What happens when a tire is deformed

Tires are one of the most important safety elements of the car, as they are the link between the vehicle and the road. It is very common that they can wear out for different reasons. We tell you all about it.

Tires are the technical elements of the car that serve as the link between the vehicle and the road. For this reason, their good condition is vital to avoid a possible accident or loss of control of the car. On the other hand, their poor condition or wear can have an influence on consumption, which can skyrocket at certain times.

The treads of a tire may show irregular wear due to the following causes: failure of the ABS system, brake problems (even blocking), unbalanced, deformed or eccentric rims, possible contamination of chemical agents…

In view of the possible causes that may be the origin of irregular tire wear, wheel balancing, revision of the suspension system and alignment parameters are suggested as the quickest solutions.

Deformed covers solution

There are other less frequent wear indicators such as the numerical indicator, in which the tread includes a scale that indicates the depth as they are erased due to wear.

And if I have these wear indicators, why should I bother measuring tread depth if I haven’t reached them? Well, for two reasons. Firstly, because the wear indicators only indicate that the 1.6 mm tread depth limit allowed by law has been reached. But a tire close to that limit may not be a safe tire, depending on speed, driving style or riding conditions?

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If you frequently drive on wet roads, for example, my advice is not to push them so hard, and change them when you reach a depth of 2 mm, and up to 3 mm in the case of very wide sport tires. Keep in mind that the water evacuation capacity of the tire – and therefore the grip and your safety – depends precisely on the tread depth.

Tire wear indicator

The correct maintenance of our car is essential to maintain the safety of all passengers and to make sure that everything is in perfect condition. One of the main elements that we must check regularly are the tires. Over time, car tires wear out and lose adherence, a fact that can cause us to have an accident. To prevent this from happening, we must change them in time and buy new ones. In this unComo article we explain when to change the car tires and the points you should pay attention to.

Tires in poor condition are one of the main reasons for car accidents. If you do not want it to happen to you, you should check the wheels of your vehicle frequently and change them when necessary.

You should check the condition of the tires of your car by the side of the bearing part of the wheel, not the center, since this is the part that is in charge of maintaining the adherence in the curves. The side of the bearing has a more rounded shape than the center and therefore tends to wear out sooner.

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Tires in poor condition consequences

Regarding the dimensions and characteristics of the tires of your car, it is mandatory to comply with the regulations: “vehicles must be equipped with tires of the dimensions and characteristics provided by the manufacturer in the homologation of the vehicle, or their equivalents”. This is stated in the General Vehicle Regulations.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle is one of the best investments for your safety and that of others on the road. Normally, maintenance failures start with wear and tear. Avoiding car breakdowns due to bad tires is not only a considerable saving in new parts and complex repairs of your vehicle. It is a guarantee of trouble-free driving.

Tire pressure varies with each car model and the load it carries. It will not be the same if we are dealing with special tires such as winter tires. Or if we carry luggage.    It is easy to know at what pressure you should carry the tires if you look at:

Many accidents can be avoided if we keep our car in good condition. For that reason, if you are going to make a trip and you want to stay calm. If you perceive a noise while driving or lack of stability when handling the steering wheel… Don’t wait any longer, it’s important!

By Rachel Robison

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