Marriage for 20 people

There are several reasons that lead a couple to decide to organize a wedding on a small budget: having limited time, a very tight economy or simply wanting to have a more intimate ceremony.

An essential aspect to successfully organize a budget wedding is to set a budget from the beginning.    It is advisable to establish a budget before starting any arrangements and avoid changing or exceeding it during the process. Making a detailed plan of the preparations, including dates and prices, helps to keep a better control of the expenses.

“Less is more”, a very accurate expression in many occasions. Avoid overloading with flowers, a few bouquets at key points in the space can achieve truly elegant results.

How much is the cheapest you can get for a wedding?

Condusef estimates that the average cost for a simple wedding with 100 guests is approximately 110,000 pesos.

How much money is given at weddings 2021?

If you are attending as a couple, protocol dictates that the gift should not be less than 500 €, that is, 250 € per person. This is stipulated because, being an immediate family member, the gift money must compensate for the cover paid by the bride and groom and there must be something left over so that they can have a gift.

Where is it cheaper to get married?

The Canary Islands is the cheapest place in Spain to get married and the celebration is usually set at just over 12,000 euros.

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Wedding with 20 thousand pesos

Has the idea of getting married always been on your mind, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it? We understand you perfectly and, therefore, we want to help you with some ideas to save money on your wedding, so don’t think twice and start organizing your low cost wedding now!

But be careful, just because you have a limited budget and you want a low cost wedding, doesn’t mean you have to give up an amazing celebration, you will just have to work a little harder and get involved a lot.

As you can imagine, the less people you invite to the wedding, the cheaper it will be. So ideally, you should invite only your closest family and closest friends and opt for an intimate wedding.

As in any wedding, the venue is one of the most important aspects for everything to go perfectly. If you have already started looking for venues, you will have realized that the space is the item in which you will have to invest the most money.

An option that has become very fashionable nowadays and that, undoubtedly, is much more economical is to organize a ceremony and a lunch or dinner with the immediate family (parents, siblings and grandparents) and then organize a party and extend the invitation to friends and other family members.

How much money is needed for a wedding?

According to the Federation of Independent Users and Consumers (FUCI), getting married in Spain costs 16,534 euros if the wedding is for 100 guests. The range is between 11,864 euros and 21,205 euros.

How much does a 2022 wedding cost?

On average, Mexican couples tend to invest an average of 180 thousand pesos in organizing their wedding, according to the White Book of Weddings by the website

How much does a wedding of 250 guests cost?

Considering that most weddings in Mexico have between 200-250 guests, the outlay is likely to be $250,000.

Simple and cheap civil wedding at home

Categories:Personal Finance by Equipo Bancompara |on November 1, 2021My friend Fernando one day told me that asking for his beloved’s hand is contrary to his principles because marriage is the tomb of love.

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Once your family, friends, uncles, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors find out that you are getting married, questions start to arise. If a garden, or better a party hall, if a “dj” or a musical group, if a themed wedding or better on the beach. The dress, the make-up, the photography, the video, the guests; EVERYTHING can become a nightmare if it is not organized.

With so many alternatives nowadays, experts recommend that lovebirds, as a first step, take a close look at their finances and determine the budget they will allocate to such an important event. The golden rule is to divide the budget between the wedding expenses and not the other way around. The professionals in controlling every penny, finding the best options in every detail, for about 12,000 pesos do wonders; and there are also the “all-rounders” that, although they charge you as if they were Jennifer Lopez in “The wedding Planner”, they can also throw you the party of the century and their fees can reach up to 40,000 pesos.

Where is it cheaper to get married in Spain?

Likewise, the cheapest region to get married is Andalusia, where marriage costs around 16,700 euros. Only in the Canary Islands is the price lower (12,400 euros). Similarly, in Madrid it costs almost 23,000 euros on average to get married and in Catalonia about 18,000.

What is the low season to get married?

Wedding season starts in May and ends in September. “Then there is a mid-season in the months of April and September,” explains Cristina from Imagina Tu Boda. With the cold weather comes the low season, which is from November through March.

How much does a wedding for 200 people cost?

A wedding for 200 guests can cost you between 246,000 and 271,000 pesos, depending on how you organize it; the secret is to know what you and your partner want, and save on some details.

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Simple wedding checklist

At first glance, the terms “economical” and “spectacular” seem incompatible when talking about a wedding. However, it is possible to lower the budget without losing importance to important aspects such as the banquet, the invitations or the decoration.

Before starting with aspects such as the dress, decoration, banquet, etc., the best thing to do is to sit down and visualize what kind of wedding you want: intimate or large, elegant or more informal… to start to see what money each item needs. The specialized publication ZankYou recommends making a budget taking into account the following steps:

When making this budget, keep in mind that the wedding should not be budgeted using only the forecast of the money received as a gift from the guests since it is convenient to have other sources of funding. Once this exercise is done, it is advisable to establish priorities to see what is essential, important and secondary and think about how to reduce each item without making the wedding less spectacular.

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