What is the cheapest month to get married in?

Wedding Seasons

The best months to get married in Colombia are two equally popular alternatives such as May, which has better prices because it is before the high season, and September, which is the month of lovers. Although they are also in the top of the most chosen, they are less expensive and have greater availability.

Thus, the best season in relation to weather and costs is between mid-January and late February. Although none of this should be a straitjacket, it is advisable to check with the IDEAM to know what the weather will be like and also to have a plan B at hand in case conditions are not as expected.

The best date can also be one that has a special meaning in your relationship. For example, the day you had your first kiss or gave each other a white gold engagement ring is the ideal day to get married. Although for others, it may be occasions with important burdens within the family, such as the birth of the grandmother of one of you or the date on which your parents got married, etc.. This is especially customary when these people are not present as a tribute or to symbolically make them part of your B-day.

What are the most expensive months to get married?

The spring and summer months tend to be the most expensive, yet they are the most popular months for weddings, although avoiding vacation weeks and special celebrations to ensure the attendance of guests.

What are the low season months for weddings?

November is the month that, universally, could be considered a month of low demand, as well as the end of October and the beginning of December, i.e. winter.

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Where is it cheaper to get married?

The Canary Islands is the cheapest place in Spain to get married and the celebration is usually set at just over 12,000 euros.

Significant dates to get married

Getting married in August has many more pluses than minuses. If you’re engaged and thinking about a date for your wedding in 2018, keep August in mind as a great month to get married. Today we explain the reasons why it is, and why we encourage you to choose it:

Yes, you might be thinking that’s the reason you don’t want to have your wedding in August, because it’s too hot, but look on the bright side: there’s much less chance of rain.

After all, if you already know it’s going to be hot you can prepare your wedding so your guests will be great. We recently did the post “6 details to keep your guests cool”. If you decide for August it will be great for you to read it.

It is very easy for your guests to take a vacation for your wedding, so if you want to get married far away from some of them, August will be a great time. So, besides going to your wedding they can take some days to visit the place where you live.

I’m sure you’re thinking that this is also one of the reasons why you don’t get married in August, because people who have scheduled trips can’t come to your wedding, but that can be solved quickly: send the invitations in time, and that way they can organize their summer with your wedding in mind.

What is the best date to get married in 2021?

This sign requires a lot of time to plan the special moment, says the astrologer, which makes July 10 or November 13 the perfect days to get engaged.

Where is it cheaper to get married in Spain?

Likewise, the cheapest region to get married is Andalusia, where marriage costs around 16,700 euros. Only in the Canary Islands is the price lower (12,400 euros). Similarly, in Madrid it costs almost 23,000 euros on average to get married and in Catalonia about 18,000.

How much money is given at a wedding 2021?

If you are attending as a couple, protocol dictates that the gift should not be less than 500 €, that is, 250 € per person. This is stipulated because, being an immediate family member, the gift money must compensate for the cover paid by the bride and groom and there must be something left over so that they can have a gift.

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What is the best date to get married in 2021?

First of all you will have to think about the costs of the institution where you will get married and the conditions: getting married by civil marriage in the notary’s office should cost you around 40 thousand pesos, but it can increase depending on the one you choose and ask the notary to go to the location you chose, it can cost you from 100 to 200 thousand pesos; and of course don’t forget to check and fulfill the requirements for civil marriage. The paperwork for the Catholic marriage could also reach this amount depending on the parish where you get married and the documents you need.

The costs related to the guests can start around 200 thousand pesos; you can expect to spend half of that amount on decoration and food, and the other half can be related to costs such as transportation, DJ or musical groups. The first one can charge between 2 and 8 million pesos; and a single orchestra could cost you between 6 and 14 million pesos as a minimum, and up to 45 million pesos depending on the artist you want in your celebration and how many you want.

How much does it cost to get married in the Church 2021?

Church Wedding

This is not a procedure as such but the parishes ask for an economic contribution for the payment of the expenses of the worship service, this donation is usually made at the reservation of the date and although it is understood as a “donation” it has an established amount of around $4,000.00 MX.

What is the best day of the week to get married?

The most popular days for weddings are Fridays and Saturdays, largely because people tend to rest on the weekend, which allows them to enjoy evening celebrations.

What is the best phase of the moon to get married?

The Moon in the Crescent Quarter represents the time to start new projects, it is a period of increase. It is true that if we want to be full of happiness we must work on it, however, its period will help us; this lunar cycle is highly recommended to start a marriage, a life as a couple.

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Best months to get married in mexico

Wedding season starts in May and ends in September. “Then there is a mid-season in the months of April and September,” explains Cristina from Imagina Tu Boda. With the cold weather comes the low season, which is from November to March. And it is in this season, in winter, where the demand for weddings decreases.

It is true that “the main objective of the bridal sector today is to deseasonalize weddings. So these discounts will be adjusted over time”, says the wedding planner company Be&Co.

On the other hand, the weather factor is also important. As Quinta de Jarama explains, “in summer, outdoor spaces are very enjoyable”. Of course, in July it can also rain.

Availability is also key because during the high season for weddings, practically all dates are usually closed. “For the summer season, everything is prepared well in advance. But for February or March there is still availability,” the estate explains. Therefore, in the low season months the bride and groom can choose their date according to what they want and not depend on the days that are free as can happen in summer.