What do the numbers on bicycle tires mean?

Tires are described by an alphanumeric code, molded into the sidewalls of the corresponding tire. These codes specify their dimensions and some of their key limitations, such as their load capacity or maximum speed. Sometimes the inner sidewall contains information that is not on the outer sidewall, and vice versa.

The codes have gained complexity over time, evident in the mix of metric and imperial units. Newly manufactured tires often carry codes for traction, wear and wear temperature.

When referring to purely geometric data, a shortened notation is used. For example, 195/55R16 would mean that the tire width is approximately 195 millimeters at its widest point, the profile height is 55% of the width (107 mm in this example), and that it requires a 16-inch rim. This code leads to a simple calculation of the diameter.

What does 205 55 R16 89h mean?

They are usually a combination of numbers and letters that represent a measurement or index related to the tire, the load and the rim. In this case, we can see that the tire size is 205/55 R16 91V. … The 205 indicates the width of the tire in millimeters, so it would be 20.5 cm wide.

What does 185 65 14 mean?

Let’s take the following example of a tire with the following nomenclature on its sidewall: 185/65/R14. 185 = Represents the width of the tire in millimeters (mm) measured from one sidewall to the other, i.e. the distance of the engraving touching the ground in mm.

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What does 195 55 R16 mean?

The load index

The next two numbers indicate the width of the inflated tire: 195 mm in our case, followed by 55 referring to the height as a percentage of the width, i.e. 55% of 195 mm results in 107.25 mm of height (P 195/55 R 16 87V).

What does 91h mean on a tire

(3) R: Indicates the structure of the tire. In this case – as in most cases – it means “radial”. If it has a diagonal type construction (generally used in agricultural and industrial machinery) the symbol to express it is “-“.

(6) H: This code indicates the maximum speed to which the tire can be subjected, according to the load index and the manufacturer’s specifications. In this case, “H” represents a limit of 210 km/h. (see table at the end)

(10) Temperature: Informs about the tire’s resistance to generate heat and its capacity to dissipate it, in this case, the degree of temperature dissipation from the highest to the lowest is graded with A, B or C.

What does 91V on wheels mean?

So, the 91V markings mean that they are the load index and speed rating, or service description. The load index (91) is the numerical value assigned for the tire size to compare relative load capacities.

What does it mean on a 205 55 r16 tire?

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users -OCU- the most frequent tire size in the Spanish car fleet is 205 55 r16. … The 205 55 16 tire corresponds to the following characteristics: a width of 205, a height of 55 and a diameter of 16 inches.

What does 205 55 r16 91H mean?

If we have a tire with the shape of this nomenclature “205/55R16 91H”, it is read as follows: 1. The first three numbers, refers to the width of the tire in centimeters, the last digit being a decimal. Thus, in our example it means that it is 20.5 cm. wide.

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What 84h means on a tire

The load index tells you exactly how much weight the tire can support when properly inflated. Load ratings can range from 75 to 105 for passenger tires, with each numerical value corresponding to a certain load capacity. The load capacity of each value can be found on a load index chart on each U.S. passenger car tire. The load limit is given in pounds. However, European tires have the load limit listed in kilograms and sometimes pounds.

Speed ratings, on the other hand, are represented by letters ranging from A to Z. Each letter corresponds to the maximum speed a tire can withstand below its recommended load capacity. For example, in this case the letter V is equivalent to a maximum speed of 149 mph. But, although a tire can operate at this speed, it is not recommended to exceed the limits of this speed.

What does it mean on a 185 65 tire?

185: width of the wheel in contact with the ground, expressed in millimeters. 65: the profile of the tire, expressed as a percentage of the rim width. 65% of 185mm is 120mm, so the rim would be 12 cm off the ground.

What does R14 mean in tires?

14: the diameter of the tire, rim or hoop measured in inches. 84: is the load index. It indicates the maximum weight that each tire can support, which in this case is equivalent to supporting 500 kilograms at maximum pressure. T: is the speed range in kilometers per hour that the tire is capable of withstanding.

What does 185 70 14 mean?

Sizes and characteristics of 185/70 R14

The letter ‘R’ indicates that it is a radial (and not bias) construction tire. Finally, the value 14 represents the diameter of the rim, placed inside the tire.

What does 98h mean on a tire

Load index, speed index or UTQG code are some of the concepts you should be familiar with to read tires properly. But don’t worry, we explain them in detail below.

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Separated by a space begins the second code (87V). The index of 87 in our case represents a support of up to 545 kilograms per tire; as long as it is inflated to maximum safety pressure. This data is essential when loading luggage or goods. We invite you to consult the following table and find out how much load yours can support:

If you remember our example (P 195/55 R 16 87V), the speed index showed the letter V and as you can see it refers to 240 Km/h in terms of maximum speed allowed for the tire of our example. In addition, it has a load index of 545 kilograms per tire, always taking into account its inflation to maximum safety pressure. To verify this, the tires are subjected to certain laboratory tests where they are pressed against a large metal drum while rolling at increasing speed (increased by 6.2 km/h every 10 minutes), thus checking the load and speed supported at the same time.

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