What is high mileage for a BMW?


Reverse mileage is one of the most common cases of fraud in the used car market. It artificially increases the price of a used car and ruins the equity of buying a car. As a current study by carVertical showed, German premium car buyers are exposed to the highest risk of buying a car with incorrect mileage.

“Half of the TOP 10 list is occupied by BMW models. This correlates with the demand for used BMW vehicles in various markets. The data also shows that expensive cars are more likely to be tampered with, which should be taken into account when looking for a used car.”

Second and third on the list are the BMW 7 Series and Subaru Outback with 33.4 and 31.8 percent of potential clocked vehicles, respectively. The Audi A8 was the fifth most handled, while its sportier sibling, the A7, ranked tenth with just over a quarter (25.8 percent) of vehicles clocked with reduced mileage.

What is the meaning of high mileage?

Cars are considered to have high mileage if they have reached 100,000 kilometers traveled, however, with proper maintenance the car can continue to run without problems, says the Bardahl article.

What can be done when a car has high mileage?

A car has a high mileage when it exceeds 100,000 kilometers, although this does not mean that the life of your vehicle has concluded, reports Bardhal, which assures that a car with a high mileage can last for many years, as long as it is properly maintained, ensuring that its …

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What is changed at 100,000 km?

At 100,000 kilometers

Again we will have to check the condition of the brake pads, fluids, belts, radiator or oil and change what is necessary. We will also have to re-synchronize the four-cylinder injection engine or carburetor and re-adjust the suspension.

Is 400000 km a lot for a car?

If you want to buy a used car, you must take into account many aspects so that it really represents a good investment and one of the main aspects that you must take into account is the mileage of the vehicle you have decided to buy.

According to experts, the mileage is basic when buying a used car, so you should pay close attention to this, since it will also depend on the condition of other parts of the car such as the engine.

Another detail you should pay attention to is the wear on the brake pedal and the marks on the gear lever, because if they are very evident, the car could have traveled more than 60,000 kilometers.

What mileage should a used car have?

per year are probably the best option. The average annual mileage of a car is around 10,000 km, so if a 3 year old car has a mileage between 25,000 and 35,000 km it would be reasonable. If this level is exceeded, it indicates that the car may have been used for business or had hard driving.

When is an engine considered to have high mileage?

In most cases, the market has defined a high mileage engine as one that has more than 120,000 kilometers.

Which oil to use with more than 200,000 km?

For example, if an engine was originally supposed to use a 5W-30 when we reach 200,000 km we should change to a 10W-40 oil.

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Maximum mileage of a car

Buying classic cars is difficult these days. Prices for even mildly interesting classics are getting absurdly high, to the point where owning them is almost unsustainable. However, sometimes buying a high-mileage car that needs a little work can make it worthwhile. With BMW M5 E28 prices starting to climb, is this high-mileage example worth taking a chance on?

As nice as this car looks, it has very high mileage. With 362,000 miles on the clock, this E28 BMW M5 has seen quite a bit of asphalt in its day. While it seems to run well, there’s no guarantee it will stay that way for long. At that kind of mileage, things start to go wrong, regardless of how durable and/or reliable the car is. And E28 M5 parts aren’t the easiest to come by.

However, what makes this car interesting is its color, especially inside. This particular car was one of the thirty cars that were made in the United States with black exterior paint and a black interior. So it is also quite special and very desirable among BMW enthusiasts. Although all E28 M5s marketed in the U.S. were black, almost all had a beige interior. The fact that this one is black inside makes it stand out.

Which oil to use for more than 100,000 kilometers?

Castrol® GTX® High Mileage motor oil is a fully synthetic motor oil that has been specially formulated for vehicles with more than 100,000 kilometers on the odometer.

What mileage can an engine withstand?

In general, this threshold is usually placed between 250,000 and 400,000 kilometers. As we have pointed out, this is a variable figure as it depends on the way you drive and the maintenance of your car’s engine.

To be changed at 60,000 km?

At 60,000 km

Synthetic oil and filter change. Inspection of safety points and functionality. Levels refill. Windshield washer fluid.

Is it worth buying a car with 200,000 km on it?

Before inquiring about the various E36 cars for sale, it is advisable to have a solid working knowledge of the vehicle you are buying. Consider the history of the E36 along with the known problems in some editions. You should know how to differentiate a car in good condition from one that may become a money pit. It is also essential to understand how to evaluate the overall condition of the vehicle to assess the current value before signing a deal.

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The E36 M3 received a new engine. The four-cylinder engine was replaced with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine that generated 286 horsepower for the European version. The North American model had 240 horsepower. Acceleration was exceptional. In performance testing, the E36 M3 went from standstill to 100 km/h in just 5.6 seconds. The top speed of the E36 is 155 mph. The M3 edition of the E36 was available with options including a rear spoiler. The M3 version featured side skirts, a chin spoiler, a deep rear diffuser and new rearview mirrors. Aerodynamics saw improvements that set it apart from the standard E36 model. New buyers had the option of left-hand or right-hand drive.