It is very typical the belief that if the groom sees the bride already dressed and before the ceremony, it brings bad luck in the marriage. It all started when marriages of convenience were all the rage in ancient times; the bride’s family would avoid at all costs that the groom would see her before the time and change his mind about making her his wife. Although marriages of this type are no longer as common nowadays, the tradition still exists in some couples, as it maintains the expectation and excitement of getting married.

Say yes to the bridal veil! Apart from giving the perfect look, it has a peculiar meaning: it was used to protect from the evil eye and the envy of other women who were at the celebration. A clarification for brides: the veil does not protect you from bad mothers-in-law! If you decided to wear it, take a look at the 5 basic aspects to choose your bridal veil.

This one has a beautiful meaning. They say that if the bride cries at the ceremony, she won’t cry again in her marriage because she would have already shed and left all the tears right there. Be natural and don’t force the tears, make it an act because you really feel it, out of emotion. Remember the most emotional moments you will experience on your big day.

What happens if I get married on Tuesday the 13th?

In fact, the word ahavah (love) has a numerical value of 13, and is related to this number. Therefore, if you follow our tradition, you do not have much to fear if you get married on the 13th, on the contrary! There are also, in other traditions, myths about months and years in which it would be better not to get married.

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What happens if you get married on a Tuesday?

According to the old saying “on a Tuesday: neither marry, nor embark”, referring to the day of the week that is related to the planet Mars, which for the Romans (them again), was the god of war and marrying on this day, brought sadness and misfortune.

How do Italians ask for marriage?

Italian Marriage

Usually, the wedding or Nozze is preceded by the fidanzamento or engagement, until the engagement or wedding vows, here called promessa di matrimonio. The fidanzato and the fidanzata announce their willingness to marry.

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Not all superstitions imply negativity. For example, in the Middle Ages, the bride and groom celebrated their wedding on full moon nights because they believed it would bring fertility and wealth. And the Romans preferred Mondays (day of the Moon) because she was the mother goddess and was associated with fertility as well and Fridays were considered auspicious for weddings as it is the day of Venus, goddess of love and couples married with the promise of lasting love and passion.

In 2014 in Buenos Aires only 7 marriages were registered on Tuesday the 13th being that on the previous Tuesday 17 couples had married and statistically most of the marriages take place between Wednesday and Friday averaging 40 marriages per week.

Where do you put the wedding ring in Italy?

In Spain, for example, the wedding ring is placed on the right hand; in the United States the wedding ring goes on the left hand and the engagement ring on the right. In Italy and France the wedding ring is placed on the middle finger of the left hand.

What is the best date to get married?

The most popular days are Friday evenings and Saturdays, since the following day is a non-working day. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular to get married on Thursdays or Sundays because the costs are significantly reduced, and Sunday morning is an excellent alternative for those who yearn for a daytime wedding.

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What is the best date to get married in 2021?

This sign requires a lot of time to plan the special moment, says the astrologer, which makes July 10 or November 13 the perfect days to get engaged.

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In our country, Catholic marriage, celebrated in church, is still the most widespread form of union between a man and a woman. This is not a simple occasion. Marriage is one of the seven sacraments, the fulfillment of life for many faithful. Beyond the choice to share one’s existence with another person, Catholic marriage implies the birth of a bond consecrated by Christ and, as such, sacred and inviolable. Such a step is not to be taken lightly! Especially today, where the affirmation of a more dynamic lifestyle open to change sometimes gives us the impression that nothing is meant to last, it is necessary to reach a strong conscience before making such an important decision.

For this reason, for those who want to get married in the church, there is an obligation to participate in premarital courses, which help future couples to understand if they are really ready to take the big step. But the premarital course is only one of the obligations imposed by the church for those who wish to celebrate the religious marriage. Both spouses must meet certain essential requirements and collect documents proving the veracity of their status.

What happens if it rains on the day of the wedding?

Speaking of marriage, rain has been a symbol of blessing, fertility and abundance since ancient times; and although a newlywed couple may not initially think of having babies during the first few months, rain is said to be a blessing that will accompany them forever.

What happens if it rains on your wedding day?

It is a popular saying based on the belief that rain brings good fortune to the bride and groom. It is related to good luck and fertility, so if you have plans to start your family there is no better omen than your wedding on a rainy day.

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What happens if you marry an Italian?

By law, persons who marry an Italian citizen are entitled to dual citizenship. After three years of marriage, if they live abroad, the application can be submitted to the appropriate consulate. … There was a time when citizenship was acquired automatically.

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Today the most widespread tradition is to wear the wedding ring on the ring finger.  This has its origin in an ancient Roman belief. It was said that the ring finger was connected to the heart through a vein known as “vena amoris”, which translated from Latin means “vein of love”.

In the Catholic rite weddings, there is a Byzantine liturgy that is usually recited at weddings, which says: “…the right hand of your servants will be blessed by that powerful word and by your outstretched arm”. It is for that reason that for Christians the earrings should go on the right hand. However, it is not really up to the Church to decide where to place the ring, it is more of a choice.

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