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When the chiffon and chiffon are matched, the light is softer, which reduces the direct light to a certain extent. When the curtain and curtain are matched, the light is completely blocked, and finally achieve the purpose of blocking light. When it is necessary to fully open the curtains, the curtains are completely closed.

The zebra joins fabric combines the warmth of the fabric, the simplicity of the roller blind, and the dimming function of the venetian blind. The curtains are easy to handle and have a variety of shades that do not interfere with the field of vision. They are ideal for office and home window coverings.

UNITEC fabric zebra blinds are the perfect combination of two curtains in one, through a roller system we combine a curtain, a heavy curtain or a blackout, thus controlling the ideal light for any environment.

What does roller zebra mean?

Duo roller curtains or also called Zebra curtains, are those curtains that can leave a veil of light and another veil of curtain. We can regulate the amount of light that enters since its double layer allows to regulate the light.

How to choose the color of roller blinds?

Similarity: first try to look for similar tones or motifs to the walls. Roller shades in soft tones such as beige or chalk with a pattern similar to the walls will add a personal yet elegant touch to the room.

What are zebra curtains?

All of them add elegance and modernity to its versatile and bold design. The Zebra roller blind consists of a double-layer fabric composed of transparent and dark horizontal strips, which are activated by crank or remote control, creating the illusion of two blinds.

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Zebra Venetian blinds

Some time ago, to achieve a gradual regulation of the entry of light through the windows, it was necessary to resort to Venetian blinds, with PVC or aluminum slats, which allow almost total control over the entry of light thanks to their adjustable slats but their aesthetic possibilities are very limited and their cost is higher than other types of curtains.

In addition, these types of curtains are available in various materials, although they are generally made of 100% polyester for unbeatable durability, sometimes combined with materials such as linen or cotton.

The light resistance of Destiny Design’s zebra roller shades makes them suitable for places with high light incidence, as several models exceed the 4th and 5th degree in this variable.

By having two layers that slide, and being able to trap and retain heat at will, zebra roller shades are an ideal way to thermally insulate a room and therefore reduce electricity and gas bills for heating and air conditioning, by retaining heat during the winter in the day mode and not letting it in during the summer with the night mode (full or partial).

What does duo roller blinds mean?

DUO roller shades are basically roller shades in double horizontal striped fabrics that overlap between closed fabrics (privacy) and open fabrics of the Mesh or Veil type (visibility).

What is roller duo?

They are basically roll-up curtains in double horizontal striped fabrics that are interwoven in closed fabrics (privacy) and open fabrics of the mesh or veil type (visibility).

What is the best blackout fabric?

Black out vinyl:

This type of fabric is the most widely used today, as it has several advantages over other fabrics. Vinyl fabrics consist of a fiberglass mesh base, two vinyl (PVC) outer layers and an intermediate blackout film.

Day and Night Roller Shades – Roller Duo Shades

There is a new type of roller blind on the market, and everyone is talking about them: day and night roller blinds, also known as zebra roller blinds, because of their ability to fully or partially filter light. In this article we will explain what zebra roller blinds are, how they work and why zebra roller blinds can become a must-have in your home.

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The fabric is woven with advanced textile technology and high quality 100% polyester filament yarn. This zebra roller blind is wrinkle-free, easy to cut and the fabric does not fray on both sides.

This way, you can modify the opening to achieve a complete lighting solution, regardless of the weather, you can get a full, opaque or partially transparent effect. This new technology will allow you to always find the level of privacy and illumination that suits you best.

Excellent insulating material: its ability to capture and retain heat between two layers will help reduce energy costs. This is because it has been proven that the temperature of the room is filtered through its opening. Therefore, with the help of zebra roller blinds , you will be able to better retain heat in winter and prevent heat from entering, thus reflecting outside in summer.

Which is better: roller blind or roller shutter?

Blinds almost win in this category because you can adjust the amount of light that enters through them by adjusting the slats; and likewise, adjust the amount of privacy desired.

How to choose the size of a roller blind?

Simply, we must measure the width of the window frame and add 5cm on each side, so that the curtain covers well the halo of light that can filter through the sides. Then we must measure the HEIGHT, also leaving a space of 5cm. at the top and 5cm at the bottom.

What types of roller blinds are there?

There are several types of roller blinds, blackout, duo, sunscreen, printed, in different fabrics and colors.

How to install and clean curtains

PrivacyUnlike other types of blinds, such as classic roller shades, zebra blinds ensure privacy without necessarily leaving the room dark, with different alignment points ranging from full light to total darkness.

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Control light with shades that darken or filter light. Blackout roller shades are an excellent choice for media rooms, nurseries or people whose schedule dictates that they can sleep during daylight hours.

If you are interested, schedule a free consultation. Our professional team will help you select the perfect blinds for your home and provide an on-site quote, including materials and installation. We will take care of the measuring, delivery and installation. Your custom window blinds are guaranteed to fit your home.

INNOVA’s philosophy is based on personalized customer service, and because all our products are custom made, we always require a site visit to take samples, take measurements and advise the customer, which is why we do not have a local exhibition of products, but we do have a group of advisors who visit the customer. If you like we can coordinate one with one of our agents to advise you on your needs and present you a quote without obligation.

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