Why PARIS, LONDON, NY and MILAN are CAPITALS of the world?

On the opposite side we find Budapest, which would be the cheapest city to stay in. To give you a brief idea of the difference in prices we leave you the average of what it would cost a room in a shared apartment per month in different cities:

Taking into account all these factors: accommodation, food and transport, we could conclude that those European cities where we could stay for less than 500 euros per month, would be Budapest, Prague, Porto, Warsaw and Lisbon (in these, perhaps the Erasmus scholarship is enough for all this). However, if we want to be in better known, more popular and also more visited cities, such as London, Milan or Paris, our budget, without any doubt, should be much higher than 500 euros per month.

Which is more expensive, London or Milan?

In order, from the cheapest place to the most expensive in this regard, they would be: Brussels, Prague, Munich, Budapest and Warsaw. These are followed by: Milan, Paris Porto, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam and finally, London.

Where is London or Paris more expensive?

Paris is the most expensive European city in Europe to buy a home, with an average of 620,809 euros. … London ranks second, according to data from the British real estate consultancy CIA Landlord Insurance, where a house costs on average 581,395 euros, 12,890 euros per square meter.

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Which is more expensive, Paris or Milan?

The cost of living in Paris is 33% more expensive than in Milan.

Eurostar from Paris to London – fast train

Genoa is the second most expensive city in Italy. Going out for lunch costs 16 Euros, a cab ride of 8 km costs 16 Euros and a dinner for two people costs 33 Euros. Renting a house in Genoa of 85 square meters, in a central area, prices start from € 932 per month.

Milan is the third most expensive city in Italy. Going out for lunch costs €13, an 8 km cab ride costs €16 and a dinner for two costs €34. Renting a house of 85 square meters, in a central area, costs €1,622 per month.

Analyzing a series of criteria and parameters, such as the cost of rent, food, clothing and transportation, the web portal Expatistan.com, has established that it is cheaper to live in cities such as New York, Paris and Zurich, which are generally considered much more expensive.

Which is more expensive Vienna or Milan?

From the drawing of the world map in 2019. Milan replaces Copenhagen as the most expensive city in the world, followed by Zurich, Madrid, Vienna and London. … Rounding out the top quintet is Vienna, Austria, at €1,885.

Which is cheaper Milan or Rome?

It may surprise you, but Skyscanner’s analysis confirms it: Rome is even cheaper than Milan. A getaway for two has an average price of 656 euros, and once there you won’t be able to resist a coffee, a visit or an extra meal.

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Which is more expensive to travel London or Amsterdam?

The British capital is the most expensive, with a travel pass costing 104 euros. Taking all these variables into account, the only cities where you can live on a budget of 500 euros per month are Budapest, Prague, Porto, Warsaw and Lisbon.

Top 10 Cheap Fragrances of All Time

Switzerland-Italy. At Milan’s Central Station, two officials behind a soldier check the responsible declaration forms that travelers between Italian regions must fill out before boarding the train. The photocopies, which are difficult to read, require the signatory to declare full knowledge of the measures contained in Articles 46 and 47 of a presidential decree of May 25, 2020, and Article 2 of a decree of May 16, 2020. Is this understood? Of course not. Neither do the poor military and bureaucrats who enforce them.

Switzerland requires a 10-day quarantine for arrivals by air from Lazio, plus a pre-flight test. It is one of nine Italian regions on the Swiss quarantine list. Eleven are not included, including Lombardy and Piedmont, which border the country. What do savvy travelers do? Naturally, they take regional trains from Milan or Turin, or drive across the border. And since transit is overland, they don’t even need a test. On a recent train crossing to Switzerland, they didn’t even check my ticket. -Rob Cox

Where is it cheaper to live in London or Paris?

The cost of living in Paris (France) is 20% cheaper than in London (UK).

What is the cheapest city in France?


It is the cheapest of all and has very affordable halls of residence. As it is not a very well known city at international level, the prices are still low, with an average rent of 355€ for students. In addition, it has a wide cultural and sports offer.

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Which is more expensive Madrid or Paris?

The cost of living in Paris (France) is 51% more expensive than in Madrid (Spain).


6. Shanghai, in ChinaIt is the fourth most expensive city in the world to have a coffee, only in Hong Kong, Beijing and Zurich it will cost you more than here; a coffee in Shanghai costs almost 6 dollars, about 5.40 euros.

8. Beijing, ChinaCan you imagine a city where a coffee costs more than a Big Mac? That’s Beijing, a coffee will cost you about 7 dollars (just over 6 euros) and a Big Mac 6 (5 and a half euros approximately).

9. New York, in the United StatesEye to the movie tickets in New York … it will cost you more than 15 dollars (13 and a half euros) and, even so, it is cheaper than going to the movies in London, in the British capital will cost you more than 20 (18 euros).

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