What are the housing options at UCI?

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New recruitment project in the health area through the Human Resources consultancy TTA Personal. As in other occasions, a group of nurses will be hired by an important hospital in Germany.

The hospital is an acute care center with specialties in surgery, internal medicine, neurology, rehabilitation and other units. Hospital services are provided at the highest level, complemented by primary care.

The facility has a total of 213 beds and ensures patient-oriented healthcare services of the highest standard through multi-professional collaboration. Currently, the facilities are being expanded and a massive recruitment of staff is required.

One specialty and focus is neurological care, which covers the entire treatment chain with a day clinic, a stroke unit, early rehabilitation, acute inpatient care in phases C and D. There is also a modern intensive and intermediate care station where patients of all specialties requiring supervision are cared for, in addition to stroke patients.

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Then began, on March 28, the preparation of a significant part of the residences to turn it into an isolation center for contacts of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, which at first had about 2000 capacities. “Not all of them were used and had different purposes such as the accommodation of service personnel, health technicians, nurses and doctors, who work at the university’s own hospital.”

Likewise, when contacts arrive, they are classified according to the epidemiological event from which they come, for a better control of the management, and by the end of May 22, 132 of those hospitalized had tested positive and were then transferred to hospitals dedicated to this task.

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The difference between a polyclinic and a hospital can be seen in the larger number of beds, better medical classification of human resources and certain specializations such as an intensive care unit and medical equipment associated with hospital care.


– Transportation and health care assistance – Access to libraries, computer labs and campus-wide events – More than 600 clubs and organizations to join – Exciting trips to theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios, extraordinary destinations like Hollywood and Las Vegas, professional sports competitions, theater and dance performances, and local beaches

Visit ip.ce.uci.edu/housing for a list of companies that can give you more information about housing options in the Irvine area, including prices and housing application procedures.

– BUSINESS ENGLISH (for professional development): Improve your business communications to advance your career. Includes case studies, company visits and guest speakers.

– CONVERSATION AND CULTURE (for the fulfillment of personal goals and specific academic interests): A fun and interactive opportunity to learn and practice everyday conversational skills.

What are the housing options at uci? 2021

UCI’s study programs are focused on professional projection, since the curriculum is adapted to the demand of companies. In this way, UCI students, once they finish their studies, will easily adapt to the work environment, mastering the language to perfection. In the event that the student wants to prepare for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, UCI also has programs for this purpose. One of the strong points of this university is that it adapts its study programs to the objectives of each student.

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The UCI campus, 8km from places like Laguna Beach, Surf City or Newport Beach, is located in the city chosen as the safest in America. Irving has become a center for start-ups related to technology and biomedical science.

IEC provides students with all kinds of facilities to help them successfully adapt to the experience in a new country. Personalized counseling, social events, orientation sessions, a database of useful contacts… all these resources are available to students at all times.