Should you get a male or female dog?

Male dog genitals

When we see this situation, the first thing that comes to our mind is usually to ask ourselves why our dog does it, because it does not seem to us the most usual and we look for a sense, apart from trying to stop it, especially if it bothers the other dog and there may be a fight. Well, there are several reasons why a dog mounts another dog and here we mention the most frequent ones: Below, we explain them all in more detail and tell you what to do.

This may be one of the most probable reasons for your dog to mount another dog if you have never seen him do it before, even if he is no longer a puppy, or if you have seen him do it a few times in isolation. When they play with a lot of energy they have moments of energy peaks, like a slight passing stress, and they can use this energy in this way to continue playing but solve the energy overload, in this case, what our dog does is normal and good, because it redirects this energy with more activity and does not trigger bites or other problems. However, we must take into account how the other dog reacts, he can take it as a game or he can feel bad in this situation, stressed or scared and react badly.

Which is better female or male shih tzu?

There are not many physical and temperamental differences between male and female shih tzus. Both genders make excellent lap dogs and loyal companions.

What is the difference between a male and a female Maltese bichon?

It is often said that males tend to be more dominant and more active, and tend to be more dominant, while females tend to be more docile and calmer. … Many specialists agree that Maltese females tend to be more independent.

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What do Shih Tzu’s like?

Although it is a small breed, you should know that the shih tzu loves walks, going out, running and playing outdoors, so it is highly recommended that you take it out of the house as soon as its basic vaccinations are complete.

Coexistence of male and female dogs

In this article we are going to try to solve some doubts that frequently arise in reference to estrus and mating in bitches.  In the first place, to clarify that with the term heat we refer to two of the phases of the sexual cycle of the female:

Proestrus: in this phase there is an enlargement of the vulva and a bloody discharge appears from the vulva; it has an average duration of 7-10 days, although sometimes it can last up to 15 days. During this phase, males are attracted, but the female does not allow mating. We may notice that the bitch’s behavior changes and also that she urinates more frequently.

The bitch is fertile at the time of ovulation, during estrus, which is when she will allow the male to mount her; this coincides with the time when she is no longer spotting; in cases where there is not too much discharge, and it may be difficult to determine what phase she is in, a follow-up can be done in the clinic, by performing vaginal cytology and blood tests.

How to raise a dog indoors without a yard?

If you live on the third floor and you do not have a large patio, we suggest you buy a piece of artificial grass and get your pet used to having a bath there. Another option is to buy a sandbox and change the litter daily.

How should dogs live?

Most dogs enjoy time outdoors, but the hours they spend alone outside must be balanced with quality time spent with “their people”. With a little time and training, dogs can learn to behave well around people and respect house rules.

How is the Maltese bichon?

The Maltese bichon is a small breed dog with an affectionate, somewhat nervous and quite intelligent character. … Its character is balanced and docile, although without a good education it can become a nervous and restless dog. It usually weighs a maximum of 4 kg, although 3 kg is normal.

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How to tell if a dog is male or female photos

The same also applies to us humans: men and women are different from a biological point of view. And these differences translate into different behaviors and also into very different health problems, which in fact require the intervention of specialists. Women go to a gynecologist and will never see a urologist in their entire lives; the same goes for men. Now, there is no one veterinarian for the male dog and a different one for the female dog, but human parents should know, before adopting, that the two genders of the same species, in some respects, do not resemble each other at all.

Besides having some obvious physical differences, male and female dogs are not that far apart. But the biological sex of a dog can sometimes explain some particular behaviors and some specific health problems, especially if the animal is not neutered (or spayed).

We have collected opinions and indications from veterinarians and experts in canine behavior to understand how the biological sex of a dog can influence the behavior and general health of our pet.

What is the Maltese bichon breed like?

The Maltese is sweet, affectionate, intelligent, responsive and trusting, they are good family dogs, playful, cheerful and energetic, and usually enjoy learning tricks. In front of noisy children, they can show a bad temper.

What is the best food for Shih Tzu dogs?

Royal Canin Shih Tzu Adult

It is a food for dogs from 10 months of age. Its exclusive formula helps to keep their skin and coat healthy thanks to Omega 3 (EPA and DHA), Omega 6 and biotin fatty acids. Its kibble size is ideal for the jaws of Shih Tzu breeds.

What foods can I feed my Shih Tzu?

The Shih Tzu, in its natural environment, ate natural foods to survive before being domesticated. If possible, prepare natural foods such as chicken, turkey, beef or fish. In addition, you can feed it vegetables, rice, fresh soybeans, fresh yogurt and cheeses.

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Male dogs

The dog urinates several times on every walk. Most people who own a male dog are familiar with this behavior. The most popular marking areas are house corners, fire hydrants or lampposts. But with a good education the dog quickly learns that cars or walls, for example, are forbidden. Consequently prevent your dog from marking neighbors’ property. Instead, encourage your dog to urinate on trees and green areas.

Again, there are exceptions, but, in general, a male and female get along better than same-sex pairs. These are often seen as competition, which can lead to disagreements. However, many harmonious dog teams show that it is also possible in other ways. Same-sex animals, especially, get along well when they are raised together.

Many dog owners want to know if by spaying or neutering they can avoid the possible challenges that the respective sex brings with it. This is very rare and should be discussed in detail with the veterinarian and a dog trainer. Neutering is not a cure-all, but a serious procedure that can change the dog’s character. A spay or neuter only makes sense for health reasons, increased aggression or an out-of-character sex drive. Today, veterinarians can test with a hormone implant the effects that removing male hormones can have on a male’s character. Some dogs become anxious and restless, so neutering is not advisable. For others it may be favorable.