most reliable and durable materials for the pool. It is a vitreous material that offers high resistance to moisture, temperature changes and chemicals. It often happens that many people think that gresite is tiles, but this is not the case at all.

What type of ceramic to put in a swimming pool?

The only ceramics that should be placed in swimming pools are those that have zero or low percentage of absorption in the ceramic tile. Porcelain or vitreous (Venetian) tiles are recommended.

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Why does the water in the pool look blue?

Water absorbs long wavelength frequencies (reddish, yellow and orange tones) more readily than short wavelength frequencies (blue tones). Therefore, these wavelengths that are not absorbed by water bounce back, and in doing so we catch them in our eyes. This is why we always see a bluish hue.

Swimming pool lining cement

Are you looking for a complete solution to renovate the exterior of your home? Do you need a versatile, functional and at the same time decorative material? Ceramic tile for pools and exteriors is the perfect coating to give a new look to the whole garden.

When it comes to outdoor flooring and cladding materials, we must always opt for practical alternatives that offer the resistance required in these areas and that are easy to maintain. It is essential that we are able to make the right choice. It depends on this that we get an outdoor pavement that remains in perfect condition over time, that does not deteriorate immediately and is cleaned without problems. That is the goal.

In this sense, your best option will be porcelain stoneware. It is the top in terms of outdoor ceramics, as it withstands high traffic, the action of the most adverse weather agents, drastic changes in temperature and frost. As it is a low porosity material, it does not absorb stains and remains spotless and perfect with low maintenance. Can you ask for more?

How much does it cost to resurface a tiled pool?

It is also important to take into account the cost associated with each type of liner. While the price per square meter for the placement of gresite in a pool usually starts at about 30 or 40 €/m2, the price per square meter of the liner usually starts at between 20 and 35 €/m2.

What is the best material to build a swimming pool?


It is the most used material for the construction of swimming pools. Nowadays there are excellent techniques for the use of this material, which optimizes the finish and execution time.

What is the most beautiful color for a swimming pool?

Black is the most suitable color for your pool if you want the water temperature to be higher all year round. With this color you can extend the bathing season and it also saves a lot of energy.

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What is the best liner for swimming pools

The color of the water will not be determined only by the color of the glass mosaic but there are other factors that influence, such as the depth of the water, the light of the place and the environment, if it is an indoor or outdoor pool, as well as the lighting used.

This effect increases with the amount of water.  In pools with a lot of depth we observe a darker blue color. On the contrary, when the amount of water does not exceed 50 cm we do not perceive this effect and we see transparent water.

In addition to the depth, the light and the environment directly affect the final tone of the water.    If the pool is located in a space that receives a lot of sunlight, the color will be lighter and if it hardly receives light, the water will appear darker. We must take into account whether the pool is indoors or outdoors to see the amount of light it receives and to know the elements that surround it, as they will have a direct relationship with the final tone. For example, in pools surrounded by vegetation we will see the water with a greenish tone.

What does water look like in a white pool?

As you know, water is colorless and has neither taste nor smell, but to the naked eye we see it blue, do you know why? Basically this effect is the result of wavelengths. … This effect increases with the amount of water. In pools with a lot of depth we observe a darker blue color.

How to make water look blue?

It is also explained that the greater the volume of water, the greater the amount of absorption of a beam of light passing through it, and the bluer the color. The test is as simple as filling a glass with sea water, we will see it transparent, if we throw the water back into the sea we will see the blue color again.

How much is a square meter of gresite?

Obviously the price of a swimming pool tile will vary greatly depending on aspects such as quality, type or even labor. However, we can say that the price per m2 ranges from 12 euros per m2 to 130 m2.

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Swimming pool coating products

If you want to remodel or repair your pool, either because of water leaks, for safety or because you want to modernize it, you probably need to know the prices and how much it costs to renovate a pool today.

If maintaining your pool has a high cost, think about installing energy efficient devices or autonomous cleaning systems. Another option is to use salt water in the pool, an option that is increasingly used, but that needs a previous examination of the materials to be used.

Sometimes owners decide to eliminate the pool because they no longer use it, because they need the space to build or because the cost of maintaining it is too high. In these cases the pool can be demolished or filled with earth.

For this it is always advisable to consult with the town planning service of the city, as there are usually provisions that require special permits, both in demolitions and in the emptying of the water with chlorine.

The gresite is one of the most used materials in swimming pool linings, because it is of high quality, very durable, resistant to humidity, temperature and chemicals added to the water.

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