Elegant wedding food

There are several alternatives besides the wedding cakes that are placed on the dessert counter where, in addition, you will have wedding decorations to decorate. You can have a dessert delivered to the tables like a creme brulé and have the other varieties of sweets on the dessert counter, where you can have churros with chocolate, for example.

Would you like to try these ideas? Putting together a wedding banquet requires hunger and creativity. Now you could look at another side of the wedding and think if you will use gold rings or other material and define the wedding decoration that you like the most according to your styles.

What type of food is served at a wedding?

A civil wedding has a limited number of guests, so it is advisable to offer a variety of snacks such as bruschettas, salmon or other meat tiraditos, dough wraps or poultry rolls. Make sure to have a good wine cellar to satisfy the guests’ palate.

What type of food can be served at a civil wedding?

The menu for a Civil Wedding is according to the taste of the Bride and Groom, although the most advisable is 2 types of meat, one red and one white, which can be fine tenderloin and chicken or turkey.

What is a wedding menu?

The wedding menu is a card or similar format detailing the dishes and beverages to be served during the celebration -banquet-.

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Wedding menus 2021

Today’s cuisine surprises us every day with new presentations of the most traditional dishes. How about some black pudding and rice bonbons? The options are as varied as your imagination: salmon with walnuts, smoked trout with avocado, chicken curry… They are delicious and very easy to eat. What more could you ask for?

Ideal to eat standing up, the skewers are also perfect to create a wide range of flavors and colors in the wedding appetizer. Meat or fish, they can also be made with vegetables, making them a great option for vegan or vegetarian guests. The combinations are endless and especially appetizing if garnished with exotic spices and sauces. It’s up to you to decide.

The art of tapas has come to create miniatures of traditional dishes, which will be most successful and welcome. This is the case, for example, of paella casseroles, lentils with chorizo, stew or quail eggs with potatoes, which will surprise and delight your guests equally. As they will surely also do, during the wedding party, the fantastic ideas for photocall that you have planned for them.

How much does food cost for a wedding?

The cost per person for an open bar package starts at 95 pesos, the difference between recognized brands and those that are cheaper change the price by about 4 pesos per bottle. Food can cost 495 pesos per person.

What is included in a wedding reception?

The classic banquet is ideal for evening and indoor weddings. As for the times or dishes served, there are five, four and three times: appetizer, first course (soup or salad), main course (chicken, fish or meat with garnish) and dessert.

How many courses are there in a wedding menu?

In daytime weddings, a lunch is served, in addition to the appetizer and desserts, three courses, a starter and a first and second course, while at dinner it is preferable to have a starter, a main course with garnish and dessert.

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Inexpensive wedding dishes

When the cold season arrives, we involuntarily begin to feel hungrier. This is because the body temperature drops and, in order to balance itself, the body demands more calories. The first thing that comes to mind are sweet and high-fat foods, although there are ingredients that also help regulate the temperature thanks to the amount of vitamin C they contain, such as citrus fruits.

But not all winter proposals have to be hot. Salads also have a place, especially if they contain ingredients such as mandarin oranges, kiwi, almonds and peanuts. Other examples are pasta and tofu salads, curried chickpea salads and even a medium-temperature salad made with warm potatoes.

This article probably whetted your appetite, didn’t it? Although it wasn’t the intention, it sure helped you take the time to select an appropriate feast for this season.  Now, you can continue reviewing images of wedding favors, those that protect your guests from the cold will be an excellent choice.

When is a wedding menu test done?

It is best to test the menu 3 to 6 months before the wedding. During the wedding menu tasting you will be able to taste several culinary proposals that will allow you to elaborate a dream menu for your wedding.

How much does a wedding reception cost?

The average cost of catering at Mexican weddings is 72 thousand pesos. Couples can opt for venues that specialize in weddings and have their own kitchen or catering, which makes it easier for them to offer all-inclusive packages.

How much does food cost for an event?

The price of a home catering can be between $90 MXN and $150 MXN per person. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the type of catering contracted, amount of food and beverages, number of guests and professionals needed, among others.

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Examples of menus for weddings in mexico

Little by little the more formal weddings are giving way to weddings where the most important thing is to have fun, enjoy everyone and with all the guests, break with the expected and that people go home feeling that they have had a wonderful time.

It is the one in which the banquet takes place standing up, without places or assigned tables. The waiters are in charge of offering the food on trays around the space. This type of food is usually canapé, skewer, tapa… and of course drink. Therefore there will be no main dishes to eat with cutlery or tables to sit at.

If you are thinking of organizing your wedding cocktail type do not be afraid, value the advantages and disadvantages but above all the key to make it perfect is the organization and planning. Surround yourself with good professionals and it will be a sure success.

By Rachel Robison

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