What is the shortest time to get married?

Getting married after 2 months of dating

The pandemic has delayed many short- and medium-term plans. Getting married is one of them. Just ask Emmanuel and Gina, an engaged couple who are approached by this newspaper as they leave this collapsed institution. They asked for an appointment “around February or March, more or less”. The appointment was this Wednesday, nine months later.

The CGPJ data show that the demands for separation and divorce consensual grew on average by 9.7% in the first quarter. On the other hand, non-consensual divorces remained at very similar figures and non-consensual separations decreased by 14.4%.

Flavio and Ana will get married in Lugo, his hometown. When? “At the moment we don’t know, we are waiting to see when we can arrange it. In principle, in the summer”. But, until then, “all the paperwork has to be done here, because they are registered here”.

How long should a courtship last before marriage?

Many brides and grooms know and follow wedding traditions. In many cases they are taken for granted without knowing their origin or their real purpose, others, however, question them and break them. New traditions have even emerged that the bride and groom have incorporated into their weddings thanks to social media trends.

We review the best-known wedding traditions so that no couple is left without all the information they need and introduce you to the new ones that are beginning to be increasingly followed. “Wedding traditions are social behaviors, which after their great use and the passage of time have remained present over time in this type of social event,” explain the experts from Seville Weddings with Love, wedding planners.

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Although it may seem otherwise, this tradition is not very old. Until the 19th century, brides chose any color for their wedding dress: black, green, red, blue and even silver. It was Queen Victoria of England, at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840 when white became a color that went down in history as the color of brides. At that time it was customary to choose red, but the Queen wanted to change the rules of the game, as others had done before, such as her cousin Princess Charlotte.

How long as a couple to live together

It is for exactly the same reasons that marriage can fail. Even if no one pushes them to do so, in this type of relationship, mutual knowledge comes after living together and important incompatibilities may appear. From irrelevant but annoying things and details such as bedroom temperature or culinary tastes, to deep cultural, social or philosophical differences. Including the question of whether or not to have children.

When these couples arrive at marriage after this long time, they do so impelled by the social mandate to end the relationship as expected, in marriage. It may be the families that put pressure or the simple discomfort of being continually asked when they are going to take the plunge. Perhaps, if the relationship begins to cool or drift apart, they fantasize that getting married will renew and fortify the bond, which is not true.

The advantage of these long-established marriages is that the partners know each other very well and on many levels. They know what they want and what plans they have for the future. There is no room for surprises… or is there?

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Time to get married after the engagement ring

It seems secondary, but it really is not. The time you choose depends not only on the wedding decoration and the style of the banquet, but also on the wedding dress and dress code you ask your guests to wear.

The possibility of celebrating outdoors in summer, with outdoor tables and colorful wedding centerpieces, banners, cushions, blankets and resting places, added to the lighting, makes the early hours of the day the best time to enjoy the space and take pictures, especially if you want to record images outdoors.

For the reception you can opt for a brunch cocktail, which fuses sweet and savory flavors typical of breakfast and lunch. For example, homemade bread, pancakes, omellete, sausages, seafood dishes, poultry or beef sandwiches, grilled vegetables and more. Also, beverages, juice, tea and coffee are a must, as well as cool drinks such as Mimosa, Bellini and Cosmopolitan.

A PM wedding allows for greater versatility in attire. For example, your guests can wear elegant black party dresses if the wedding will take place in the evening, while if it will be around 4:00 PM, midi dresses will always be a good choice. Men, on the other hand, will be able to choose their outfits from a much wider and more sophisticated range.

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