App to control personal expenses 2020

There are more and more tools and applications that are proposed as simple and effective financial assistants, while helping users to “modernize” their economy, joining the system of virtual payments and online shopping, among other new habits.

2. FUDGET. It is a budget planner that helps to create very simple lists. You add your monthly income and each of your daily expenses. On the same screen the expenses are subtracted to give you a balance of how your financial state is.

What is the best app for budgeting?

Fintonic is probably the number 1 app in this field. It is one of the most downloaded, and rightly so (it has been awarded by Google as the best finance app in 2015). It allows you to control both your expenses and your income, as it can be synchronized with your personal bank.

What is the best financial app?

Kompas is an extremely useful tool if you are looking to monitor your financial health. With a friendly and minimalist interface, this 100% Mexican application lets you know exactly what credits you currently have and what payments you have to make.

How safe is it to use fintonic?

Fintonic regulation and security

And if we talk about security, we must say that Fintonic has the best security standards, those of the best online banks, that is, 256-bit encryption … … All this makes Fintonic a 100% secure financial service.

Applications for managing personal budgets

✅It is free✅It has no advertising✅It has a web platform✅It has automatic categorization✅It allows you to register expenses and income manually✅It allows you to link bank accounts in Mexico✅It allows you to set budget limits✅It allows you to modify amount and date of movement✅It shows graphs and statistics✅It presents diagnosis of your finanzas❌Le lack activation of reminders, they are only available via email for credit cards. ❌Lacks export to Excel, but you can synchronize on any of your devices.  2. Fintonic

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✅It’s free✅It allows you to set budgets✅It allows you to modify amount and date of movement✅It allows you to set payment reminders amount and date of movement✅It shows graphs and statistics✅It warns you of commissions, duplicate collections, overdrafts…✅You can export your budget to Excel❌It lacks to improve the categorization of transactions.3. Accounting Register.

✅It is free and has Premium version✅You can export your budget to Excel✅It allows you to set budget limits✅It allows you to modify amount and date of movement✅It allows you to set payment reminders amount and date of movement✅It shows graphs and statistics✅You can add photos of your tickets or your expenses.❌It has advertising❌It does not have automatic categorization❌It does not have web platform.

What are the financial applications?

A financial application is an application or software program that you download to your mobile device in order to perform a specific financial activity.

How long does it take for Fintonic to deposit money?

You will save sending signed paperwork, sending your paycheck, etc. All we need is your account. That’s why it’s so fast, you’ll have your money in your bank account in 24 hours.

How long does it take Fintonic to grant a loan?

If you are planning to take out a personal loan to carry out a project, make a renovation or treat yourself, it is normal that you want to know how long it takes to get a loan. At Fintonic, not only can you request your personal loan now with the best conditions, but we can get it for you in less than 24 hours.

Finance Applications

You may think the terms “cash flow” and “spending” are only used in the office, but being good with money is a universal concept, whether you’re running a business or just making sure your family doesn’t overspend. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the funds you bring in each month and the money you spend; you can’t manage a budget if you don’t really know what it is.

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Of course, everyone would love to save $1,000 a month, but that’s not something the vast majority of people can do. Set budgets and spending plans that are achievable. If you want to save $400, but your monthly bills are steadily eating away at it, you’ll start to think you’re continually overspending and suffer all the stress that comes with it. In reality, $300 USD in savings is something to be proud of, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about having to pay the bills.

Many online banking platforms allow you to set savings goals and will send you a warning email if you are in danger of going overdrawn. Check with your bank to see if you can create a set goal or limit your spending so you have more than one set of eyes on the money coming out of your account every week. Even if your bank doesn’t allow it, there are many other spending apps out there, and once you get in the habit of tracking your spending, you’ll have a much clearer picture of just what precisely is being set aside month to month.

How much interest does Fintonic charge?

You can apply for from $2,000 to $350,000 and with a variable rate from 9.9% to a maximum of 80% to be paid back in 6 to 48 months. These financing conditions depend on your financial capacity score or FinScore.

How long does it take for a finance company to give you the money?

Some types of loans can be granted and formalized within 24 hours, while others can take up to 10 to 15 days or even longer if the loan transaction requested is more complicated.

How does Fintonic lending work?

You will not need to open new bank accounts or join a bank. It is a totally independent loan. You will be able to choose the amount and the installment and adapt the loan to your needs. Moreover, in just a few minutes, and without leaving Fintonic, you will have the financing you need available.

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Best free personal finance app 2020

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