Is there an app that keeps track of your spending?

App to control business expenses

You don’t have to be an extremely organized person to keep track of your expenses. In a way, precisely those who are more absent-minded when it comes to remembering what they buy or the money they have in mind, are the most suitable to handle this type of applications that we are going to show you.

All of them are similar, with the aim of monitoring your personal finances and you do not have to spend an uncomfortable time when you go to pay and you find that you have no money in account. If you are predisposed to use them and pay attention to them, you will even be able to save and know the holes through which your money escapes the most.

These planning and management applications allow you to organize your expenses by categories and you will even receive reports and notifications depending on the filters you set. You will be able to draw up a budget and control it through graphs, as well as access a complete history of transactions.

Other advantages of most of these applications is that they allow you to know the commissions that your bank is charging you, and many of them even warn you if you have received a duplicate bill or when your car or home insurance is due, for example. They also allow you to organize bills and some of them will set goals for you, depending on the fixed monthly expenses and income you enter in the application.

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What is the best app for expense control?

Goodbudget app

Some financial websites consider it the best expense control app for beginners.

What is the best app for keeping accounts?

Fintonic. The best known and most successful free Spanish application in this field, being one of the best personal finance apps as well as one of the most veteran. We can install Fintonic on our mobile device both iOS and Android.

What is cost control?

Expense control can be defined as a financial and operational strategy that consists of identifying, monitoring and reducing costs and other expenses, seeking better profitability, sustainability and competitiveness.

App to control personal expenses 2020

They have also included negotiation services with insurance to reduce costs and a debit or credit card to be able to withdraw money wherever you need it. In short, it is one of the most complete applications you can find, especially ideal for unifying and controlling everything from one place.

This application is a bit more curious, since it is not limited to offering you a financial aggregator, but it proposes the challenge of saving weekly until you reach the goal of 2700 euros in 52 weeks.

The idea of this challenge is to “educate” the user to save a certain amount during the week. The first few times it will be a small amount of money, in order to generate the habit. Afterwards, this amount will be increased until the goal is reached. Many say that thanks to it they have established a more solid savings routine.

This is another of the most reputable mobile applications, but this time it stands out for its ease of use. You can create piggy banks with goals and it also helps you share expenses with other people.

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Free 2020 Personal Spending Tracker App

With these eleven applications that we have chosen it is much easier to know where the money is escaping. To save, to update your household economy plans, apps to know where your commissions are going and much more: don’t miss our recommendations.

Saving is not always easy, especially when expenses accumulate, income is reduced and you do not know where to start to clean up your accounts. And we want to offer you several ways: we have chosen for you eleven applications with which you can keep your finances in check, manage your data plans and even your subscriptions. All so that you can save as much as possible.

We start with Fintonic, a complete app that serves to keep everything related to domestic finances at bay: it will help you keep track of your expenses and your income; all to discover how your money evaporates. This way you will be able to avoid it, always to a certain extent.

It is possible that you are one of those people who are a little bit scared of having to link their bank accounts to these applications. If you are one of those jealous of your privacy Monefy offers a very similar concept, but in which you are the one who has to go pointing by hand all your expenses.

App for personal expense control 2021

In the world, the advance of technology is increasing day by day, and in Chile this revolution is no exception. 72% of Chileans say that the smartphone is the most used tool in their jobs and 66% say that these devices are indispensable to stay connected with their loved ones.

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The excess of connectivity has its positive and negative side depending on how it is used. In this article we will show you the positives that technology brings you in relation to controlling personal finances, especially if your goal is to start a real estate business, as it is essential to manage money wisely to achieve great financial goals.

A great application to record expenses in timeline, which helps you control your income and expenses in a more attractive way for people who have less financial knowledge and want to put their accounts in order.    This app is available for both iOS and Android.

This application, in a very simple and easy way, allows you to organize your finances in a more visual way with graphs. It also gives the option to export data for greater security and user convenience. App available for Android.