Reception: Checking in a guest

Office chairs play an essential role in receptions. The reception area is the first thing any potential customer has; the investor or employee will see it when they enter your establishment, so it is vitally important that your reception area and seating leave a fresh and lasting first impression that reflects your business in a positive light.

A customer’s arrival at a business should be warm and welcoming. After all, for a variety of reasons, you may have to wait to be served. It is the seating that will play an essential role in the waiting time. Think about the reception area of a doctor’s office, a law firm and an advertising agency. The entrance of each should send a different message such as calm, seriousness and creativity, respectively.

First impressions are the most lasting; your visitors will form their initial opinion of your business based on the look, style and atmosphere of your offices. From the reception decor to the reception desks and office chairs at the front desk, they should be in keeping with your company’s culture, as should the rest of your workplace.

What is the importance of reception?

Undoubtedly one of the most important places within a company is the reception, since that is where most of the people who have contact with the rest of the organization arrive and therefore is the image of the company; it is very important that the reception is furnished in a correct way, with the right furniture, with the right lighting, and with the …

How important is the front desk job in customer service?

The reception area in a company is a place of vital importance for the diffusion of its corporate image and for the comfort and functionality of the employees who work in it, as well as a space to attend the visitor.

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Why is a receptionist important in a company?

The receptionist plays an important role in the organization, not only because she represents the first image of the organization in front of the external customer, but also because she normally performs activities of constant service to the internal customer. … And “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will do it for us”.


Within the universe of furniture, counters are a classic that serves for any type of self-respecting business. In a clothing store, when making an appointment at the dentist’s office or when we pick up that package we’ve been waiting for at the post office, the person serving us is behind one of these counters.

For reception, in the food industry or from the checkout area of any store in our city, the counters have been with us for many decades and have almost always given good results. Each one with its own function, we are faced with a piece of furniture that not only does not go out of fashion but is completely necessary.

A good counter not only saves the company money because it will have to be changed less often, but it also gains in presence. The robustness of this element can speak to some of the characteristics of the business we are in.

The importance of good reception counters lies here, in the detail of seeing how thanks to a piece of furniture that we have bought as any other that is for sale, says if we are serious or not, if the customer will feel safe with the deal and even if it is worth going ahead when you have entered the door. What do you want to be said about you?

What is an office reception?

An office reception is the perfect place to display the logo and identifying aspects of the company’s corporate image. Display your brand on the walls of the counter and even go further and include the slogan or phrase that defines the spirit of the company.

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What is the importance of the reception desk in a hotel?

It is the first contact of customers with the hotel and must provide an image of friendliness in the treatment and efficiency in the provision of service. … Assign rooms, if necessary, according to customer requests based on their preferences and history of stays.

What is the importance of reception in volleyball?

The importance of the reception of the service lies in the construction of a successful attack, since if the receptions are defective, the ball will not reach the setter in the ideal conditions to organize an effective attack.

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Areas around which the exchange of ideas and human relationships take place in the world of work, differentiating through color, textures and typologies, the new areas of attention, help the organization of the new corporate headquarters.

In the business environment it is essential to start any business relationship in the best way; so much so that the moment a customer (or let’s say supplier, investor, collaborator) approaches our firm the first visual and emotional impact will occur at the reception, and if this does not reflect the philosophy and essence of our organization we will be starting with a wrong impression about the culture and personality of our company.

Comfort: even when it is intended to convey modernity, minimalism or seriousness, the reception is the point of welcome, of welcoming and, therefore, it must be created a friendly space designed to receive and convey comfort and friendliness.

Functionality: The reception area is also a working space, a place to work and -usually- a multifunctional space. The type of activities, tools, resources and people that will occupy this space must be taken into account, considering their ergonomic and wellbeing needs, as well as providing them with the opportunity to be productive and efficient in their work area.

What is reception and customer service?

When the client comes to your office, you have to think that the first thing he will find is the customer reception service. A person should welcome him, take his data and notify the contact person within the company.

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What is the reception of the customer service team?

Receipt of the equipment: The customer brings the equipment and proceeds to give a brief description of the problem. Procedure to upgrade the hardware.

What is service reception?

Services Reception. The reception is one of the most important places in your business, regardless of the economic activity you perform. It is at the reception desk where customers and users check in, solve various problems, resolve doubts, receive and leave messages, etc. …..

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The way in which customers are welcomed when entering a business is fundamental to create a good impression and make users feel special and properly attended, so reception counters are indispensable for any type of business.

They are used in a large number of businesses, be it a hotel, company, office or any establishment where different sections are observed. Their importance lies in giving a good visual impression to customers and helping them with their needs.

Nowadays, there is a huge market related to counters, whether they are modern or traditional models, made of renewable and resistant materials that contribute to optimize the business in question.

Many people underestimate the importance of them, however, the reception space is relevant to make feel comfortable and assist all customers of the establishment. Therefore, offering an adequate space with the necessary tools to provide the service correctly is of vital importance.